Health Benefits of Rainier Cherries You Probably Didn't Know

Like so many of us, eating delicious fruit during these peak hot temperatures helps with beating the heat. What if I told you that there are a plethora of health benefits for Rainier cherries? Would that make you want to consume this delicious fruit even more?

Today’s post will provide some of the incredible benefits these fresh cherries provide. I’ll also be covering some of the questions you’re probably wondering like Rainer cherry taste and how long are cherries in season.


health benefits of rainier cherries


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Rainer Cherry Season

These multiple hue beauties are only around for a limited time. If you’re wondering what season are these cherries found in stores, you can find fresh Rainier cherries at your local grocery store from early June until mid-July. That’s a pretty short season so it’s best to stock up while you can!

If you’re not able to find fresh cherries, don’t worry. You can always get your hands on some tart cherry juice which is available all year long. But if you’re one of the fortunate ones that live in the Pacific Northwest, you may have access to them via a U-Pick Farm or farmers market.


Rainer Cherry Taste

These cherries are a type of Bing cherry and they get their name from the farmer who discovered them, Walter Rainier. As for the taste, Rainier cherries are a perfect balance of sweet and tart as a wellness snack.. They have a crisp bite with just the right amount of sweetness that makes them irresistible!

And because they’re so versatile, you can use them in all sorts of recipes like pies, juices, cobblers, or even eating them straight off the stem-like myself and so many others.




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Best Tasting Cherries Health Benefits


1. They Have Antioxidant Properties

Rainier cherries are an excellent source of antioxidants that help protect our cells from damage caused by free radicals. Their best-kept secret includes vitamins A and C, copper, and anthocyanins which are known to have anti-inflammatory properties.


2. Known For Their High Fiber Intake

These delicious summer fruits are known to help with digestion due to their high fiber content. One serving contains about 3grams of fiber which is really high compared to other fruits we tend to eat in the summer. If you aren’t aware, fiber is needed not only for digestion but also for heart health and blood sugar control.


3. Anti-Aging Properties

In addition to being a health powerhouse, Rainier cherries are also known for their anti-aging properties. The ellagic acid present in these beauties is known to help protect our skin from damage caused by the sun and pollution. It’s no wonder this fruit is considered a health elixir!


fresh rainier cherries


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4. Potential Sleep Aid+ Source Of Melatonin

Did you know that these red and yellow cherries can also help you get a good night’s sleep? Tart cherry juice is known to contain melatonin which is a hormone that helps regulate our sleep-wake cycle. So if you’re someone who struggles with insomnia, consider adding tart cherry juice to your nightly routine.


5. Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

As someone who recently endured an injury, the first thing I looked up on Google was a list of fruits that helps with inflammation. Low and behold, Rainier cherries were on that list! These little guys are not only delicious but also packed with nutrients that help reduce inflammation.

6. Good Source Of Potassium

Another health benefit of fresh Rainier cherries is that they’re a good source of potassium. Potassium is an electrolyte that helps regulate fluid balance in our body, aids in muscle contraction, and can help prevent cramping.



red and yellow cherries


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Red Cherry Varieties

Rainier cherries are a delicious and versatile fruit that also happens to be packed with health benefits. These beautiful summer fruits are an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. They’re also known for their anti-inflammatory and sleep-promoting properties.

So next time you see them at your local grocery store or farmers market, be sure to add them to your cart! Your body will thank you for it.

Did we miss any health benefits of rainier cherries? Let us know in the comments below! And if you have a favorite recipe that features this delicious fruit, be sure to share it with us!

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