Cheap Self-Care Gifts That Make Relaxing and Self-Love More Easy

The holiday season is approaching, and it’s time to start shopping for holiday gifts. What better way to give than with cheap self-care gifts that are low in costs but high in benefits?

We all know more BIPOC women could use more self-care. Whether she juggles motherhood, managing stressful workplace environments, or just on a health and wellness journey, self-care.

I created a list of 28 cheap self-care gifts under $20 that can make the act of self-care feel luxurious without breaking the bank. You are sure to find the perfect gift that may help any woman in your life prioritize relaxation and self-love.

Benefits of Self-Care Gifts

Staying consistent with a self-care routine can be tricky. When giving the gift of self-care, there can be many benefits to you and the person you are gifting to. Here are a few:

  • It can help you both show up more authentically in your relationship
  • It can help you outwardly express the love and gratitude you have for the receiver
  • It may allow you to prioritize yourself more by helping someone else put themselves first
  • You can feel good knowing you positively and wholistically impacted someone’s life
  • It can lead to a self-care accountability partner

Self care package

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The Best Self-Care Gifts Under $20


White Noise Machine

1. White Noise Machine

Price: $15.99

Sometimes the best thing to do for self-care is to turn off bright lights, shut off all screens, and rest in a dimly lit environment.

This white noise machine has many features: a night light, 29 soothing sounds, a sleep timer, adjustable light dimmer, and a memory function.

It is excellent to use during meditation or to set the mood for a night of relaxation and self-love.

Facial treatment ice roller

2. Facial Ice Roller

Price: $6.99

Not everyone has the time to schedule a facial treatment. With this ice roller, you can give the gift of rejuvenation and luxury for under $10!

This powerful skincare tool can replace eye masks and reduce puffiness. It has rave reviews and can be a great addition to anyone’s skincare routine.

Jade Roller

3. Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set

Price: $16.99

Rose quartz is known as the holy grail of beauty. With this set, you will be blessing someone with not one, but two amazing beauty products that are meant to revive the skin and promote relaxation.

This set is excellent for elevating someone’s self-care routine by draining the lymphatic system and smoothing away stress and fine lines.

Self-care item

4. Self-Guided Journal

Price: $11.99

Journaling is a great way to practice self-care. Gift this self-guided journal to another black woman who is just beginning her self-care journey or looking to add journaling to the routine.

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Wellness Gifts

5. Shadow Work Journal

Price: $14.99

Know a friend or family member who is struggling with their past? Gift them a shadow work journal that may help free them from their cycle of suffering, and encourage them to feel new things.

Plenty of shadow work prompts for self-love can make diving deeper into the subconscious mind much less intimidating.

Self-care gifts

6. Planner

Price: $8.80

Setting a daily routine of planning and organization is rarely acknowledged as self-care, but man does it check off every self-care box.

Allowing ourselves to slow down and intuitively carry ourselves through our day can help make more room for self-care and give us the space to appreciate it more.

Yoga Mat

7. Yoga Mat

Price: $19.38

Yoga mats are perfect for meditating, practicing, deep stretching, and exercising.

This yoga mat has a strap so it can be swung around your shoulder and taken on the go.

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Acupresure mat

8. Acupressure Mat And Pillow Set

Price: $18.00

Getting deep tissue massages is not always practical (or feasible). This acupressure mat and pillow set can take the place of scheduling and paying for a session.

This gift conveniently comes with a bag for easy storage and will make the perfect gift for someone who is always on the go.

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Water Bottle with water infuser

9. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Price: $16.99

Impress someone with this 2-for-1 water bottle. Not only does it make drinking enough water more manageable, but it also has a fruit diffuser.

There are many easy-to-make fruit diffuser recipes that you can pass along with this gift. Give it to a friend who is just starting her fitness journey to show how much you support her.

Hair mask

10. Hair Mask

Price: $10.49

Since Fall weather is rapidly approaching, many of us will need to adjust our hair care regimes.

Why not think ahead and grab this ultra-deep hair conditioning mask for someone this holiday? Help someone’s wash day go a little bit smoother with this gift. We all know that a good hair day improves our mental health.

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Hair massager

11. Scalp Massager

Price: $4.99

For such a little package, this hair tool packs huge benefits and is a great idea for a gift.

The great thing is that it falls in line with a costly head massage, just without the cost. It stimulates blood circulation, can be a remedy for headaches, and aids in a healthy scalp.

Sheet Mask

12. Sheet Masks

Price: $5.00

A sheet masks make for an excellent self-care gift idea. This face mask is a clever way to sneak in about 10-15 minutes of self-care.

This glow-inducing mask smells like fresh pears and is meant to make anyone feel like a ray of sunshine. It’s the perfect little gift to slip in a card or add as a stocking stuffer.

Essential oil diffuser

13. Essential Oil Diffuser

Price: $19.99

Essential oil diffusers are so versatile. They are great for allergies, headaches, anxiety, a better night’s sleep, and much more.

Gifting an oil diffuser can be an amazing gift because it can be used in everyday life. This diffuser, in particular, doesn’t require much water and has a water-less auto-off feature.

Don’t forget to add your favorite essential oils when packing this gift.

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Subscription Boxes

14. Subscription Boxes – Tea

Prices: $4.95

If the person you buy a gift for is a tea enthusiast, a subscription box would be the best self-care kit.

Chances are, their love for tea lies in the taste and benefits. This box comes with 4 different premium loose leaf teas each month. The variety allows them to experience this self-care a little differently each month.

Bath salts

15. Bath Salts

Price: $4.87

Self-care is a no-brainer when a relaxing bath salt is in the picture. Help someone turn their bath time into something they can look forward to after a long day. With the benefit of calming anxiety and soothing sore muscles, this bath salt is a winner.

This travel pack of Epsom salt will for perfectly into a self-care package, stocking, or party bag.

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Hand Cream

16. Hand Cream

Price: $16.49

 The secret to feeling like you’ve had a spa day without even visiting a spa is to have quality hand cream.

Gift these day and night creams to help someone appreciate the little things while still indulging in self-care. This set also comes as a travel-size product and can come in handy throughout the day.

Bath bombs

17. Bath Bombs

Price: $19.99

Bath bombs are fun, therapeutic, and an essential self-care item.

With calming and soothing ingredients, this is made to destress and uplift moods, making it the perfect gift. It comes in a variety pack, so you can gift some and keep a few for yourself!

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Herbal Tea

18. Coffee or Tea Mug

Price: $19.99

There is something so soothing about spending time with oneself while enjoying a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Stylish mugs are great self-care items that can remind someone to take time to themselves. This mug is perfect for enjoying coffee during a morning routine and herbal tea throughout the day.

Coloring book

19. Coloring Book

Price: $9.95

An adult coloring book that is dedicated to self-care makes choosing a gift easier than ever.

This book is the complete package: it has detailed imagery of black women practicing self-care, it can calm anxiety, stimulate creativity, and help connect to the inner child. It’s a good choice for someone trying to begin a self-care routine.

Self-care gift idea

20. Meditation Pillow

Price: $14.99

A meditation pillow can be a game changer for anyone wanting to add more comfort and relaxation to their practice.

It can also be a great accessory for a beginner. This pillow has a beautiful design and can be machine washed.

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Beauty products

21. Reusable cotton rounds

Price: $19.96

Reusable cotton rounds are good for the environment and good for your skin.

This makes a complete gift set with a washable drawing bag and a stylish holder. This gift is great for a newbie and might even help them be more intuitive in their approach to self-care.

Eye mask

22. Oily Skin Roller

Price: 14.42

Products that make someone stop and think about their feelings and tend to themselves make amazing self-care gifts.

This oily skin roller puts a little more emphasis on sustainability by eliminating the use of blotting papers and forcing one to think about how they are caring for their skin.

Cheap self-care gift

23. Lip Scrub

Price: $14.99

Lip exfoliation doesn’t always make it to everyone’s self-care routine. Give this cruelty-free lip scrub to someone who’s looking to up their self-care game.

With temperatures expected to fall soon, this lip scrub could benefit anyone you decide to bless it with.

Cheap self-care gifts

24. Candle

Price: $17.99

Candles are significant to self-care and can help set the mood of any self-care practice.

This lavender-scented candle has a motivational message that may keep anyone on track during their self-care journey.

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Cheap Self-care gift

25. Motivational Calendar

Price: $9.62

You can never go wrong with gifting motivation, wisdom, and positive affirmations.

This calendar is equipped with 366 pages of happiness that can help anyone on their self-care journey. It allows them to measure their progress and see how much joy they’ve acquired in the last year.

Affirmation cards

26. Affirmation Cards

Price: $14.95

Want to help someone get their daily dose of self-care? Give them this affirmation deck.

This deck can help someone continue to show up for themselves in their self-care journey. This can be a great gift at any stage in the self-care journey.

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Beauty products

27. Body Scrub

Price: $8.44

Exfoliating our body and ridding our skin of dead skin cells can be self-care. There are many ways to rejuvenate ourselves, and starting with the biggest organ in our bodies is a great start.

This gift will force someone to bathe intuitively, slow down, and cater to themselves in the best way.

Bath time steamers

28. Bath Steamers

Price: $16.99

Convince someone that aromatherapy during a hot, relaxing shower is one of the self-care rituals they are missing with these bath steamers.

Gift this to someone who is always on the go and could use little ways to incorporate self-care into their day.

Give The Gift of Self-Care

There you have it, a list of 30 of the best and cheap self-care gifts under $20. It can be challenging to figure out the perfect gift for friends and family, but I’m hoping that list makes this time of year much easier for you.

These gifts are the true definition of the saying: “It’s the thought that counts.” They are incredibly thoughtful and valuable.

When adding these cheap self-care gifts to your shopping list, don’t forget to throw in a gift or two (or three) for yourself!

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What are some of your favorite self-care gifts? Let us know in the comments below.

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