Black Dance And Yoga Classes You Must Take In 2021

As a mover myself, I consider this post an extremely sentimental one. 

If I weren’t dancing, running, bike riding, or doing regular yoga throughout the week, I would probably be driving my loved ones crazy. 

Being still makes my shoulders tense up and my jaw tight-I need to move. 

It is medicine to my soul.

Nowadays, you can find me leading dance movement in class with my eyes closed. 

It’s where I feel the most grounded where I can easily check in with myself. 

If there’s anything that immediately makes you feel at home, keep doing it, and most importantly, keep feeding your soul through intentional movement. 

The List

Sis, I’m over the moon that I get to share with you a list of movers I look up to. 

It’s not often that movers in the form of dance or yoga are recognized in this way. 

IG: @afroyogabyangie
Photo taken by @nicolettelovell

Be sure to to follow and/or sign up for an online class!

Afro Yoga by Angie | @afroyogabyangie

Talk about revolutionizing because that’s exactly what you get here!

Angie promotes wellness while also shedding an imperative light on social justice. 

She’s one of my favorite woke yoga instructors around and I love how you can pick up on the passion through her site and Instagram

From demystifying myths about yoga instructors being broke to her Tea Talk Tuesdays, you will leave feeling like you can come as you are yet, leave refreshed with knowledge. 

What’s more, she offers yoga classes online every Saturday at 12pm. 

They are led by herself and are donation-based to support her teachers of color. 

I can’t leave out that she also leads revolutionary courses like Decolonizing Your Teaching Mentorship Program and has her very own yoga school business program

Need I say more?

Katherine Dunham/Founder of Katherine Dunham Dance Technique

Dunham Technique Classes

If you’ve never heard of Katherine Dunham, you’re in for a treat. 

It’s black movement like you’ve never seen before. 

It feels good to be seen and move in the way that pays homage to people that have come before me versus the many shared experiences of black dancers conforming to eurocentric movement. 

My first Dunham class was my senior year in high school when I attended a dance festival in Philadelphia, PA. 

We started a series of breathing exercises at the ballet barre followed with Dunham walk and triplets, fall revolver, second-cross-second-turn, and the ever-present torso isolations.

Watch a snippet of one of her classes here led by Master instructor Dunham instructor. 

Dunham technique is a fusion of ballet,  modern, and Afro-Caribbean movement. 

Sis, do yourself a favor and register to take a class!

Click Here

The classes are led by master instructors on Tuesday’s 4:45 PM PST and Saturdays at 11:00 AM PST via Zoom. 

So, now that you have been enlightened on some incredible classes, which ones are you excited to try out first?

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