Young Adult Best Books to Read This Summer

When researching for the best books to read this summer, there are so many books out there vying for attention, that it can be hard to know which ones are worth reading.

Whether you are someone wanting a light read or you are on the hunt for a summer novel book that is a science fiction, this list has books for summer reading recommendations for the young adult you know in your life!

They’re the perfect way to make the most of summer break!


books to read this summer


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Best Summer Reads for Young Adults

best summer reads for young adults

Isaac Martin is excited for summer vacation to be over. He’ll miss having Diego by his side, but knowing that they only get temporary separation makes it all worthwhile in the end because there will finally be some alone time with himself where Isaac can figure out how best to handle making new friends on campus at college without any of those pesky social anxiety issues getting between him and happiness again!

The day tickets go on sale for a convention event, and suddenly he’s two badges short of a perfect summer. Even worse than that- Isaac has been distracted from his original plan by an old crush who just so happens to be at the concert with her friends! Things go from bad to worse when he finds out about the true events that day!

Editor Approved Book about Summertime: If you’re on the hunt for a need-to-read YA book, add this to your list of summer vacation books. Being that this book takes place in summer,


Best Summer Books to Read for Young Adult Women

the hottest summer read

The most urgent and necessary book for girls of color anywhere at any age, You Are More Than Magic is a manual that provides vital empowerment tools to take back for brown and black young women to take back their power in this world.

A guide like no other because its goal isn’t just providing knowledge but rather changing lives by helping young women feel confident. This book is the perfect way to find your voice and make sure everyone around you can hear it!

Minda Harts acts as a big sister, giving advice based on her own experience. With anecdotes about what she’s learned in high school (and beyond), this guide tackles topics such as building teams or standing up for yourself when systems don’t have our best interests at heart–all while being warm & validating.

Editor Approved Book: I love an empowering book with a focus on uplifting young women of color. By the end of this year, I have no doubt that this read will be on the list of top books in 2022.


Best Book For College Girls and Teens

best college book for girls

Luvvie Ajayi Jones continues to inspire young people with her honest and humorous way of looking at life. In this new readers edition, she provides tips for how teens can be their most courageous selves in order to create a world where they would feel proud living!

So this book is for you, Luvvie Ajayi Jones- bestseller of books and critic at large with a fondness for side-eyes. It’s the perfect gift to give yourself or someone else who needs a little encouragement in their life; because we all need somebody on our team (or virtually) that will speak up when something doesn’t feel right!

Do you want to live a beautiful, audacious life? Well, then you better get started with the things that will scare your pants off. This book is here for all of us who need some encouragement and support in our journey!

Editor Approved Book: This is a good book for beach reading days or anytime you need an uplifting book to read.

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Young Adult Best Weekend Reads

hottest summer read

What would you do if your best friend was about to leave the country? Imagine navigating Baltimore with only one other person, exploring life as a young queer black man in this magnetic debut by celebrated cultural critic and bestselling author of Here for It R. Eric Thomas.

Harrison is on the precipice of everything this year: standardized testing, college, and adulthood. But at work, he receives some devastating news from his best friend Linus who has just moved out of state for school with no warning whatsoever!

With all these new pressures coming down upon him in junior varsity basketball tryouts as well as starting classes next week what will become of poor Harrison?

Editor Approved Book: Newly released at the end of May, creates this positive new release as one of the hottest summer books for any young adult to read and get their hands on.



Best New Mystery Books in 2022 for Young Adults

best new mystery books 2022

From Printz honoree and National Book Award Finalist Candice Iloh comes a prose novel about teenager Yaminah who must navigate the complicated web of secrets in her family, as well as those from home.

Yaminah Okar left Obsidian and its wreckage years ago. She has made a life for herself in Brooklyn, but when Facebook Messenger starts bringing up old memories of the divorce that split her family apart she can’t help but think about what could’ve been if things went differently- or maybe they never really changed at all?

Now, this woman whose only ties to home were long forgotten is faced with an undeniable truth: there are some places you just want back even though their pasts may not always seem perfect enough.

Editor Approved Book: If you’re still generating a list of some classic summer reads featuring genres of all kinds, add this book to the top. It’s a perfect blend of family drama and mystery, wrapped up in an unforgettable story.


Best Girly Book to Read

best girly books to read

Talk about a good book to read on a plane while on a family vacation, a passionate new young adult romance novel by Kristina Forest, Zyla & Kai is an epic star-crossed love story about first loves and why can’t we?

When Zyla and Kai, two high school seniors from very different backgrounds run away together during their senior year vacation in the Poconos Mountains (in the middle of a storm), it creates quite an intrigue for everyone who knows them.

As far as anyone can tell they have been broken up since last summer but there really wasn’t anything surprising about the news of breaking up either because these two individuals always seemed to be at odds with each other no matter what.

Editor Approved Book: This summer romance novel will make for a great beach read in 2022. If you’re looking for a light and fluffy read, this is the book for you.

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Best Science Fiction Books 2022

best science fiction books 2022

An anticipated July 26th release, easily makes this one of the books to read this summer! The follow up to New York Times bestselling Beasts of Prey is here and Koffi’s powers grow stronger while Ekon tries not only with the death god but also his own secrets.

Servant of the god with a knack for death, Koffi is thrown into an unexpected web. She’s saved her city and loved ones but at great cost to herself; now living as one who serves in order further God-knew Conquest Continental ambition or risks losing everything?

As she struggles along amidst surprising friends and foes alike while having also found new purpose thanks largely due from some dangerous gifts given – will this young woman find happiness once again just before it was taken away from her too soon?

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Summer Reading List for Adults (Young, Teens)

Create one of the best summer book series this year by reading books that focus on sci-fi, family, romance, and self-discovery. These books are perfect for young adults who want to explore different genres while still enjoying a great summer read.

By the end of this year, you’ll have read some amazing books that will help you get through summer break!

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