7 Blogs About Self-Love That Will Make You Feel Good

I am excited to share with you all 10 blogs about self-love that will make you feel good. Are you ready?

During my journey to self-love, I turned to online written content that resonated with me as a black woman blogger in the wellness space. I consumed blogs, articles, books, and even podcasts about self-love. I sought after bloggers who looked like me that shared great, authentic content.

From these black women bloggers, you will learn tips, tricks, and strategies for self-love. These blogs are unique, personal, and full of great content to support your daily practice. So if you’re looking for something new to read to support your break from social media, or just want to find some blogs about self-love to support, make sure to check these out!


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Kb In Bloom


I launched my self-care and self-love blog in 2020 with the intention I would share my personal journey with you bloomers.

But an important thing happened to this space, I realized my words were healing and impacting others in a way I never thought possible. It felt good to know that I was helping people and decided to continue this trend of self-love, mental wellbeing, and self-care with a specific focus on black women.


blogs about self love


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Self-Love and wellness content written with black women in mind is far and in between. And when you do find blogs, they are either not run by black writers, no longer produce blog posts on the site, or the content falls short of keeping black women interested on their site.

On kbinbloom.com, myself and my team write self-love and wellness content that is realistic, relatable, and most importantly, helpful for black women seeking guidance on their journey to self-love.

So if you’re looking for a blog that embodies all of those things, a good place to start is my self-love affirmations, self-care ideas, or body positivity quotes.


Dani Authentic


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Photo Source: Dani Authentic

Founder, Dani is a Boston-based blogger who created her blog because she cares deeply about “surrounding herself with people and things that bring her to her most natural and unfiltered, authentic self.”

One scroll on her blog and you can tell that she loves providing content on self-love and wellness for black women. Her most recent post and one of my favorite self-love blogs to read I found recently is titled “Self-Love Songs You Need To Add To Your Playlist“, is a must-read because who else loves being exposed to good music about self-love?

Subscribe to her blog if you want to spend the day feeling good after reading her blogs on self-love!


Our West Nest


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Photo Source: Our West Nest

At Our West Nest, you’ll find content on everything from self-love to mental health, and so much more. What I enjoy most about her blog is how she embodies being a mom and acknowledges the important lessons she’s experienced. Despite the difficulties, taking care of your own needs is something she clearly preaches on her blog.

Our West Nest was created by Onteria who is a black blogger that provides self-love, self-care, and lifestyle content for you to enjoy. I have to say she does a great job at empowering black women everywhere on her blog.

If you’re looking for a place to start, I recommend checking out her post “85 Boost Your Body Confidence Affirmations For Self-Love“.


IV Grey


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Photo Source: IV Grey

One of the great things I admire is her focus on writing content for black women. Created by ‘Yadie’, this is a blog about loving yourself, promoting personal growth, and mental health.

What I enjoy most about her blog is the vulnerability that she brings to each post. She writes in a way like she’s talking to her best friend and only wants them to make better choices-it definitely feels like a safe space.

It can be difficult to open up about your journey to self-love while offering value, but she does it effortlessly which makes for blogs that are easy to read and digest. If you’re new to her blog, I recommend checking out “Love Yourself Sis“, as I found it deeply relatable as a black woman.


G Michelle


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Photo Source: G Michelle

G Michelle is a black blogger who writes about boundaries and relationships, self-awareness, self-care, and self-worth, among other mindful topics. What I enjoy most about reading her blogs is that she doesn’t shy away from the messy parts of life.

We all know that doing the work so our future self will thank us is not always rainbows and butterflies, but it’s important to see the struggles that come with it as well. If you’re looking for a place to start, I recommend checking out her journal, “self explore, self restore.”




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Photo Source: Afam Uche

Afam Uche is the founder of the self-titled blog that offers self-improvement tips that will allow you to take charge of your personal growth and improve your wellness journey.

I found her by way of Pinterest and a few minutes into reading her blog, I could tell that she was passionate about helping women everywhere improve their relationships with themselves. She does this by providing content that is relatable, helpful, and most importantly, empowering.

One of my favorite things about her blog is how it does a great job of offering up self-love inspiration, positive affirmations and placing emphasis on the importance of self-love.

Check out this blog post of hers titled “How To Practice Emotional Self-Care” which offers tips on 20 emotional self-care practices.


The Cheetah Buzz


personal development


Photo Source: The Cheetah Buzz

This online blog focuses on personal development, self-care, and personal growth. The online space definitely promotes healthy choices which we know to be an important part of your mental health. I definitely think the content offers valuable tips that can help you on your journey to loving yourself more.

I like how each blog post is organized and easy to read, which makes for a great user experience. If you’re looking for a place to start, I recommend checking out their post titled ” The Importance Of Self-Care, Self-Love, etc” page which has a list of their most popular blog posts.


Self-Love List Of Bloggers To Follow

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Photo Source: Arosita Photography, Model: Kb

If you’re looking for blogs about self-love, I recommend checking out the blogs from this list that promote practicing self-love. Each one is a great resource to help you on your journey to loving yourself more.

There are plenty of direct ways to support these online bloggers, one of them is going to their website and subscribing to their content.

The other sure way to support them is by following them on one of their social media accounts. Bloggers love to know how you found them so when you support them, shoot them a message to let them know what a great blog they have.

Lastly, if there are products that these bloggers promote on their site that you love too, support them by purchasing those products. They are doing much of the upfront work for you so showing support in any way you can is so appreciated.

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