4 Black Owned Yoga Mat Companies Found On Etsy

You’re never going to believe what eclectic set of mats I just discovered while snooping on Etsy.

Get this, they are some of the dopest Black-Owned Yoga Mats around with original images of black women on them.

I don’t know about you but it’s due time for me to swap out some of the mats I’ve had for years for some aesthetically pleasing mats for black girls to use.

Gone are the days when dull-colored mats are the only available ones for purchase.

A colorful aesthetic yoga mat designed with black women in mind is not only needed but it makes taking pilates and yoga classes more enjoyable.

During Black History month, I make it my business to show extra love to the new and old businesses I’ve come to love.

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black owned yoga mat


Photo source: Colorjoy Stock

Yoga Mat Business For People Of Color

Etsy is never short on educating me on black-owned businesses, particularly with their wellness and mental health products.

Not found on Etsy, but you may have heard of Toned by Baggedem, a black woman-owned yoga brand flowing with #blackgirlmagic.

Their eco-friendly mat is great but I wanted to highlight other small business owners who believe in the practice of yoga or Pilates.

This list is never short on color, black girl essence, and representation. Clear your browsers because you’re going to want to purchase a mat today.

And if you don’t have an account with Etsy, run, don’t walk to your phone, and create one today. It’s free!

yoga poses for sisters

1. Maya’s Home Decor

Selling products is easy but creating products that people want to actually buy is another task.

At first glance, you’ll literally want to buy every single yoga mat in her store because of the simple messaging found on her mats.

If affirmations and encouraging self-care notes are your thing, purchase a mat from Maya’s Home Decor store today.

One of my favorite mats I discovered while perusing in her store was this blush-colored one with the words, “Breathe” on them.

Made from foam material, this lightweight mat measures ou to be (24″x72″) with a standard thickness of 0.25 in size.

Check out the Afro-Centric Yoga Mat Below, isn’t it literally everything?!?!

yoga sisters


2. Black Girl Flourish

Here’s a business idea that is straight to the point that I really dig. Creating an online store that promotes black women thriving.

Outside of her affirmation cards and yoga poses deck cards, there is this vibrant colored mat I couldn’t take my eyes off of.

You’ll see what I mean when I share the picture with you but the images made me want to call them “yoga sisters.”

Simply put, her purple mat automatically makes you think of black sisterhood and comradery and I’m here for it!

With nearly 1,600 sales, it’s no wonder this was one of the first yoga mats I discovered on Etsy.

Grab your mat from Black Girl Flourish while flourishing in your wellness practice.

3. TheTrinigee

Come one, come all because out of the 4 Black-Owned Mat Companies, TheTrinigee online store offers the most options.

You will literally feel like you hit the jackpot while exploring the plethora of yoga mat designs in the store.

Don’t worry, I’ll show you the pictures but you have to keep reading.

While looking at TheTrinigee store, I noticed she was the only store owner that mentioned how great gifts these would make for Pilates and Yoga instructors.

Do you have any friends that teach yoga or pilates? Grab one for them! You’ll find something for them.

From her creative images and beaming hues, TheTrinigee designs are some of my favorites from this list.

do you need a mat for pilates


Photo Source: TheTrinigee

black owned yoga mat


Photo Source: TheTrinigee

Black Yogi Featuring Yoga Poses For Sisters

Are you excited yet? TheTrinigee store has my mind blown with the images found on her mats.

The last image showcases images of black people that are pregnant, seniors, and corporate employees.

Just think, you could bring this mat with you on the days your office has wellness workshops for Yoga or Pilates.

How inclusive is that? I love seeing people of every walk of life being represented so well!

Everyone would ask where you purchased your mat from and you could just tell them, TheTrinigee store hooked you up.

The next two I’ll be featuring are mats paying homage to black women’s hairstyles and the variety of button/sticker-like messaging for black women.

starting a yoga mat


Photo Source: TheTrinigee

pilates mat


Photo Source: TheTrinigee

4. Melanin Chic Goods

Last but certainly not least, I am sharing with you a final Black-Owned business specializing in making mats.

By the way, sharing these buisinesses with your readers has been so much fun, and supporting these businesses not just in February but year-round is vital!

Like the name alludes to, MelaninChicGoods has beautiful mats for the melanated yogis out there.

I love that I found this mat last because I was beginning to wonder if I would discover a mat with houseplants on them.

Well, you’re in luck because I found the most beautiful mat with green babies and another one with yoga poses on them.

Save this post if you’re having trouble deciding on which mat to purchase, trust me I get it.

practicing yoga


Photo Source: MelaninChicGoods

toned by baggedem


Photo Source: MelaninChicGoods

Starting Out With A Yoga Mat

If you made it to this point, congrats to you for reading it straight through because the amount of temptation to click on links to get your hands on these yoga mats is heavy.

Again, have the best time choosing your new yoga or Pilates mat that best suits your personality, color preference, or mood.

The biggest takeaway is that Black women and their self-care are important to me and I want you to value it as well.

Which mat will I be purchasing? Follow me on Instagram to find out the ones I purchased.

Personally, I spy with my little eye a purple mat and a black mat featuring images of black women that I just have to have with me the next time I go to a yoga studio.



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    1. You’re very welcome and I love them too! I just checked Etsy the other day and a couple of them are on sale now.

    1. Me too! The illustrations are what made me go ahead and purchase my mat. I love every single one of these mats.

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4 Responses

    1. You’re very welcome and I love them too! I just checked Etsy the other day and a couple of them are on sale now.

    1. Me too! The illustrations are what made me go ahead and purchase my mat. I love every single one of these mats.

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