#DearJabari A Letter To My Husband

A letter to my husband is way over due. Wives, I urge you to do this publicly or privately.

But dear Jabari is about him, my husband, my best friend. The one who pushed me to pursue influencing as a career.

This open letter to you, my husband is dedicated to your constant nudges in the form of pep talks, hugs, and too many to list here.

His belief in me supersedes my fear of me failing at this.

You know, when I first changed my bio in my Instagram to include the title “influencer”, I felt ambivalent about it.

I reached out and sought mentorship from a person who had no idea what they were talking about.

She encouraged me to remove the title from my bio and from there, I never have felt comfortable referring to myself as such.

But, my husband changed that perspective for me, read on to find out why.

Emotional Tribute To You

My husband was immediately on board when I began pursuing this field.

I’ve literally dedicated all of my life to obtaining multiple degrees that the thought of doing something creative again ignited a sense of urgency within him to help me in anyway that he could.

I could not have pulled off as many things I have done in a year without him. Literally, look at the growth on this blog and in the blooming community.

One of the most compelling pieces of advice he’s given me is, “all you need is one yes.”

This is what I’ve thought every time I press record, every time I go to pitch another brand only to get not a single reply.

All you need is one yes!”

A letter to my husband.

#DearJabari, A Letter Dedicated To My Life Partner

Your belief in me was always light years ahead of everyone else. You are an idea generator. I’ve come up with some of my best concepts for my photos or reels with you in bed, brainstorming.

If people only knew how much of the bts you do to make Kb in Bloom smooth sailing, you wear as many hats as I do.

I used to believe that you were harder on me because I’m your wife. I now know that you’re the way you are with me because I’ve been influencing people the entire time, no title needed to officiate it.

Thank you for those nudges and let’s continue to make dope content together.

Love you so very deep,


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    1. This comment brings me so much joy and a huge smile has spread across my face. Thank you so much for this, Maria.

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