The Best Fall Nail Colors and Designs Around This Season

Say goodbye to the bright colors of summer and hello to the calming colors of fall-theme nails! It’s that time of the year when cozy sweaters dominate your wardrobe, and the fall scents of pumpkin fill the air.

As we welcome all the fashion and household changes that come with fall, our nails must also be a priority! Why? Because a good manicure will always be at the top of our list of self-care activities to indulge in for the fall season. 

Yellow fall nail design


Photo Source: Kb in Bloom

Transitioning into fall nail colors implies embracing darker tones and subtle yet statement designs that will still complement your skin tone!

The verdict is in, and based on the opinions of nail experts from across the country, here are the best fall nail looks and colors you must have this season;


Yellow Fall Nails

You can never go wrong with a touch of yellow in the fall. It’s a great way to transition from summer nail colors to fall without stress! The difference between fall yellow and summer yellow is the depth of the shade and the nail design they are used for.

In the fall, you’ll see more ombre designs and one-tone nails, giving each color a chance to shine. If you’re ready to explore yellow fall nails, this beautiful shade of yellow from Breukelen is the best place to start.

yellow fall nails


Photo source: Breukelen


Brown Ombre Nails

If you’re tired of the regular brown gel fall nails, you might want to try this attractive brown ombre design. Brown is a mellow color that blends easily with other fall tones. So, mixing brown with peach or a lighter tone of brown gives you the perfect brown ombre nails.


brown ombre fall nail design


Photo Source: Pinterest


Ombre Rose Gold

Classy, sophisticated, and chic cannot describe this nail design enough! Rose gold ombre nails are not limited to brides only for their special days.

You can pull off this look any day and any time in the fall season! If you’re feeling extra funky, add a sprinkle of glitter to take things up a notch.


ombre rose gold nail design


Photo Source: Pinterest


Shades of Gray

Gray might not have up to 50 shades but all the shades you can find will work perfectly for fall. There are so many gray nail ideas to choose from but our favorite for fall is ombre.  

According to nail experts, unique ombre nails are top on the trend list right now. This Pale gray nail polish by Orly is giving everything gray is supposed to give! You'll love it!

gray nail ideas


Photo Source: Orly


Orange Nail Color

Regardless of skin tone, orange fall nail colors will always make a statement and complement your outfits. Thanks to pumpkins and fall leaves, I can boldly call orange the theme color for the fall season, so rocking this nail color shows you’re on the right path.

Try out this lovely dark shade from OPI’s gel nails for the fall collection.


gell fall nails


Photo Source: OPI


Stunning Teal

We know that dark and rusty colors always dominate the theme for fall, but if you still need a touch of summer, you can always go for teal fall nails.

Teal nail designs are highly feminine and fun to wear. Whether you want to create a simple or statement design, they are up to the challenge. The best shade I’ve seen is OPI’s Teal nail lacquer from the OPI fall colors collection. It is beautiful and long-lasting; that’s all we ask from any nail polish!


opi fall colors


Photo source: OPI


Deep Red

Red is the one color that works for all seasons. You can never go wrong with it, from spring nail designs to summer and now fall.

The great thing about deep reds is that they also work perfectly as toe colors for fall if you want a matchy look. This powerful deep red shade from the AudaB Beauty red fall nails collection is the truth! Honestly, there’s no better recommendation.


red fall nails


Photo source: Auda Beauty


Halloween Pumpkin

Pumpkin color nails? Sign me up! There’s nothing as glamorous as a pumpkin hue on any skin tone. This nail color is anything but casual and simple, so if you are not ready to awe and receive compliments, please pick another color. 

Nothing screams fall like this glossy pumpkin nail polish by 25th and June. Add it to your cart, or pick it up when shopping.


pumpkin colored nails


Photo source: 25th & June


Rust-Colored Nail Polish

Rust color nail polish falls in the same category as orange, but it is even more sophisticated and unique. I like how this particular enamel rust shade from the Essie fall nail polish collection flawlessly blends with every skin tone.


rust colored nail polish


Photo source: Essie


Mauve Nail Design

Fall mauve nails are a classic that will never go out of style because they are perfect and unique! If you’re not a fan of light nail colors, you’ll love the simplicity and depth of a classy mauve nail design.

Mauve can stand alone and still be sophisticated. Unlike other colors, it doesn’t need that extra swirl.


light nail colors


Photo source: Pinterest


Dark Green Ombre

If you’re looking for a nail color that’s flattering and yet subtle, dark green ombre nails would do your nails 100% justice. I love how classy dark green usually looks but using it for an ombre nail design takes it to a new level.

If you’re ready for an adventure with your nails, try a green fall nail design. Trust me when I say you’ll be super pleased.


dark green ombre nails


Photo source: Pinterest


Purple Nail Color

The versatility of purple nail colors makes them a must-have for fall. Purple is on top of the list of colors for dark nail ideas because it always comes out stunning.

Fall purple nails look better with abstract designs or classic french tips. You can try out any nail and toe ideas for fall with this shade of purple by Polish& Co.


mauve nail designs


Photo source: Polish & Co


Olive Green Nails

Olive green has an adorable, clean look that makes everyone love it regardless of the season. It is also one of those nail colors that stick through every season, so feel free to rock it again and again with different nail designs.

For fall nails olive green, try going for a matte version of your regular olive green nails. You won’t be disappointed. This has to be our favorite Essie fall nail color; it is long-lasting, quick dry, vegan, and guaranteed chip free.


fall nails olive green


Photo source: Essie


When to start wearing fall nail colors? 

The best time to try out any of these October nail ideas is when the autumn leaves start to drop and the school year begins! So, book your appointment with your favorite nail technician or bring out your manicure kits and try these unique fall nails.

Which one of these designs and colors will you be trying out first?

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