Bright Nail Colors To Try This Spring

Spring is my favorite season of the year because it perfectly blends the coolness of winter and the vibrance of summer.

Now that we are slowly welcoming spring, I have to tell you; this is the perfect time to upgrade your nail polish collection. Trust us to have you covered with the best spring nail colors that will complement your fine melanin popping skin. 

The flowers that start to bloom and blossom form part of the beauty of spring, but let’s not forget that spring is the ‘season of new beginnings’ so feel free to get excited about your plans and dreams.

Goodbye hot tea and snow! Phew, winter is always one heck of a ride, but thankfully we get to see nature’s wonderful colors around and breathe in damp cheery air once again. 

As we welcome spring and its breezy vibe, it’s time for us to get our spring nails on and reflect the beauty of the season. Yes, because changing your nail polish is definitely a form of self-care, am I right? 


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What is the most Flattering Nail Color?

If you’re trying to decide on a nail polish color that will flatter, then you have to consider your skin tone. There are colors that complement every skin tone, those are the colors you should go for. Style craze has the most perfect list I’ve seen out there! 

These colors add that final spark and accentuate the beauty of your hands, it doesn’t mean your nail colors should be limited to them though.

My favorites from the list are the new spring OPI colors; pastel blue and big apple red. These colors pop so much for both your hands and feet, I even consider them the best toenail color for the season.


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What is the most Popular nail color for Spring in 2022?

It’s spring cleaning time, we all need to make a lot of changes including personal ones. There’s a long list of spring colors suggested by people so you may be wondering what color nails should I get in 2022?

Well, that’s easy to answer! Spring has a cool, airy, and dreamy vibe so calm but bright nail polishes would perfectly reflect that. So, what colors are spring colors? 

These are some of our favorite bright nail colors for spring because they are perfect for black queens. 


1. Fierce Red 

This is first on the list because you can’t ever go wrong with a red pop of color on your nails. The contrast between the color and your skin makes it super beautiful and you already know that red is an attention commander.

This Rodeo drive-by People of Color is the perfect shade.

march nails

2. Very Peri

Every year Pantone takes it upon themselves to introduce us to a new color with a huge significance. The Pantone color of the year 2022 is Very Peri, a very unique shade that represents royalty and finesse.

This Very Peri nail polish from Orly sure has my attention!

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3. Dramatic Blush Pink

This color is perfect for spring and summer if you ask me! It’s a very bold color, if you’re looking for something fresh you should try it out.

This dramatic pink shade from 25th and June has all the superwoman energy you need this spring. You can try out some bright nail color ideas with this shade as the base.

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4. Rich Deep Blue

Though it’s not the most popular of colors but butterscotch on brown skin? I’m totally here for it!

This beautiful shade of blue nail polish understands the assignment when it comes to enhancing and contrasting. You would absolutely love it.

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5. Pale Lavender

Can any color scream spring louder than Lavender? It’s the color of the most beautiful blooming spring flowers and it will definitely form a beautiful contrast with your caramel or chocolate skin.

This purple creme shade from O.P.I has me googly-eyed in love! 

spring nails


6. Calm Pastel Peach

This bright nail polish is for the carefree woman, who’s not afraid to awaken her inner child. The peach gives such a playful aura that just makes you embrace spring even more.

This hue from Essie’s Limited Edition Spring collection would be perfect for playing around spring toenail designs.

bright spring nail colors


7. Confident Tangerine  

If you’re looking for a bright nail polish for spring that exudes confidence then this tangerine shade would do you justice. Try out this bold tangerine shade from Pear nova!

pedicure color


8. Cool Sea Foam Green 

This color will blend in a subtle manner with your fine skin. Who doesn’t love seafoam green? It’s sure not something you see around all the time.

So, if you’re looking for distinct bright nail color, this should be top of your list.

what colors are spring colors

9. Clear Sky Blue 

Breathe a breath of fresh air with this gorgeous and unique shade of blue!

This particular sky-blue nail polish from Audabbeauty is just the right shade to welcome the calm vibe of spring.

popular nail colors for spring 2022

10. Mellow Yellow

Okay! If you think you’ve seen the beauty of contrasts between melanin popping skin and bright nail polishes, please hold your horses because this is a discovery!

The brightness and calmness of mellow yellow make it contrast so smoothly with your skin, enhancing the beauty of your nails, your outfits, and literally everything on you.

Try out Habit’s Daisy Chain for the mellow yellow look. This would be also made for a bright toenail color.

what is the most flattering nail color

11. Soothing Pastel Blue 

Pastel blue will always give off soothing vibes! This cool pastel blue shade from Essie’s Spring 2022 limited collection definitely stands out.

It’s striking and would fit just right if you’re looking for a spring nail polish that’s bright and calm at the same time.

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12. Coral Creme

If you want to go for a serene and soft yet powerful look, then I recommend you try this beautiful shade.

Coral creme is not a regular color and it blends beautifully with any shade of melanin popping skin. This hue from O.P.I is the perfect remedy for winter blues.

coral creme nail polish


Welcoming Spring Hues 

I love that there’s a color on this list for every shade of melanin popping skin! These spring nail colors will add that bold flair and enhance your look this season. There’s no better way to say hello to spring. 

I know we have bombarded you with a long list of beautiful bright march nail colors but which one of these would you be trying out first? We sure would love to know!

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