Create An Intentional Vision Board: A Vision For You In 2022

When thinking of how I would plan out my goals for 2022, I didn’t want it to remind me like the ones I made previously.

A vision for you in 2022 includes taking lots and lots of action and having the structure to do so.

I get that we are excited about the future and how we all look forward to the renewed feeling we feel the first couple of weeks in January but I wanted to take it a step further.

My 2021 manifestation board shouldn’t resemble my 2022 board.

This doesn’t mean that the goals you didn’t accomplish shouldn’t be on your 2022 vision board.

Bu if the majority of your goals didn’t inspire you enough to accomplish them, then you might want to rethink the type of vision board you’re making.

What I mean is that your collage board should make you want to begin action on every single goal because every single one matters that much.

Read on to find out the simple yet, powerful tools you’ll need to create a vision board full of your goals and dreams

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a vision for you

What Is A Dream Board?

Before we dive into the fun interactive section, we first need to clarify what exactly are we making and what is the purpose of creating one in the first place.

According to media and life coach Zakiya Larry, it’s a visual representation of all the things that matter to you, your goals.

Some of the vision board supplies commonly utilized include a poster board, images cut out of magazines, words, or actual pictures.

There’s no right or wrong way to do this. It’s your board. Fill it with things that speak to you.

vision board wall ideas

Do Vision Boards Work?

They absolutely do work. They work as long as the person works. Meaning, as long as one is putting in the effort, you’re bound to reach success.

For one thing, psychology today states that mental imagery impacts many cognitive processes in the brain: motor control, attention, perception, planning, and memory.

What’s more, after you’ve created this beautiful motivation vision board of yours, you’ll need to start coming up with a plan of action to accomplish them.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

In my previous post about your hopes and dreams, I talked a lot about goal setting, once you’re finished manifesting with your vision board, you can hop on over to read that post.

a goal without a plan is just a wish

Vision Board Questions To Ask Yourself

Once you’ve decided to make a board, you want to take it one step further by asking yourself these 3 questions:

  1. What goals really matter to me and am I really willing to invest in them?
  2. How am I going to ensure that I stay on top of my goals?
  3. When it comes to optimizing my success with my goals, what areas of my life needs to change?
another word for vision board

How Do You Create A Vision Board?

Simply put, you create it by filling it up with goals you really care about. You know, the ones that are going to catapult you into a better place.

You could literally focus on any area of your life like financial wellness, physical wellness, travel goals, or business goals.

I like to put on some music which helps put me in a creative mood and begin brainstorming on my ideas on what I imagine will go on my board.

Again, this process should get you excited because these are goals that motivate you and/or constantly daydream about.

vision board questions to ask yourself

Can You Make A Vision Board Without Pictures?

Yes, you can. The one that I’m getting ready to show you in this post was made without using pictures.

Initially, I had them on there but then I realized that the phrases used looked better and clearer without utilizing pictures.

business vision board
Photo Source: Color Joy Stock

Virtual Vision Board Party

For those who are unable to meet up in person, a virtual vision board party is fantastic in bringing in the new year with some close friends or loved ones.

With my vision board template, you are on your way to having an amazing time during the New Year while also adding structure to your board.

vision board affirmations

Another Word For Vision Board

The word alone may cause some of you to want to run in the opposite direction of anyone hosting a vision board party but you can call it other things.

Some examples include a wellness vision board, picture collage board, vision board affirmations, board checklist, photo collage board, manifestation board.

questions to ask yourself when making a vision board

Vision Board Checklist

To keep you organized, here are all the materials you’ll be needing to create your vision board:

vision board affirmations

Steps To Creating Your Manifestation Board

Step 1:

Grab all of your materials and lay them out on the floor. If you’ve decided to take the photo-only route, you’ll want to cut out images that closely resemble your goals.

On the top of your board, using a black sharpie, you’ll need to write a column for Goal Set and Goal Accomplished.

If you’ve opted for the word or phrase only route, use the bubble poster stickers to write out your goals. Once you’re done writing out each individual goal on the stickers, set them aside.

wellness vision board

Step 2:

Once you’ve completed the above step, grab your color coding labels and start sorting out your goals as short-term (1-4 months), mid-term (4-8 months), and long-term (8-12 months) categories.

Try not to overcomplicate this step. You simply are taking a wild guess on how long it’ll take you to accomplish each goal within a year span.

Place your color-coded sticker on your image (cut out magazine picture) or written word found on the bubble poster sticker.

Step 3:

Once you have your images and words cut out with your color coding labels on, place the graphing paper inside the laminating sheet with the images and/or words on top.

Also, as you’re placing the color coding labels onto your images and/or words, you’ll want to create a color-coding key that you can refer to.

For example, green represents a short-term, pink represents a mid-term goal, and yellow represents any long-term goal.

The next thing you’ll need to do is laminate everything I couldn’t find the exact laminator I purchased but I shared an affiliate link to one I found on sale from Amazon.

Step 4:

Once everything has been laminated, grab your velcro stickers and choose one of the stickers to place behind each picture or word that’s been laminated.

The velcro stickers come in two different textures: scratchy and soft. Choose one for placing it behind the word or image to be consistent.

Finally, you’ll scissors and begin cutting out everything. I love this step because you start to begin the mental practice of associating positive feelings with your goals.

Step 5:

Finally, you’re able to place them on the board. Now keep in mind that all of these goals are new for the most part so all of them should be found in the Goal Set column.

As you’re monitoring your progress and start to achieve some of your goals, the most exciting part begins to happen, you’ll be moving your goals to the Goal Accomplished column.

manifesting with a vision board

Where To Buy Magazines For Vision Board

Every couple of months, I receive a new magazine in the mail so over the last year, I set them aside to make sure I had plenty for the new year.

If that’s not you, I would go and run to the store and grab some of the less costly magazines so you’ll have a variety to cut out pictures from.

where to buy magazines for vision board

Vision Board Wall Ideas

I know there are plenty of board templates out there. You could literally search vision board Pinterest templates and find a plethora of them.

With mine, you’ll find structure, playfulness, color, and a helpful aspect of goal setting that I know many of you would appreciate.

Leave a comment if you think this board was helpful and if you tried it for the New Year.

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  1. This strategy was extremely insightful! I’ve never created a vision board in this way before. It seems extremely actionable and I’m excited to try it. Also, I think I’m going to call mine a manifestation board 🙂

    1. Aww thank you so much Vonecia! I had a ton of fun making it and I love the name you chose for your board.

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