I Tried Form Protein Powder And Here's What I Think

Before Form Protein Powder, I was never big on making protein shakes at home.

In fact, I hated the process of making smoothies. I enjoy the convenience of Smoothie King.

My biggest pet peeve with making them at home rested on these two things

1.Having a noisy blender that turned me off from using it.

2. Ending up with a thick smoothie that I can barely drink.

Honestly, I vowed never to make another performance protein shake again after having such bad luck with them.

That is until a quick search on Google led me to discover Form protein powder.


form protein powder


Photo Source: Form Protein

Purchasing Form vegan protein led me to take the plunge and purchase the Ninja Nutri Pro with Auto-iQ.

Don’t get me wrong, the Ninja blender is still noisy but now wearing my AirPods makes the process of making smoothies a lot easier.



is vegan protein good for you



Vegan Post Workout Drink

Form Protein is a London-based company that prides itself on creating nutrient-dense vegan protein powder.

And not just any vegan protein blend, a satisfying blend of hemp, pea, and brown rice.

Form Nutrition tastes a lot like the whey smoothie brands I used to drink without fail but 10x better!

With 2 scoops of their performance vegan protein, you’ll get 30 grams of plant proteins.

A blend of brown rice, hemp protein, and pea protein powder.

The result? One smooth-tasting smoothie that tastes as good as the reviews on their site promise!

amino acid


 Should You Buy Form Nutrition?

It’s hemp yeah for me! No, seriously, they are a company that walks the walk.

Delivering 30g of diverse protein sources tells me all that I need to know when making the decision to purchase it.

Before finding this plant-based protein, I had never heard of a company blending protein from different plant sources.

For a company like Form Nutrition, offering a post-workout protein vegan powder may be important to you.

The main motivator for me trying Form Nutrition is to decrease the cost of spending money on smoothies every day and finding a protein shake that didn’t leave me bloated.

Who else has experienced similar side effects with whey protein?

What I found was the perfect protein powder that had significant sources of protein while making my body feel good.

It tastes good and if the taste is something that is a huge factor in whether you are willing to spend money on a product that gets shipped from London, this is the protein to invest in.





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Form Performance Protein Review

One-click to their site and you’ll discover a full line of vegan blend protein powders that fits any person’s lifestyle.

I had no expectations other than being excited to taste a plant-based protein shake in vanilla flavor.

And if vanilla doesn’t excite you, they offer the Performance Protein shake in chocolate peanut and tiramisu.

Just as the name states, their protein is encouraged to drink after a workout or as a recovery drink.

One of the best tasting vegan protein powders around, I hit the jackpot the moment this was delivered to my door.

My immediate reaction was how smooth and tasty the drink tasted. Have you ever tried a plant-based drink that tasted like it was plant-based?

Form Nutrition tastes supersede all of the other vegan protein drinks out there because of their inclusive approach to offer something just as equally delicious as their non-vegan competitors.







vegan post workout drink


 Is Vegan Protein Good For You?

Even if you’re not vegan, research has shown that rotating protein can support a healthy gut.

It’s good for your body to switch up your protein sources, especially if they are plant-based proteins.

With a mix of pea and hemp protein powder and brown rice, your body is getting protein from sources that result in a more diverse intake of nutrients.

Naturally, there are many people that believe that whey protein is the only protein that’s good for you.

I say a healthy diet for someone that’s not vegan is incorporating all sources of protein.



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 Is Hemp Or Pea Protein Better?

Hemp vs. Pea Protein? I encourage anyone to do their own individual research but one of the distinct differences is found in their macronutrients.

Hemp protein produces more fiber. In fact, for 30g, hemp offers you 8 grams of dietary fiber while pea offers none.

If Amino Acid Content means a lot to you, then Pea protein is the one that comes out on top here.








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 Plant Based Protein Powder

A cool feature that comes with ordering any of their protein powders is that their entire packaging is 100% plastic-free.

Form Nutrition also intentionally ships their powders without the plastic scoops many of us are so used to receiving with our powders.

One of the amazing ingredients that I have to rave about is the addition of Curcumin and BCAA’s.

BCAA’s specifically helping to rehydrate, recover and build muscle in the human body.

It’s a necessary ingredient in ensuring that performing at your best during and after workouts is important to you.








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What Vegan Milk Has The Most Protein?

According to livekindly, pea protein, the newest vegan milk to hit the market, has the highest amount of protein per serving.

At a whopping 4 to 8 grams, this milk would be the best choice for anyone needing high amounts of protein in their lifestyle.








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 What Vegan Milk Tastes The Best With Form Nutrition?

This recommendation wasn’t found on their site but through my own experimenting with different plant-based milk.

For years, I opted for almond milk but since the uptrend of oat, coconut milk, and a few others, I decided to give trying different vegan milk with their plant-based protein powder.

One day while shopping at Trader Joe’s, I saw a salient colored display for Oat milk and decided to give it a try.

Low and behold, this turned the sweetness and cravings for this smoothie all the way up!

The most compelling evidence is my husband requesting me to make the smoothie with oat milk moving forward.


pea and hemp protein powder


30 Grams Of Protein=Deliciousness

If you are someone that is literally about to give up on spending another dollar on powder that tastes mediocre, give this a try.

Their shipping is lightning fast and their customer service is incomparable. I recommend trying the vanilla flavor first.



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