Beginner Friendly Curly Headband Wig For Lazy Hair Days

If anyone in the natural hair community understands the amount of time it takes to take care of your hair, it’s me.

I am always trying to find an easier and longest-lasting protective hairstyle because well, taking care of my hair is a full-time job.

There’s just something so good about giving your hair a break.

One Google search on “human hair headband wigs” will send you down a rabbit hole of Youtube reviews on the perfect headband wig for black women.

Yes! Headband wigs were made for those of us who wear our hair naturally and need help when we have lazy hair days.

*This blog post is a paid partnership with Luvme hair but all opinions are my own.*

african american headband wigs

Luvme Hair Glueless Wig

It’s the hair texture for me. Recently, I was introduced to a line of kinky curly headband wigs and I couldn’t be more pleased.

For one, it is literally a throw-and-go lace wig with a headband. Upon purchase, Luvme packages a box of hair goodies, one including several stylish headbands to choose from.

Keep scrolling for those pictures.

human hair headband wigs

What is a headband with hair?

Just as the name implies, it is a wig with a headband attached. The hair is secured by a band with combs alongside the side and the nape of the wig.

Headband wigs are great protective styles for those who are beginners. It takes no time and so, it’s easy to apply and put on because you don’t need glue.

I remember the days when you needed scissors to cut the lace and glue to hold the lace front wig down. Things have become much easier.

headband with hair attached

How To Wear A Headband Wig?

I can’t speak to how easy it is with other headband wigs but with Luvme, it was extremely easy to wear. I had no issues with it.

You simply put it on, separate the curls to your liking and choose your headband for the day. There were so many cute options but my eyes went straight to the leopard print headband.

Like I stated before, this is the perfect protective style option for individuals who are naturals. You don’t have to worry about how your lace frontal will look because there is no lace.

You can use my code: Kabrena to get your hands on an affordable headband wig and 23% off. There are so many people I know that have been scammed by hair companies, but Luvme hair is legit.

hair headband wig

How Do You Wear Your Hair Underneath a Headband Wig?

Personally, I like keeping my actual hair in twists or braids. For those who have thick hair, you really don’t have an option you need to have your hair as flat as possible with wigs.

Once your hair is secure, you put a wig cap on and leave some of your edges out.

curly human hair

As you can see, to avoid having your hair snagged by the wig combs inside the headband wig, covering your hair is a step you don’t want to skip.

Other ideas to protect your hair include putting your hair into a low ponytail or braiding your hair down into cornrows, it’s entirely up to you.

The flatter your hair is underneath, the better.

How Long Do Headband Wigs Last?

headband wig

They can last up to 6 months to a year. If you take care of it like you take care of your hair, they can last longer than that.

You can view it as a headband with hair attached or a curly human hair wig, at the end of the day, there are ways to prolong its wear, and washing the hair-tight coils is one of them.

Are Headband Wigs Bad For Your Hair?

african american headband wigs

Unlike lace front wigs, headband wigs do not glue to hold the hair in place. They are similar to human hair half wigs in that it truly is a low-maintenance style.

You can wear your headband wig as little or as often as you like but you shouldn’t neglect the health of your actual hair.

Short answer, no. But just like any other protective style, you need to continue scheduling your hair wash days.

This goes for all curl hair types too. From 4c hair types to 3c curls, poor hair health doesn’t discriminate when it comes to curl patterns.

Why You Need A Headband Wig

headband with hair

It’s convenient and easy. If you need a break from your hair, this is the wig from you. I am rocking the jerry curl headband wig.

Now, you can purchase your headband wig from anywhere online but I definitely recommend that you get yours from Luvme. Use my code: Kabrena for 23% off your final purchase.

Why? They have something for everyone. I should probably go on record and say that their audience is geared towards black women.

So, most of their wigs are African American headband wigs for the everyday black woman.

On their site, you’ll find products that read Luvme lace front wigs or glueless wig Luvme hair but don’t get too distracted because this headband wig is what you need to purchase.

hair headband wig

Headband Wig Textures

It’s understandable if you want something that mimics your 3c and/or 4a hair. The good news, Luvme hair has so many different textures they offer in the headband wig.

Luvme offers many different lengths and textures like short curly, wet and wavy, deep wave, short jerry curl, kinky straight, headband with bangs, body wave, short 4c hair.

Literally, so many.

Luvme headband wigs create wigs with a natural density to them. It didn’t feel like it was weighing my head down at all.

I’ve worn wigs with 150 density and it made me feel uncomfortable. These wigs will not make you feel like that.

Headband Wigs Near Me

luvme hair glueless wig

When it comes to quality, ease, and affordability, Luvme takes the cake for this. This hair feels beautiful and was treated well.

This hair piece will be on repeat because I love playing with curl patterns that can be manipulated in different styles and because of the headband, I can explore that comfortably.

Lastly, no headband wig costs more than $200. For some, that’s how much bundles cost alone but on Luvme’s site, you can get a headband wig that you can throw on and go without the fuss of glue or lace.

Which Luvme headband wig will you be purchasing?

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