A Holiday Guide Of Practical Wellness Gifts You Need This Year

So, is it me or does it feel like the holidays will be here before we know it?

Being that this is a self-care blog, I was really excited to create a wellness guide that would make great holiday gifts for you or your loved ones.

holiday guide

Who Is This Wellness Guide For?

  1. For anyone who is guilty of last minute shopping
  2. For the close friend who loves to write or the cousin who prefers her vegan based products
  3. It’s great for someone who is recovering from burnout and could use some encouragement to end 2021
  4. This list is perfect for the person who claims they are the worst at buying gifts for others. No worries, this list features practical gifts that would be perfect for you!

If you are someone you know is looking to make a wellness gift set or are on the hunt for some self-care gift basket ideas, I have you covered.

Gifts for Wellbeing

kb soap

Another Kb Soap to look forward to on the blog. I let my bloomers on IG know about it last week but many people still don’t know.

This cruelty-free vegan soap will be released on Black Friday and I’m excited to tell you that it’s Sage Under a Citrus Tree but a fall version.

It has remnants of sage and a generous amount of vanilla and citrus with loads of lather, leaving your skin feeling so supple and youth-like.

Though it’s not yet released, subscribe to the email list so you can be the first to know when it’s out!

The Self-Care Book You’ve Been Waiting On

affirmation books

This affirmation book almost didn’t happen. I was going to wait until the “perfect time” to release it but God had other plans.

It’s a digital book filled with all original quotes and affirmations by me. The topics I cover are self-care, advocacy, self-worth, ease, and self-discovery.

I have something for everyone in here and if you’re someone that looks forward to reading positive daily reminders, grab this digital book for yourself, a friend, or a family member.

Available on Black Friday, upon purchase, this affirmation book will be delivered to your inbox.

You deserve to prioritize your needs and this book won’t allow you to ever forget them again.

Self-Care Gifts For Women: Flo PMS Gummies

It was around two years ago when I began looking for a more holistic and natural option to combat menstrual cramps during my menstrual cycle.

Every month like clockwork, I would be in serious pain and traditional OTC pain medicine wasn’t working for me anymore.

Not only were my cramps intensifying but my PMS symptoms worsened too, I needed something quick and thanks to Google, I discovered flo vitamins.

flo vitamins

Almost two years later, I continue to take 2 of these vegan gummies a day and when I begin experiencing PMS symptoms, they are a lot less intense.

I honestly can’t thank these PMS gummy vitamins enough for making my cramps bearable and for feeling less lower back pain and bloating.

Are These Sugar Free Gummies?

They are not sugar-free gummies but I recently noticed that flo vitamins have introduced capsule form and that is sugar-free. Use my code: Kabrena_10 to save 10% off your first bottle.

flo gummies

Do Flo Gummies Work?

I can’t speak for anyone but my own body. Last year when I posted this on my IG account, many women in my community tried it and said that it worked for them.

The main reason these gummies work is the ingredients in them. Ingredients like chaste berry, dong Quai, lemon balm, and vitamin B6 have been shown to alleviate menstrual cramps.

My advice? You can read all of the flo PMS gummy vitamin reviews but you’ll never know if it works for your body if you don’t order.

Order a month’s supply and see if you experience the vitamins alleviating cramps.

Good Self-Care Gifts: Indoor Plant Fertilizer

self care gifts for wife

I absolutely love that a product like this exists. Who knew you could get so specific on the needs of your indoor plant?

Perky Plant is a plant food additive made of organic, water-soluble nutrients and bio-stimulants that make your plants as Perky as can be!

There’s something so nice about not having to worry if the organic indoor plant fertilizer you’re using words or not and of course, I recommend this as a cute self-care gift for you or someone else.

In my house, I currently own succulents, snake plants, and a white Anne plant. Unfortunately, my fiddle leaf couldn’t take my house and I had to put Coretta outside on the patio.

About a month ago, I purchased the house plant food fertilizer and the succulent plant food fertilizer for all of my indoor plants, and all of them are thriving and growing!

best fertilizer for indoor plants

How Often Should You Fertilize Indoor Plants?

According to the plant food bottle, it tells you to only use Perky Plant once a month with each watering.

how often to fertilize plants

When To Start Fertilizing Your Plants?

As soon as you bring them home, and re-pot them. I keep track by setting a reminder on my calendar so, you definitely don’t want to forget.

Overall, Perky Plant is what I recommend when it comes to natural fertilizer for indoor plants. It’s easy to think that your plants will survive because they aren’t in full sun but they still need very specific care.

Stylish and Cute Spiral Notebooks

spiral bound journal

These spiral-bound notebooks were introduced to me by way of a Target errand one night.

I was looking for a gift for a friend and I couldn’t help but notice these bold graphics appearing on some cute notebooks.

Be Rooted is not only black-owned but they specialize in all things stationery. You can find journals, planners, and pens here.

The funny thing is that I have gifted them to so many of my friends that I forgot to purchase one for myself.

For content creators, having a reliable pen and notebook around just in case you get one of those aha moments is so important.

spiral bound lined notebook

Where To Buy The Notebooks?

I believe the only place to find these notebooks is at Target but if your Target doesn’t carry them, try online. My favorite ones are the Trust the Journey journal and Protect Your Energy journal.

How Much Do The Spiral Bound Notebooks Cost?

They will run you around $16 on the Be Rooted site.

Blue Light Vitamins

blue light vitamins

When it comes to finding the perfect Christmas item, I believe these Mary Ruth Eye Care Gummies reign supreme when grouped under the best self-care gifts for women.

I’ve been taking these vitamins for nearly two months now and I have to tell you that these are my favorite blue light eye vitamins.

There was another brand I took but I felt like the ingredients in the vitamin were lacking when it came to supporting my eye health.

But, these are magical.

I absolutely, positively, 100% recommend these vitamins to anyone who stays up late working on content or for someone that wakes up in the wee hours in the morning to begin working.

Even if neither of those sounds like you, if you’re someone that works more than 7 hours looking at a computer screen, these vitamins are for you.

sugar free gummies

Are Eye Vitamins Worth Taking?

Absolutely. If you don’t know, Mary Ruth’s products are some of the cleanest products around. Particularly, the blue light vitamins, which contain Lutein and Zeaxanthin-that are crucial in supporting the health of your retina and macula.

What is Lutein Good For?

Lutein is known as the eye vitamin and is good for preventing eye diseases including cataracts and diseases that lead to vision loss.

Who Shouldn’t Take Lutein?

Pregnant women or children shouldn’t take supplemental lutein.

Any Takers on Wellness Gift Sets?

If you or someone you know would love any of these gifts, please tell me which one you ended up getting as a Christmas gift.

After all, wellness is always the way to go when it comes to holiday gifts.

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