Christmas Board Games You'll Need This Year

When you think of Christmas and playing games with your family, what games do you think of?

Maybe you don’t think of games at all but foods like sweet potato muffins or maple cookies.

But if you said yes, do you think any of the games you traditionally play with your loved ones is on the list?

I am a sucker for playing games but I realized that I like playing Christmas board games even more around the holidays.

Everyone has their preference and this list is in no way trying to tell you that these are the games you should play.

This list is meant to generate ideas of what you can play and if you are one of those people who wait until Black Friday to do your Christmas shopping, then this list gives you an excuse to go purchase some new family board games.

best christmas board games

Christmas Day Board Games

If you’re like me, you like playing the board games you played when you were a kid. Games like monopoly, Candyland, operation, and the list go on and on.

I like a wholesome everyday board game that I can play on Christmas. There’s just something about the familiarity that I love with playing regular board games.

Keep reading for some more cool board games for Christmas you can plan to play with your family and friends.

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cool board games for christmas

What Do Families Do For Christmas?

This particular list from country living includes a list of games for adults. Don’t worry, I’ll share some ideas for families with children.

Some of the most popular Christmas-themed games for adults include Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game, Christmas Movie Bingo, Would You Rather- Christmas Edition, and Never Have I Ever-Christmas edition.

As far as children go, the most popular Christmas games are Christmas Scavenger Hunt, Cup Stacking Game, and Snowman Bingo.

I love that a lot of the games for adults and children overlap so I am all for playing some kid-friendly holiday games with a cousin or my niece and nephew.

christmas themed board games

What Are The Most Popular Games For Christmas?

When it comes to Christmas anything, I turn to Etsy for some of their Christmas-themed board games.

Most of the games you’ll find on the site are printable but it’s so cool supporting a local business during the festive season while enjoying a card game.

I have to let you know that discovering Esty for printable didn’t happen until I released kb soap back in June and since then, I’ve used Etsy for most of my business and leisure purchases and you should too!

They have something for everyone and if you get lucky, you’ll find a store where there’s an editable feature so you could modify or change the game any way you like.

Holiday Edition Games

Personalized Board Game

I love how unique this game is and get this, you can order this and personalize it with your family’s name.

There’s nothing like buying this as a gift for your family and then creating memories with it on Christmas.

The game is pretty straightforward- it comes with 6 pawns and 2 dice and you take turns to roll the dice.

Something else that I discovered with this game is that the game board itself displays pictures of Christmas-themed goodies like a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, pictures of a crackling fireside, and hot chocolate.

How freakin’ cute is that?

If a customized game like this is something you are interested in purchasing, I would definitely make plans to purchase it in advance due to the seller having to create the orders as they come in.

Christmas Bingo is my second choice when it comes to keeping it themed to Christmas. I love playing bingo on any given day but can you imagine playing it on Christmas.

This game is the best especially if it’s entertaining. My family will be adding this game to our game menu this year as it is sure to bring lots of laughs and dope memories.

christmas monopoly board game


Monopoly, it’s just not Christmas without this board game. I mean, it’s one of the first games that comes to mind when you hear “best Christmas board games.”

I love monopoly because you’ll find someone in your family that gets overly competitive while you have someone like me, that laughs at the other people that get in their feelings about it.

It’s a must for Christmas if you are looking to get a good laugh out of some family members because this game takes it there.

Some of my favorites are Christmas monopoly board games and personalized monopoly games.


I like Jenga because it’s a straight-to-the-point kind of game and I’ve seen this as one of the first party games someone pulls out when over at someone else’s house.

I’m not sure why but it’s a great game to play with a group of 4-5 cousins or with friends and I love how this game can liven up a party without it feeling so competitive.

You’re bound to make a mistake that makes you feel okay about it if you happen to take a block out and the whole tower collapses.

christmas board game to print


Some people call them charades, others call them taboo. Either way, I love playing this game. It’s probably my top game to play at holiday or birthday gatherings.

For those that may not have heard of charades-Charades is basically a word guessing game. It’s incredibly fun and some of my vibrant family members and friends take this game to a new level of fun.

My favorite versions of Charades (both of which can be purchased) that I’ve played are Culture Tags and Guess The Meme

Board Games for Families at Christmas

Some other ones I didn’t mention are 12 days of Christmas game, bingo game, and

If you couldn’t tell already, my favorite place to shop for most items is Etsy. There are so many Christmas board games to print on there.

There are tons of printable games found right on Etsy, so go and start planning your festive-themed games for your guests.

Plus, It’s honestly so cool to support small local business owners who want nothing more than to enjoy offering games for kids and adults.

Everyone has their preferences but I’m curious if any of the games I listed are favorites for you and your family, let me know below.

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