3 Reasons To Get Excited About Your Hopes And Dreams

All this talk about goal setting and planning to finish what you start in 2022 can leave you feeling an array of feelings.

The obvious is excitement

While the other relatable feeling is staring at your goal-setting spreadsheet wondering if your hopes and dreams will ever come to fruition.

If you got to this line of the post, I’m here to remind you that the initial excitement is a great sign of something on the horizon.

It’s normal getting excited about life while also creating a vision for your life. I can think of the numerous ways the mere thought of, “where I want to be in 2 years” resulted in me smiling like I just won a million dollars.

I wrote a lot about creating and releasing the idea into the universe in my Create and Get Er’ Done post.

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What Does Daring To Dream Really Mean?

When in conversation with someone, what do hopes and dreams really mean? According to Difference in Between, the two terms are used to discuss our future desires and expectations for the future.

“A dream can be a cherished ambition or desire, or an idea created in your imagination. Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.”

So, you or someone getting excited about something is relatable. It’s how one discovers to keep hope alive and excited about their vision of the future.

It’s that idea you have in your mind to create a six-figure business, or to take X amount of vacations by the end of the year.

You see, staying focused on your dreams is good for your mental health and prompts one to work towards their goals.

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3 Reasons To Get Excited About Your Hopes And Dreams Ideas

The future is being created as you read this. As Dr. Waters from Guide Post stated, “allowing yourself to hope doesn’t mean you’re ignoring or whitewashing the hardship you’re going through.”

1. Working Towards Your Goals Keeps Your Dreams Alive

This is the very reason why it’s important to have hopes and dreams. It keeps them alive.

As long as you’re actively working towards your goal, you’re bound to see the fruits of your labor and that should make you feel good.

On your journey to reaching your goals, you are going to be met with the inevitable, hardship. If that goal really means a lot to you, then putting in the effort to make it happen is imperative.

What helps me when I’m down in the pits about my dreams not happening fast enough is remembering my “why” and recalling the time when I first thought of the idea to pursue that thing.

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2. SMART Goals Keeps You Focused On Your Goals

Creating smart goals gives you a chance to break everything down into micro and long-term goals so you never feel like you’re wasting your time or unsure of what progress you’ve made.

This isn’t something that was previously explained but put simply, smart goals are a strategy used for reaching any outlined objective.

It stands for: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time.

It’s what I used when generating goals for Kb in Bloom and I highly recommend it because it left me super excited and motivated to master my business goals.

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3. It’s Your Goal And Your Life Hopes And Dreams

Your goals are made up of deeply personal ones, professional ones, to monetary-based ones.

It’s exciting to be able to work towards a goal that you’re in total agreement with versus ones that are forced upon you like in the corporate space.

Do you know what the best part about it is? You don’t have to tell a soul about your goals if you don’t want them to know.

After all, they are YOUR Goals.

By all means, you can blow everyone’s mind after you’ve mastered your goals so there’s no pressure for those who experience anxiety.

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Why Is It So Important To Have Hopes And Dreams?

It gives you direction and a chance for that spark on an idea to leave you feeling excited.

Being able to come up with an idea, inject it into a plan that is SMART-based, paired with taking the steps to nurture that goal makes you unstoppable.

Daring to keep your dreams alive is inspiring someone else to keep working on their goals too.

For content creators, it’s getting excited to make things. Like, creating this blog post for you to read and take away gems for your business leaves me with happy goosebumps.

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What Stops People From Pursuing Their Hopes And Dreams?

For a lot of us, it’s not being able to accomplish them in the timeframe you set out to do it.

For others, if a goal is taking too long, they believe that it’s a sign to part ways with the dream.

I mentioned this in the 12 Things To Let Go Of Before The New Year blog post but not accomplishing the goal doesn’t necessarily mean you should give up.

To explain, perhaps the goal needs to be broken up into smaller, micro ones that would ultimately help you obtain the larger goal.

The saying, where there is a will, there’s a way applies here.

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What Qualities Makes A Dream Worth Pursuing?

For one, it’s feeling excited. There’s a clear distinction between things that get you excited and others that never get you excited about anything.

When you know, you know.

Ultimately, it’s the dreams that make you feel creative, confident and empowered. You want dreams that you can expand on and help strengthen you as a leader and creative.

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For Following Your Dreams

Now that you’re aware of the hopes and dreams meaning, and how to respond to tough times, planning out your vision statement, and battling a variety of emotions from anxiety to excitement, you have to remember this:

No matter how hard things get for you, do your very best to remain excited about the goals that light you up.

What dreams of yours will you be pursuing today?

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