Embracing The Plant Mom Aesthetic Like Never Before

I fell victim to buying plants during the peak of Covid. Oh trust me, I don’t regret it.

The sellers on Etsy and Amazon made the plants look so pristine and easy to take care of.

I mean that in the most humorous way possible but with all this newfound time, I couldn’t help myself. 

One purchase turned into three indoor plants and the rest is history. 

There I was becoming a plant mom right before my own eyes.

zz plant growth

What Is The Plant Mom Meme Meaning?

If you’re wondering how the plant mom meaning came about, blame it on all of us being home. Just kidding.

Well, during the peak of the pandemic, everyone and their mama bought themselves a house plant.

We all became aspiring plant moms at the purchase of one indoor plant.

If you didn’t jump on the low-maintenance indoor plant train, kudos to you because I couldn’t resist purchasing one.

What’s more, as I was looking on Etsy for my plants, I started seeing plant mom shirts like this one. Aren’t they cute?

big zz plant

New Plant Mom Status

I looked to Pinterest to help guide me to take care of my new plants on how to keep them alive. 

My fondest “I’m a plant mom” moments were me searching Google on how to repot zz plant or how to plant a fiddle leaf fig in a basket.

Or my favorite, ‘best fiddle leaf fig plant food.’

If you missed the wellness holiday guide post, I list an incredible indoor plant fertilizer from Perky Plant!

Also, let me preface by stating this, taking care of a plant as a child versus an adult are two very different experiences. 

I needed help choosing the best indoor plants that could go weeks without being watered when I just simply forgot about my green babies. 

check the soil

Im A Plant Mom, Now What?

When the baby zz plant and fiddle leaf fig tree arrived to my house, I was not equipped to keep these poor plants alive.

Believe me, I really tried. I watered my plants like how many of the guides I read on Pinterest but still, something wasn’t quite right.

Before purchasing a plant, I suggest visiting a plant nursery or your local Lowe’s and talking to someone who actually knows how to keep them alive.

Even today, you’ll still find a plethora of ZZ and Fiddle Leaf Plants displayed in the garden center at Home Depot but it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into.

zz plants toxic to cats


Fiddle Leaf Fig Vs Rubber Plant

The Fiddle leaf and rubber plant are from the same ficus family. The noticeable distinction is with their leaf color.

What’s cool about the Rubber Plant is how their leaves are a deep deep green color that almost presents as black.

House Plant Myth or Fact?

healthy root fiddle leaf


Are Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants Toxic To Cats?

                       Oh yes, they can be toxic if your cat or dog ingests them. The leaves contain crystals made from toxic calcium oxalate.

Are ZZ Plants Toxic To Cats?

An equally common asked question is if the zz plants are toxic to cats and the answer is a resounding yes!

I found out from a nursery blog that all parts of the zz plant are poisonous to humans and cats, who would’ve known!


fiddle leaf fig poisioning


Green Thumb Plant Mom Tips

The best way to tell if you’ve overwater your zz plant or fiddle leaf plant is to check the leaves. Do you see green leaves or leaves turning brown?

Check out this super helpful post from the Healthy House Plant on ways to revive your zz plant.

If you believe you zz plant isn’t growing or you believe your plant is suffering, assess the damage.

Take out the plant to let it dry before watering it again, prune the leaves, go to a local nursery and ask them for tips.

If your goal is to one day own one of those big zz plants in your home, learn your plant. It’s what comes with the territory of being a plant parent.

Tell me, are you impatient and can’t wait for your zz plant to grow? Here’s a big zz plant I found that has room to grow.

plant mom aesthetic


Word to the Wise

Have larger pots on standby. If you purchase a larger standing plant like the ZZ, they spread pretty quickly and will need room to grow. 

I would purchase two pots initially so when you wake up and see that it’s ready to repot, you’ll have the larger pot ready to go. 

Just because they can go for a longer period without water, doesn’t mean you should test out this theory. 

Schedule your watering days to avoid going too long w/o watering your green baby. 

Watch them thrive, take off and add beauty to your space. 

What indoor plant babies have you purchased recently?

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    1. The snake plant is probably theee most low key chill plant out there. My plant child, Jade gives me no issues lol

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