Etsy African Dresses For Black Women To Wear This Summer

When it comes to the spring and summer months, there is one thing many black women get excited about and that is wearing dresses for spring and summer.

In this list, I will be discussing some of the best vibrant Etsy African dresses and Ankara clothing around.

Trust me, you’re going to want to get your hands on these or at least click on them to see what beautifully colored dresses each store owner offers.

Can we just take a moment and agree that when it comes to color and black women, we refuse to play small.

So, if you are one that has been on the hunt for African print summer dresses and haven’t had much luck finding any, keep scrolling to be introduced to some dope Etsy African clothing stores.

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Photo Source: ShopLoLater

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African Print Dresses For Women

Looking for a beautiful and unique African dress to wear this summer or spring? Look no further! The Ankara dresses I will share with you are perfect for summer or spring.

Etsy is home to many talented African designers who create stunning dresses made from Ankara, wax print, and other traditional African fabrics.

Get excited to read some of our favorite dresses from Etsy that are perfect for any black woman looking to make a statement. So put on your best smile and let’s get started!

Etsy Store: House Of Izzi

This Ankara fabric dress is perfect for just about anything in the summer. I mean, just look at those bold colors.

If you are attending a summer wedding, brunch, or one of your scheduled Sunday brunches with your girls, this dress is perfect for those occasions.

Some of my favorite aspects about this dress are the colors, I live for a dress with orange in it.

ankara dress


Photo Source: House Of Izzi


Etsy Store: House Of Izzi African Print Fabric Dress

Another ankara print dress was made from one of Etsy’s most popular African clothing shops, House of Izzi.

Who else loves a dress with collars? From the colors to the cut of this dress, everything in my spirit tells me to purchase this dress.

I have a feeling that a lot of you feel the same way. This above-the-knee dress is perfect for those warm days when you’re eager to show off your legs.

african print dress


Photo Source: House Of Izzi


Ankara Design Dress From House Of Izzi

This dress is a definite stunner. Steering slightly away from traditional Ankara design dresses, this set offers a crop top and pencil flare skirt.

It’s without question that anyone wearing this would be asked all night where this dress was purchased from.

The details, design, and cut are so beautiful and I love a vibrant play on patterns.

african women


Photo Source: House Of Izzi


Etsy Store: AfroThrone

When it comes to finding dresses that are flattering for every shape, here’s another store that has you covered in that department.

This dress is another skater-style African wax dress that anyone wanting to show their legs all summer needs.

What? A girl needs options.

And again with the color and cut of this dress. So many of the reviews pointed to the fact that the seller was great at getting the correct measurements.

ankara print


Photo Source: AfroThrone


Etsy Store: YuvaKe

At first glance, this dress reminds you of a kente print dress but the seller discloses that it is in fact an infinity mini dress.

This Ankara-style dress is the dress you need for this summer and spring. Made in Kenya, this dress will be sure to start a conversation and be a constant head turner at events.

One important dress feature to note is that it has pockets and is 100% cotton.

african fashion


Photo Source: YuvaKe


Etsy Store: ShopLoLater

This is perhaps one of my favorite stores on the list due to the fact that the seller is pushing the envelope with her print design dresses.

It’s giving me, “2022 African fashion.” It’s not your typical African kente or dashiki African clothing, it’s showcasing a different side to African attire for women.

As someone who’s been wearing authentic African clothing my entire life, I appreciate the slight changes being made in the African fashion, lifestyle, streetwear world.

etsy african dress


Photo Source: ShopLoLater


Etsy Store: HeritageClothings

Finally, something green. I’ve heard the color green being a power color for a lot of black women.

If green is your color then this is the dress for you. The main color is green but there are so many other details to catch when looking at this African style dress.

For one, the design is so unique. It’s considered a skater dress but with an added peplum detail that any woman would immediately spot.

Get this, the seller is body positive and offers so many size options for black women.

african print summer dress


Photo Source: HeritageClothings


Etsy Store: MohannaKollections

This dress from the Mohanna Kollections is equally beautiful. As indicated, it is a bright sleeveless yellow dress made from Ankara fabric that is 100% cotton.

What I absolutely love about this seller is that if this particular fabric doesn’t work for you, she has a plethora of other fabrics that you are free to choose from.

What’s more, she even suggests that if you have a particular fabric that you want, messaging her is the best way to get your idea going.

Simply take one look at this dress and you’ll immediately understand why this dress is perfect for the summer.

dress african


Photo Source: MahonnaKollections


African Dress Stores Found On Etsy To Support

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’ve given you at least 5 different authentic Etsy African stores.

These dresses are not the only ones found in their stores so I highly recommend that you go to the stores to support these African designers because they have so much to offer.

So, if you’re in the market for something new and exciting to wear this summer, I suggest giving one of these beautiful Etsy African dresses a try.

With so many amazing options to choose from, I have no doubt that you’ll be able to find the perfect dress to help you stand out and make a statement. Buy these African dresses found on Etsy today

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