Taking A Barre3 Online Class Will Change Your Life

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“You can do anything, don’t let anyone tell you differently”

“Commit to this time for you. Why did you press play today?”

Have you ever taken an online class that warmed your heart so much so that you walked away thinking, ‘that class was hard but it made me feel good about myself?”

This is the class that does that for me. 

There are so many mantras, positive affirmations to take away from barre 3 but the most important one of them all is this: 

If you have balance one day and the next day you’re off your game, it’s okay. I am with you. 

I like to think everyone would love a class like Barre3, but it’s not for everyone. 

People are rigid in their beliefs that if your instructor is in tip-top shape, then she is going to make sure you eventually look like her or him.

That’s not what Barre3 is about, not in the slightest.


I had recently graduated from the University of Florida and moved to New Orleans in 2012, staying uptown or what some call the Irish Channel.

I was leaving from a Sno-Ball stand when I drove by this beautiful open studio which read, Barre3.

Being the researcher that I am, I unlocked my phone and began looking up information on what is Barre3.

I wanted to know what any movement seeker or dancer would want to know. 

How does this class work? What are the founder’s teaching methods?

It intrigued me so much that I booked my first class on my birthday.

The Rest is History

I loved the class, literally loved how I felt as I walked in the studio and was instantly greeted by the owner (Kendall).

I loved the atmosphere, I loved the free beverage offerings, and I especially LOVED the way the class was taught.

I recommend trying it for yourself and bringing a friend too. 

Since my first class 7 years ago, I have taken almost 300 classes and I have found a studio in Florida that I consider family. 

April 10, 2020

I couldn’t end this read without mentioning that Barre3 has made me find my happy beat again. 

The day I was let go, I turned to Barre3 for solace. But I received much more than that. 

I found a safe haven. I can’t thank the online community and my home studio enough.

The barre3 online workouts are amazing

Thank you to the instructors at Barre3 for checking in with me during each workout by gently nudging me to commit to myself. 


What physical type of self-care activities have you turned to that you love and continue to do?

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