kb in bloom

Kabrena Williams

Founder, Editor in Chief

Hey, there bloomer! I’m the founder of Kb in Bloom. A go-to resource for BIPOC women who believe their self-care is non-negotiable. I’m most likely riding my bike on a beautiful scenic trail, baking sweet treats for my husband, watering my plants (that are all named after black iconic figures), listening to my favorite indie artist, or writing a self-care resource to help this very community on here. Come follow me on Instagram for more self-care gems.

K.R. Jay

Contributing Writer

I’m a freelance UX researcher and content designer. Residing in Charlotte, NC with my daughter, I consciously use the experience as a woman of color and mother to further connect to a greater community and the world.  I have a BA in creative writing and English from Spelman College (ATL) and an MA in clinical psychology from Columbia University (NYC) with a passion for spirituality, self-care, and overall personal growth. 

Denia F.


Contributing Writer

I’m a writer with a twist, from being a full-time dancer and contortionist to a full-time freelance writer. Kind of weird, right? Well, things happen, and dreams grow. Helping wellness, sustainable, and ethical businesses stand out through juicy content writing is my thing. The most important thing for me, as a writer, is to create a connection with the readers. After all, reading text through a screen can sometimes be a bit boring. Why not make it engaging and fun by adding personality and feeling? If I’m not writing, you’ll usually find me drinking matcha (with oat milk) or boosting my endorphins at a cycling studio.