50 Simple Actions To Help You Choose Yourself Everyday

Before you read on any further, let’s all take a moment to pause and understand that choosing yourself is non-negotiable.

If you are looking to keep things simple but impactful, this is the post you’ll end up coming back to on repeat.

Choosing yourself every day doesn’t have to be this big to-do list or even something that takes a lot of work.

We crave things that can be integrated into our already chaotic lifestyles, simple is the way to go if we ever plan on sticking to self-care.

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Here’s To Always Choosing Yourself First

There’s no guide or book out there with explicit instructions on how to live your life but there are so many reasons to do it for yourself.

Have you ever heard of the saying that, “at the end of the day, you only have yourself”? It’s true when it comes to your self-care and wellness.

Below, you will find simple actions that send the correct message of, “Today, I choose me!”

1. Put your phone on silent after work hours.

2. Make yourself a nutrient dense meal at every meal and log how you feel.

3. Ignore calls from anyone that wrecks your nervous system.

4. Refuse to just eat to eat, but eating food that will make you look forward to your next meal.

5. Tend to a houseplant by dusting and watering it.

6. Commit to going outside for a set amouont of minutes.

7. Create a space in your home office to workout.

8. Create a vision board about anything that matters to you.

9. Get excited about your hopes and dreams by writing out 3 things in your future that you really want.

10. Purchase seasonal fruit that aids nutrition to your body.

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11. Send voice notes to yourself reciting positive affirmations.

12. Smile at the next person who says hello to you.

13. Release tension in your body.

14. Drink water that actually keeps you hydrated throughout the day.

15. Download a meditation app.

16. Bake cookies at home from scratch.

17. Invest in lotion that moisturizes your skin all day.

18. Download apps that remind you to get up and move.

19. Tune into a podcast on an episode that covers slowing down or eating well.

20. Take a beginner to intermediate level Pilates class.

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21. Buy yourself some soothing eucalyptus bed sheets.

22. Throw away any unnecessary mail that adds chaos to your home.

23. Make the decision to not allow everyone to have access to your personal number. Invest in a google number.

24. Look up an at home recipe to make for dinner 2x-3x week.

25. Watch a black romance movie from your laptop.

26. Take a real lunch away from your office and or computer without rushing.

27. Go on a lunch or dinner date with yourself.

28. Plan a self-love picnic bringing all of your favorite foods to the picnic.

29. Meal prep your lunch for the week.

30. Set your wake up alarm to music or an instrumental that makes you happy.

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31. Say no to something that you really don’t want to do for someone.

32. When someone hurts your feelings, speak up right away to let them know that what was said is not okay.

33. Schedule a doctor and dentist appointment.

34. Reach out to your therapist for a session even if you’re doing great.

35. Create a playlist for your work commute and create one for the weekend.

36. Give your hair a spa like moisturizing treatment.

37. Meditate on one word that makes your heart warm and happy.

38. Read a page out of an affirmation book.

39. Take your daily vitamins. Follow up with food and water.

40. Go to bed at a decent time that works for you and wake up to see the sunrise.

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41. Spend a certain amount of time on social media each day and then log off.

42. Head to your local farmstand and buy fresh produce.

43. Unfollow anyone on social media that makes you feel bad or anxious.

44. Write a letter to your younger self expressing how proud you feel with little to no judgement of where you are today and the things you’ve learned.

45. Ask yourself a series of self-love questions.

46. Commit to putting a certain amount of money away per week or month.

47. Learn a diy skill from a Youtube video or blog post.

48. Put in PTO without letting your employer know where you’re going.

49. Spend time unsubscribing to spam and junk emails.

50. Take your time getting out of bed each morning. Hit snooze and rest a few more minutes in bed.

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Send The Right Message To Yourself By Choosing You

Which simple actions are you comitting to? Enjoy the process of learning new skills, improving your self-care and truly falling in love with your needs.

Feel good about your awareness to what those needs are.

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    1. This is so good Eboni. One can’t forget to give thanks to God because life is such a blessing.

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2 Responses

    1. This is so good Eboni. One can’t forget to give thanks to God because life is such a blessing.

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