Best Fall Soap Scents You'll Want in Your Home Now

While summer break is easily synonymous with vacations, family gatherings, and enjoying beverages to cool off with, like fruit-infused water, fall initiates a change of pace. Your morning coffee pulls flavors burrowed from fall’s bounty, the temperature drops, and people’s habits change as they prepare for the colder months ahead.

One minor but significant way to change your routine is switching your regular hand soap for a fall-scented one. I (the editor on this site) have vetted these autumn hand soaps and ones that I continue to rotate through my home.

Swap out your heavy, floral scents for more earthy, woodsy, and fall-appropriate ones. Scroll down to discover the fall soap scents you’ll be running to the store to grab because the autumn season has arrived.


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Photo Source: Kb in Bloom

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What are fall scents?

They are the scents in everything we eat, drink, and smell when fall arrives. From pumpkin spice to woodsy scents, fall is rich with smells that can fill your home with the season’s essence.

Everything you need to know on what soap smells to purchase is just a scroll away.


Milk + honey liquid hand soap

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Photo Source: Milk + honey

I was today years old (not really) when I recently discovered this soap on Prime day. For no reason, I prefer using liquid soap in my kitchen, and this lovely smelling soap had everyone asking me, “What is that wonderful smell?” I don’t typically go for lemongrass and orange scents in the fall, but I’m a rebel like that.

Unique qualifier:

In this scented soap, ingredients like lavender, coconut oil, ginger oil, and blood orange peel oil were moisturizing. My hands felt like they were at an “invite only” spa.


Mrs. Meyer’s Apple Cider Hand Soap 

mrs meyers fall scents


Photo Source: Mrs. Meyer’s

Mrs. Meyer’s fall scents hand soaps make me instantly in the mood to bake a batch of muffins or find reasons to wash my hands just so I can smell it again. Meyers fall scents are limited, and I buy them in a pack of two between you and me, so I can have one in my guest bathroom.

Unique qualifier: Made with essential oils, it keeps your hands moisturized while offering you this slick soap feedback that lets you know it’s working. The only thing that would top this is if they also sold this in an apple cider foaming hand soap option.

Give me all of the apple-smelling scents this fall, please!


Everyone Liquid Hand Soap

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Photo Source: EO

Back in 2020, I started rotating their yummy hand soap scents, and when fall arrived, my eyes were peeled for their autumn soap seasonal scent. I snagged this one and have been in fall heaven ever since.

Unique qualifier: What I love most about this fall hand soap is that it doesn’t contain Triclosan, Parabens, or Phthalates. It’s a plant-based soap that smells good and revitalizes your hands. Running to my bathroom now to get a whiffof that yummy vanilla and apricot smell.


Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Foaming Hand Soap

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Photo Source: Mrs. Meyers

Not the Meyers seasonal scent you were looking for? I know, but this one is good I pinky promise. My nose was pleasantly surprised when I used this for the first time. It’s an invigorating light floral scent that was a completely different experience when compared to its liquid soap counterpart.

Unique qualifier: Like most reputable companies, their products are clean and made with essential oils. Also, this was one of the few foaming hand soaps on the list. Use this as one of the seasonal hand soaps in your home because it’s genuinely one of the best Mrs. Meyers fall scents I’ve tried of theirs.


Autumn s’mores gentle & clean foaming hand soap

apple cinnamon hand soap


Photo Source: Bath & Body works

Truth? This is the most recent hand soap find on the list, and a couple of weeks ago, when I swapped my usual rotation with this apple cinnamon hand soap, I was sold. I love Bath & Body Works for their fall scents, but mainly because this is a part of their “Gentle & Clean” line.

Yay, to progress!

Unique qualifier:

This scented soap for the bathroom offers more than just a fall scent. As mentioned above, Bath & Body works have taken the initiative to provide cleaner products free of dyes, parabens, and sulfates.

They clearly are listening to their consumers and I’m here for it.


Soapbox Liquid Hand Soap

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Photo Source: Soapbox

By happenstance, I found this brand of soap at a doctor’s appointment and was shocked to find such a gem. I asked the front desk receptionist on where they purchased it from so that I could buy in bulk and she told me TJ Maxx.

Unique qualifier: What’s different about Soapbox? For starters, the scent of pomegranate and plum is fall in a bottle but what I appreciate most is that their ingredients contain shea butter and olive oil. Vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and paraben free? Sign me up.


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Photo Source: Kb in Bloom

Seasonal fall hand soaps that will transform your home

If you made it to the end, I applaud you because we’ve covered a lot. In short, these are the fall soaps that will have your house smell like fall in no time. If you’re like me and love all things fall, these scented soaps are for you.

Did I miss any of your favorite fall-scented soaps?


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