30 Unique Halloween Date Ideas: A Night In or Outdoors

It’s (almost) the most wonderful time of the year: Halloween! As soon as the fall equinox rolls around, it seems like everyone is hyper-focused on Halloween, and for a good reason. Halloween kicks off the perfect time of year with activities that bring everyone closer together.

For most, Halloween is the best time to enjoy screams, gore, and community events. But, Halloween also has the potential to be, dare I say it? romantic. 

In this post, I have listed 30 fun Halloween date ideas that will ensure more quality time with your significant other (SO). Whether you are looking for home date ideas or fun things to get you out of the house, I’m sure you will find something exciting for a fun date night. 

Let’s start this list with the 5 traditional fun Halloween activities that are easy to sneak into any Halloween date night.


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What are 5 Traditional Halloween Activities?


1. Haunted house

The most loved and anticipated Halloween activity is visiting a haunted house. Celebrate this spooky holiday by heading to a neighbor’s (you know, the one that goes all out this time of the year), or seeing what haunted places your town is showcasing.

2. Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches can make the perfect Halloween date night.

Take some time before Halloween to rack up on essential pumpkin props, or to score some fresh ingredients for hauntingly good fall recipes, saving you a trip to the grocery store. 

3. Pumpkin Carving

A perfect way to use up those shockingly heavy pumpkins you and you’re SO picked from the pumpkin patch is to carve them. Let your love and creativity flow while getting in touch with your inner artist.  If you’re not keen on doing this at home, check out pumpkin carving classes or activities in your town. 

4. Ghost Stories

Stick to tradition and pull out your scariest ghost stories this Halloween. The great thing about this activity is that it can be done with your SO or in a group setting. 

5. Apple Picking

This one never gets old, it’s a classic fall date. Apple picking is fun, all of the time. During Halloween and with your loved one, makes it even better.

Caramel apples, anyone? The good news is that most farms that offer apple picking also have pumpkin patches.


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25 More Fun Halloween Date Ideas Filled with Fun Activities


1. Scary Movie Marathon at Home

Want to do something laid back for date night? Cuddle up with your partner and catch a scary movie marathon. 

Most major television networks run marathons showing all of the classics, from Hocus Pocus to Nightmare on Elm Street. Streaming services and on-demand makes it easier than ever to watch them all. 

2. Halloween Movie Marathon at a Drive-In

There is something super romantic about watching movies in your car with your favorite person and snacks. If staying home isn’t on the agenda, try a drive-in movie marathon. 

Around this time of year, drive-in movie theaters offer so many specials and events so you’re bound to find a Halloween movie marathon.

3. Halloween Party

Parties are hardly intimate but a Halloween party can are always a fun time if you both want to cut loose. Let off steam with your SO  by dancing the night way in silly, or sexy costumes. 

Most Halloween parties include a costume contest. If they don’t then make one with your close friends. May the best couple win.

4. Couples Photo Shoot

You don’t want to party, but still want to get dressed up? Find your best Halloween costumes and do a couples photoshoot 

To make it even more fun, come up with a cute, creative theme, and see how well you and your SO can pull it off. 

5. Corn maze

Enjoying a corn maze for date night can be romantic, scary, and exciting all at once. It practically forces you to hold hands and enjoy each other’s company. 

See if your local farm (that also has apple picking and pumpkin patches!), has a corn maze and makes it an entire night of fun. 


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6. Ghost Tour

Always wanted to check out that old hotel or insane asylum that everyone swears is haunted? Go on a ghost tour. 

This one is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.  It gives you the perfect reason to hold onto your SO’s arm while debating if you saw what you thought you saw. 

7. Amusement Park

What’s to love about an amusement park during the Halloween season? Everything. Enjoy a date night full of spooky vibes and carnival food with your SO. 

Most theme parks offer epic Halloween experiences with heavy (and insanely impressive) decorations, staff in full character, and special fall menu items, making it a great date idea.  

8. Escape Room

Sure, escape rooms are fun. But, a Halloween-themed escape room is even better. You can enjoy this activity on a solo date or with a group of friends. Either way, you’re bound to have a good time.

9. Movie Marathon-Themed Potluck

As If movie marathons weren’t great enough, try adding a potluck to it. Take the stress out of throwing an entire party and create something similar, but heavy on the romance. 

Have each friend or couple bring a dish and a horror movie, and an entertaining evening is pretty much guaranteed.


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10. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt was fun as a child and it is even more fun during date night. There should be tons of scavenger games in your city to choose from, but just in case there aren’t, making your own is a great idea. 

You and you SO each house items and see who finds the most.

11. Decorate

Decorating makes the heart grow fonder–I think that’s how the saying goes. While decorating may not be everyone’s favorite pastime, it is an awesome way to bond and recreate memories while spicing up the living room.

12. Give out Candy

Get in the Halloween spirit by handing out candy together this Halloween. Make it more fun by dressing up, setting up a table, and supporting one another while getting into charter each time a neighbor passes by. 

13. Bake something delicious goods

This is the perfect opportunity to make Halloween cupcakes together. Not to mention, this would be the perfect way to use any leftover candy.

More Fall recipes that we love: 

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14. Go trick or treating

Get in touch with your inner child and go trick-or-treating together. Put on your couples costumes and enjoy the weather, and get to know your neighbors better. 

The best part is that this date has the potential to be healing and wholesome.

15. Plan a Trip Out of Town

Picture this: it’s Halloween weekend, you and your SO are driving through beautiful scenery with the windows down, crisp air coming through while heading to a cozy Airbnb, hotel, or classic bed and breakfast. 

It doesn’t get any more romantic than that. 

16. Fall or Halloween Festival

The spooky season always comes with Fall and Halloween festivals. Both are great fall date ideas full of stimulating things to do with your SO. 

Hold hands, play overpriced games, check out local artists or buy one another a handmade gift from a nearby vendor. 

17. Cook Dinner Together

Preparing dinner with your SO just screams romantic date night. Lighten the Halloween mood by preparing a meal you both love to come up with a new Halloween-themed dinner and make it disgustingly delicious. 

More date night idea posts:

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18. Visit The Local Theater

Halloween is all about theatrics. Seeing a show at your local theater is a great way to fully experience the drama. 

Around this time, plenty of Halloween-themed shows are being showcased. Go see a classic or maybe try something new.

19. Camping

Take your scary stories to the next level by complimenting them with a fitting environment. For couples that love the great outdoors, a camping trip for Halloween can be a great experience. 

Building a fire with smores and starry skies might be a better way to spend alone time this Halloween. 


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20. Halloween Themed Cocktails

Enjoy frighteningly fun cocktails at home, at your local brewery, or at a small bar. If alcohol isn’t your thing, try a mocktail, kombucha, or apple cider. 

You can even get creative with this easy-to-make fall beverage, iced chai tea recipe.

21. Volunteer

Appreciate all that you and you’re SO have by giving back to your community. Make Halloween an excuse for you to find a local drive to visit on Halloween night.

22. Go to a Concert

Have an artist or band that you two have been dying to see together? Why not make a date out of it? 

Music is a fun way to make lasting memories, whether in an intimate setting or a rowdier crowd. Bonus points if it’s an outside show!

23. Outside Picnic

Another way to spell romance is a picnic. There are a few ways you can enjoy a Halloween picnic date. 

  • Make it all about the candy and sweets
  • Make all food and drink Halloween-themed.
  • Enjoy on your lawn while people-watching as they trick-or-treat

24. Annual zombie walk

Try something new and join in on your town’s next zombie walk. Put on your best matching zombie costumes and head to town to join the rest of the community.

There will be plenty of opportunities to meet other couples and make new friends. 

25. Scary Game night 

Most of your favorite board games or card games release Halloween-themed editions this time of year. Get in the spooky spirit and make a game night out of it.

Create a smorgasbord of snacks and engage in some friendly competition. 


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What Can Couples Do for Halloween?

Choose from any of these best Halloween date ideas. Turn any celebration into a perfect date night. The Halloween season is an easy way to spend time with your partner. Use this holiday to plan the best Halloween dates.

Allow more joy into your life and relationship with one, or more, of these fun ideas.

Have a thrilling Halloween date night idea you’d like to share? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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