Beautiful In Bloom Dresses Perfect For Warm Weather

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One thing I can hardly wait for is consistently wearing beautiful bloom dresses over the warm weather months.

I grew up in the sunshine state and a lot of what we wear involves tons of color and patterns.

So, when I polled you bloomers on Instagram on whether you wanted me to generate a sampling of a few floral midi dresses, I was instantly excited just thinking about creating a list of dresses any women wearing them would look great in!

This list will feature everything under the sun for the spring and summer seasons. Everything from mid-length spring dresses to off-the-shoulder summer dresses.

So, whether you’re in need of in bloom clothing for a friend’s wedding or want to add some newness to your closet for an upcoming vacay planned in the next few months, your girl Kb has you covered!

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What Do You Mean Bloom Fashion?

When I use the phrases ‘in bloom’ or ‘bloom brand’, I’m referring to two things. One of them is the Kb In Bloom brand, the site you are scrolling on right now represents a huge part of me and my community of readers. I call them bloomers.

The other reason I love the term in bloom is that it perfectly represents the natural process of rebirth. And in so many ways, fashion, culture, and lifestyle embody that concept too. Every year in Spring we notice an uptick in fashion bloggers and designers displaying clothing that represents a new trend that has been born.

So to me, wearing dresses in bloom is that reminder to yourself that you’re always evolving and in a state of becoming. No matter what season it is, there’s always something fresh to look forward to.

Now let’s get into this list of dresses for every bloomer to wear!


light purple summer dresses


Where To Buy Spring And Summer Dresses?

Literally, any clothing store is already prepping for those warm weather months. Just the other day, I went into Marshall’s and TJ-Maxx and spotted a couple of beautiful in bloom dresses I could hardly take my eyes off of them.

Naturally, I shop online so if you are anything like me, I’ve got you covered. All of the dress links below will direct you to the sites they are from, so just click and buy!

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Floral Midi Dresses With Sleeves And Everything In Between

You may or may not have already picked this up but I’m a huge sucker for most midi dresses. I love the way they fall on your legs without being too revealing and they are just so dang flattering in general.

But I specifically wanted to focus on in bloom dresses because they make me feel like my best self feminine, pretty, and in touch with nature (as much as one can be in the city).

There are all sorts of sleeve options for you below as well, so whether you’re looking for a strapless dress or something with long sleeves- there’s definitely an option for you!

Happy shopping, Bloomers!


Purple Summer Dresses

Big surprise, right? Ha, at this point with all of the purple hues embedded into the Kb In Bloom branding, you would be shocked to not see a trace of purple in this list of warm-weather dresses.

Any girl in her summer dress needs purple in the mix too! After all, it is the color of royalty.

For this section on in bloom dresses, I wanted to focus on some of the more unique options out there in terms of silhouette and design.

And in all honesty, I was debating on whether or not to even include this section because purple is such a statement color. But alas, I love it too much not to at least give you all some options in case you’re in love with the color purple as much as I am!

Keep in mind that these are still in bloom dresses we’re talking about, so they’ll definitely have some floral patterns in them as well.


Black Spring Dresses That Are Great For Summer Too

If you’re a Floridian like me, there’s not much of a difference in what you wear between the spring and summer seasons but for the purposes of this blog post, I’m going to focus on in bloom dresses that would be perfect for spring but can still hold their own in the summer.

It’s definitely not unheard of to see black clothing in the summertime- in fact, a lot of people think black dresses look more flattering in the heat, especially against some beautiful greenery like at a winery.


Maxi Button Down Dress

Any woman would look beautiful in a maxi button-down dress. There’s just something so feminine about the simplest detail that a button-down dress provides. It’s a classic style that has been around for years and will definitely never go out of style.

I’m a black woman that lives in some color so you’ll even find an orange summer maxi dress in this list too. Orange is a color some people will steer away from but when it comes to your spring and summer dresses, I encourage you to find a way to incorporate it in! It’s such a happy and vibrant color and will definitely make you stand out in a crowd.

There are some great options I’m excited to give you all below.


Mauve Spring Dress Or Light Purple Summer Dress?

I intentionally chose this header as a title for this section because I think it’s kinda hilarious how the media spins words around and all of a sudden it has a completely different meaning.

Anywho, in this section, I’m going to be talking about light purple in bloom dresses that could easily pass as a mauve dress in the springtime but can just as easily work as a summer dress because of the lightweight and airy fabric.

So if you’re looking for something that isn’t too heavy, in case the summer heat gets too unbearable, or in case you want to save your heavier dresses for the fall season, then these light purple in bloom dresses are perfect for you!


In Bloom Dresses For Every Woman To Wear

To conclude, if you’re looking for a beautiful in bloom dress to wear during the warm weather months, any of the dresses featured in this blog post would be perfect for you! Whether you’re looking for a breezy summer dress or a flirty summer dress, there’s definitely an option on this list for you.

As I was writing this list, I couldn’t help but think how they would be for great as a summer picnic dress theme with friends. Many of you are well aware of how much I love picnics so, if you have a picnic coming up, make sure to keep this list in mind. I promise you, you’ll thank me later!

So what are you waiting for? Give one of these in bloom dresses a try and see how amazing you look and feel in them! Feel free to leave a comment here or send me DM to let me know which dress you purchased!

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