10 of The Best Yoga Headbands for Curly Hair That Actually Work

If you’re a yogi and an overall active person with curly hair, we’ve finally got something for you; gather here! We’ve searched around and compiled a comprehensive list of the best yoga headbands for sweaty days, cool days, curly hair, and any head size.  

If you have curly hair, you may be familiar with feeling left out when it comes to hair products and accessories. Because unfortunately, these brands don’t understand that even some of the best sports headbands might not do justice to holding our thick curly hair in place when we exercise or explore the outdoors on a windy day. 

So, before we dive into our top picks of the best headbands for your curly hair, let’s talk about the common misconception that headbands do nothing when it comes to active exercise routines or vigorous yoga sessions. That brings us to the question, do headbands actually work? Or are they simply a style staple for when we want to carry out any physical activity.  


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Do headbands actually work? 

If someone asked me ‘how many times sweat and my hair has hindered my exercise routine or slowed down my performance,’ I honestly wouldn’t have an answer. And I’m pretty sure it’s not just me. Sweat and hair getting into your face can negatively impact your yoga session and exercise routines. 

Wearing headbands was supposed to solve that problem, but many fitness headbands fall short of doing just that, especially for curly hair. Some headbands constantly slip off our heads, don’t hold our hair in place, and allow sweat to flow on our faces. 

Even though a variety of headbands do not live up to their function, some headbands actually work! That’s what this post is all about, ladies, to show you the best yoga headbands for your curly manes.  


Which headband is best for curly hair?

A good yoga headband for curly hair shouldn’t hinder or distract your workout. Instead, it should be made for practical use and from great material because our baby hairs don’t need too much friction. 

There are different types of headbands out there, from cotton sweatbands to elastic bands, so how do you know which one is best for your curly hair? The best yoga headbands for curly hair types should tick at least two of these; 

  • Have slip rubber grips 
  • It should be made from friendly material 
  • Have a wide size fit 
  • It should be made from stretchy material  
  • Protect your baby hairs from too much friction during physical activity 
  • It should be beautiful and functional enough for a four-mile jog, a yoga routine, and even an after-yoga brunch with the girls.  

Now let’s dive into our top picks of the best yoga headbands for curly hair. While many ladies can get away with using bobby pins to hold their hair up when working out, those of us with full curly hair can’t even relate.


Toes Home Boho Yoga Headband 

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Photo Source: Toes Home

First of all, you’ll love the versatility of the Toes Home Boho yoga headbands and the beautiful different patterns! This headband is wide enough to give your curly hair the secure fit it needs during yoga sessions. The material is 100 percent polyester, offered in a variety of colors, and is the perfect headband for heavy exercise and yoga routines.  

The headband makes our list because it holds your full hair in place, keeps the sweat away, and stays stylish. The unique design makes it suitable for daily wear, not just for your yoga sessions alone, and it can also pass as a men’s headband.  


Maven Thread Rebel Headband 

best sports headbands


Photo Source: Maven Thread Rebel

If you’re a lover of soft clothing, you will love this Maven thread rebel headband. The headband’s softness doesn’t take away from its ability to stay in place without causing headaches instantly making it one of the best workout headbands on this list.

One of the best things I love about this headband is not only is it perfect for curly hair but you can manipulate them as much as you want for style and functionality. For once, curly-haired girlies can have a cotton sweatband with enough stretch to handle our hair; it’s definitely not your regular boho headband.  


Alo Yoga Air Lift Headband  

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Photo Source: Alo Yoga Air

What makes this yoga headband perfect? It’s internal no-slip rubber grips! Available in different colors, the Alo air lift yoga stretchy headband is the perfect addition to your gym outfit and sweet yoga wears. Its airy fabric and ability to wick sweat allow you to stay focused on your yoga practice. 

The headband’s great material makes it suitable for hot yoga and everyday use. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose the plain-colored Alo yoga headbands or the patterned designs


The Gym Wrap 

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Photo Source: The Gym Wrap

Created by one of my favorite actresses, Ari Nicole Parker, the Gym Wrap is a highly functional headband designed with curly-haired girlies in mind. If there’s one headband that will keep the sweat away, hold your curls away from your face, and cool your head off while you practice, it’s this one.  

Sometimes we get a bit skeptical about products owned by celebrities and their actual functionality, but reviews of this headband say it does a really great job. “Highly recommended for black women who want to keep their hair intact while maintaining their activity regimens.”

Although it doesn’t have an elastic band like your regular sports headbands, the tie at the back allows it to fit any head size and comes in different styles. So it’s safe to say that this headband is the truth! 


PrAna Large Headband 

stretchy headband


Photo Source: Prana

The great thing about this PrAna large headband is that it is low maintenance and functional. So you can throw it in your gym bag on your way to the yoga studio and rock it for a brief shopping run. 

It’s a wide band with a unique design made from eco-friendly material, so you don’t have to worry about stressing your baby hairs. So bring out your yoga mats and favorite activewear without the fear of hair and sweat disrupting your routine; wearing this headband is a great way to keep your curlies protected.


Grace Eleyae Ayah Print Headband 

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Photo Source: Grace Eleyae

Satin lining and unique designs? Sign me up! The Ayah print headband accurately describes a yoga headband for various occasions. It’s great for daily wear, would make a perfect addition to any gym outfit, and has an elastic band at the back that makes it good enough for practical use.  

You can try out your own styles with the headband, as the viscose fabric allows you to twist it in any direction. It helps keep your curly hair in place, reduces damaging friction, and helps fight frizz. This is your best bet; if you’re not a fan of cotton sweatbands. 


Athleta Vital Yoga Headband 

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Photo Source: Athleta

It is breathable, stretchy, quick-drying, and simply beautiful; we couldn’t have asked for anything better, ladies. It’s a good workout headband, perfect for hot yoga and that daily four-mile jog. 

The simplicity of the headband doesn’t take away from its ability to hold your curly hair in place, which is why the headband makes our best yoga headband list. In addition, it has a variety of bright colors, so feel free to pick colors to match all your gym outfits.  


Ju’Nae Head Ties 

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Photo Source: Ju’Nae

The Ju’Nae head tie is unarguably one of the best sports headbands out there. We love its versatility as it can also pass for a men’s headband. The unisex design and comfortable fit make it easy to wear even during active yoga sessions. The headband is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something simple, with no patterns and colors to match your fitness trifecta outfits.  

You can wear it for your summer exercises and not worry about the heat thanks to the lightweight material and its promise to keep you dry. Also, if you have long hair, this can serve as both a headband and a hair tie for those days when you don’t want any hair touching your back.  


Blom Original 

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Photo Source: Blom Original

It has moveable knots, is fashion compliant with cute patterns, and is very comfy- everything a great yoga headband for curly hair should have. In addition, the headband wicks sweat away and have the ability to control temperature.

It’s wide enough for any size fit and suitable for fashion and sports. I love an all-in-one headband!  If you have summer workout plans, add this headband to your summer workout wardrobe; you won’t regret


BT2 Headbands 

high impact sports


Photo Source: Baindaids for Change

This is one of the best options if you’re looking for a quality headband with a variety of bright colors. You’ll love the stretchy fabric of the headband and its ability to fit perfectly even if you have a small head. It may not have slip rubber grips, but the elastic bands sit tight at the back of your head, giving you the right fit without slipping.  

The vibrant colors make the BT2 yoga headbands great for practical use and everyday wear. Don’t we all love a brand that gives back! When you buy a BT2 headband, you’re not just buying a great headband; a portion of your sale will go to a charity fighting racial injustice.  


Best Yoga Headbands for Curly Hair 

Every headband brand on this list is amazing and does its best to be inclusive! So next time you’re shopping for yoga headbands, keep them in mind. Which one of these headbands caught your attention? Let us know in the comments! 

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