7 Best Plant-Based Yogurts I've Tried and Continue to Buy

There are many plant-based yogurts on the market these days, and it can be hard to decide which one to buy. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the best plant-based yogurts that I’ve tried, based on taste and texture.

These yogurts are all available at grocery stores, so you can easily find them near you. If you’re looking for a delicious non-dairy yogurt alternative, no need to return to Google search results, just head to your local grocery store and give one of these delicious vegan yogurts a try.

best plant based yogurt


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The best dairy-free yogurt my tastebuds have tried so far


Trader Joe’s cashew milk yogurt

cashew milk

Move over cow’s milk, there’s a new favorite pick of mine and it’s this cashew milk yogurt from Trader Joe’s. I was hesitant to try it at first because one of the Trader joe’s Facebook groups I’m in made a comment about it being a little watery but its creamy texture is divine.

I don’t go to Trader Joe’s nearly as often as I would like so when I came across the strawberry and vanilla bean flavors, I had to get my hands on them.

Unique qualifier: This line of yogurt is sold exclusively at Trader Joe’s and you won’t be able to find it online for direct purchase. Your best bet is planning a day picking up a couple of their yogurts as well as some other TJ’s necessities.


Siggi’s plant-based coconut blend

coconut milk yogurt


Photo Source: Siggi’s

A couple of weeks before my ACL surgery, I started intentionally keeping a few different yogurts in stock when I went grocery shopping. I wanted to have some easily accessible protein for light breakfast options. Siggi’s coconut yogurt blend is so good, especially with lightly sweetened granola and a few berries to top it off.

Unique qualifier: Yes, it’s coconut milk yogurt but it’s also blended with other non-dairy products like pea protein. Also, with a whopping 10 grams of protein, it’s no wonder this line of plant-based yogurt has been a favorite in households recently. Try the vanilla flavor, peach, or toasted coconut flavor.


Kite Hill almond milk yogurt

almond milk yogurt


Photo Source: Kite hill

A yogurt that puts simple ingredients like almond milk and live active cultures first? Sign. Me. Up.

Kite Hill is one of the best almond milk yogurts on the market, in my opinion.

I will forever pair this with my staple maple granola for a balanced breakfast or snack or opt for their plain yogurt and sweeten it with a little honey or agave.

Unique qualifier: Their Kite Hill protein yogurt is made with both almond and soy milk for that extra protein kick you might be looking for in the morning. And if you’ve taken a break from your traditional vitamin d sources but still crave greek-style yogurt, Kite Hill offers a line of them in stores.


Forager Project cashew milk yogurt

forager project


Photo Source Forager project

Initially, I thought this was just another one of those yogurt alternatives to getting your protein content via a delicious plant but I was so wrong. Forager Project’s cashew milk yogurt is a game-changer, especially if you want to up your probiotic intake.

It’s offered in some of the common delicious flavors my tastebuds typically appreciate like strawberry, peach, blueberry, and vanilla.

Unique qualifier: Their line of yogurts can be easily spotted at most grocery stores and sometimes you can even catch them on sale at Whole Foods. If you’re wondering if they offer their cashew milk yogurt in an unsweetened, plain flavor- the answer is yes.


Culina organic coconut yogurt

organic coconut


Photo Source: Culina

A great way to get in some probiotics is by incorporating yogurt into your diet and this plant-based option from Culina does not disappoint. Vegan, paleo, gluten-free, that also proudly serves you delicious ingredients that promote gut health for those with food sensitivities? I’m sold.

Plus, the thick consistency sends me back to my childhood when I would eat yogurt with a spoon.

Unique qualifier: One of the key ingredients they list is maple syrup. So, if you were worried about this yogurt is too sweet for your taste- don’t be. The maple syrup is just enough to enhance the flavor.

They have some of the most delicious and fun-filled fruit flavors I’ve ever tasted paired together in yogurt. My top picks that I couldn’t resist the lavender + blueberry, bourbon +vanilla +coconut, and strawberry + rose because the combinations are just too good to pass up.

This is a really great option for those who are entertaining or hosting because you can get a little bit more creative with your yogurt flavors.


Oatly Oatgurt

oat milk yogurt


Photo Source: Oatly

Being familiar with Oatly’s ice cream products, I was excited to see they had come out with an oat milk yogurt option in my grocery store. For my particular tastebuds, it passed the taste test when I was able to detect a slight oat flavor in the yogurt.

The best part about this yogurt is that it’s made with ingredients I can easily pronounce and I’m especially a fan of their real fruit on the bottom flavors like mixed berries and strawberries. It’s a no-brainer choice for when you’re out of fruit and eating it with your bowl of yogurt is your non-negotiable.

Unique qualifier: Oats. As the main ingredient, it’s no wonder this yogurt is extra creamy and filling. I’ll continue to purchase this when I need a change in rotation or for those mornings when I’m craving something a little sweeter but still satisfying.


Harmless Harvest dairy-free yogurt

best vegan yogurts


Photo Source: Harmless harvest

An established fan of their coconut smoothie drinks, I was intrigued by their new dairy-free yogurt line. I picked up the mango and vanilla flavor to try recently and I’m so elated that I did.

The mango flavor is not too sweet and you get little chunks of mangoes in every bite. The vanilla flavor is more my preference considering how much I enjoy adding fruit to my granola yogurt bowls every morning. With every bite, your palate is met with this thick and creamy consistency that’s just heavenly.

Unique qualifier: Not that the other yogurt brands aren’t but Harmless Harvest is so community based and lives up to its name by making sure consumers are receiving ethical and delicious products. If you want to feel good about the food you’re eating and where it comes from- Harmless Harvest is a great option for you.


Some of the best vegan yogurts to enjoy today

Providing you with a list of some of the best vegan yogurt brands that I’ve personally tasted was fun for me. I hope you get to try some of these brands and let me know your thoughts. There’s nothing like a good bowl of yogurt in the morning or as a snack.

Other ways to enjoy them are in smoothies, muffins, banana bread, or just straight up with a spoon-no shame. Was there a brand new plant-based yogurt brand from this list that is now your favorite? I want to know in the comments below! Thanks for reading.


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