6 Of The Most Surprisingly Spooky Halloween Salad Ideas

When thinking of a fun Halloween treat for Fall, my mind jets to candy and baked goods, like these maple-glazed cookies. This year, I want to make healthy Halloween dishes. So, I searched for easy recipes that shockingly led me to Halloween salad ideas.

Salads are never the first thought when thinking of themed food, they are always left out of Halloween ideas. But, I found the best Halloween salads for this time of year. These salads are too good not to share. So, get your serving platter ready and check out this list of the best salads you must try this Halloween.


halloween salad ideas


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Finally, The Best Halloween Salad Ideas


Midnight Garden Salad 


salad ingredients


Photo Source: Ghoul at Heart

Why We Chose It: This salad skips the typical salad ingredients with mixed greens and uses two types of kale instead.  The roasted pumpkin seeds are a nice bite for extra crunch, nutrition, and fall vibes. 

This one is sure to be a showstopper at any Halloween party. You might as well transfer it to a recipe card and be prepared to pull it out next Halloween, too. 

Crave-Worthy Ingredient: The rose and carnation petals! I used rose petals in various body scrubs and bath oils, but never in a salad. This salad is supposed to be moody and romantic, and boy, does it deliver!


Frankenstein Pasta Salad 


Halloween pasta recipe


Photo Source: Sara’s Vegan Kitchen

Why We Chose It: It’s a Halloween pasta recipe that looks way harder to make than it is. Each ingredient can be admired together and eaten, even the thick and thin slices of cucumber. 

Crave-Worthy Ingredient: Black olives add the addictive salt element and the finishing touches. Place sliced olives in the middle of the cheese slices to make eye holes that will complete this spooky look.


Monster Bell Pepper Salad Cups


orange bell pepper


Photo Source: Fork and Beans

Why We Chose It: Want a great way to use that forgotten orange bell pepper and get closer to your daily value of veggies? This salad is the perfect dish for that. 

It gives a whole new meaning to stuffed peppers. Tip: add black beans for extra protein and a cold black bean pasta vibe, without the extra work. 

Crave-Worthy Ingredient: Bell Peppers, of course! Bell peppers usually add crunch and color to, well, any dish. The fact that the peppers are in the bowl and the salad is too fun and nutritious to pass up.


Frightful Fruit Salad With Haunted Honey Dressing


spooky side dish


Photo Source: Paper and Glue

Why We Chose It: This spooky side dish has a short prep time and an even shorter ingredient list. Prepare it in an individual salad bowl or a large bowl. 

The best part: If you want healthy options that aren’t full of sugar, mandarin oranges are a healthy snack. 

Crave-Worthy Ingredient: The sweet and earthy flavor that the almond extract brings to this Halloween side dish will make it a winner at all of the Halloween parties this year.


Bloody Berry Fruit Salad


Halloween fruit salad


Photo Source: Food Network

Why We Chose It: Yes, another Halloween fruit salad. The spooky visuals of Halloween and the taste of juicy berries make this Halloween salad a winner. 

Crave-Worthy Ingredient:  Lychee. It’s a great food option, with a burst of flavor that will prove it’s a great choice to enhance your Halloween dinner. 

The lychee fruit has a taste that weaves between rose, citrus, berry, and pear. It’s truly an experience. Every. Single. Time. 


Halloween Pasta Salad


al dente


Photo Source: This Worthey Life

Why We Chose It: Prepping this salad is fun! The trick is to rinse the dyed al dente pasta under cold water until the water is clear. Viola! Don’t forget the Italian dressing and red onion that tie this dish together.

 Lastly, the olive oil and parmesan cheese are both optional, but I think we all know they are a must. Tip: substitute gluten-free pasta so everyone can enjoy it.

Crave-Worthy Ingredient: The marinated mozzarella balls add great flavor and necessary texture to this dish. Make them ahead of time or buy them pre-made. Both are delicious. 


What is Traditional Halloween Food?

If you are looking for the perfect Halloween recipe, look no further. These flavorful salads are a delightful mix between fun and traditional and will add an unexpected twist to your Halloween night.  

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Have any Halloween salad ideas you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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