I momentarily lost my way

Before committing to blogging, all I would use Instagram for was to scroll aimlessly & watch funny videos. 

To some extent, I still do this but, sparingly. I had to switch the way I engaged on Instagram from leisure/casual to business/content creator mindset. 

It’ll be a year in July since I embarked on the content creation trek and it’s been just that, a trek. 

I don’t like to frequently disclose the many pain points a lot of black content creators go through but it’s the elephant in the room and I lost my way, momentarily because of it.

One of them-sending brands pitches is truly the undertaking no one could have prepared me for. 

Since November, I have sent over 5 dozen emails and you would think I would be on to something. 

I realize many brands look at vanity metrics and not the quality of my photos or the vast amount of engagement I genuinely receive from one in-feed post to another. 

We all know the algorithm on instagram, especially for black content creators has been hard. 

Instagram does not prioritize black content creators on their platform so growth has been slow and steady for many nano and micro-content creators.

Photo taken by @realjabaritribe

The mindshift

There is hope and I had to make myself see it too, sis. I have just under 2k followers and I plan to continue treating you all like gold. 

There are so many perks to having a small community on Instagram: 

1.) Your audience actually gets to know you for you 

2.)Because of the above, you will have some of the most loyal followers EVER

3.)It gives you an opportunity to iron out your brand with them, ask them questions that will help with buy-in.

Kb in Bloom, the business and brand

One day while brainstorming content, I had an ‘aha’ moment. 

I realized that KB IN BLOOM is a whole business out here y’all. 

If a brand doesn’t respond to an email, accept my rates (check my IG for a post I did), or flat out reply that they are not interested in working with me, my response should be- Okay, and? 

I am simply trying to merge my business with their business so I can expand their audience reach to learn more about their products and services.  

I can still run my business and make money with KB IN BLOOM in other ways.

I have dreams, like really detailed dreams that I plan on executing in this lifetime. 

I’m not standing at a bus stop waiting for a specific bus to come and get me, I am getting on a bus that reads

KB IN BLOOM” & I am creating opportunities to make revenue for my business, my way.

The Future is Bright

I will never allow a no for my business to be a permanent no.

Not every brand will understand your brand or will want to work with you but there is plenty more that do.

You and your business are a hot commodity sis, don’t wait for a brand to tell you this.

Adjust your crown and get creative with your brand-how else can you serve your audience besides brand partnerships?

I am never short on surprising you all so you’ll have to stick around to find out just what I have been brewing for you all. 

Keep blooming~

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10 Responses

  1. I loved reading this Kabrena, and I can relate. You don’t flea that followed just for the heck of it, you want followers who appreciate you, what you do and where you’re going – wherever that may be, because they have gotten to know YOU and see you. 🙏🏽💜
    Like you I have many dreams I plan on getting going sooner rather than later – never rushed, just actively aware. Yeah 🙂
    You’re doing an amazing job just being you. Your light and positivity, even when things aren’t positive, leaves a warm feeling with us 🙏🏽 Thank you for being you💜💜

    1. Oh, do I love reading comments like yours. Thank you for seeing what my content is all about, lifting you all up! Thank you for reading, stopping by, and sharing your business goals with me. I know we’ll both get there 🙂

      1. * You don’t flea that = you don’t want more followers just for the heck of it 😉 LOL aaaaarghh !!

        And yes – I see you, and yes – we will both get there🙏🏽💜

        1. Lol I get what you mean 🙂 We are getting there closer and closer every day to our goals!

  2. So true…I had to change my mindset and habits on Instagram as well. I am a business and a brand. Give quality content to the following I do have and pur into them

    1. Come on now! We are the face of our brand and a business at the same time. Thank you for pouring into me with positive words sis!

  3. My favorite part of this post! “I will never allow a no for my business to be a permanent no”. You know I’m on the same boat as you and I support you. I believe that if we keep working and serving our community, we will find the way and working with brands will just be the icing on the cake. Keep pushing, sis!

    1. Yes, I do! We’ve had many conversations about this and I appreciate how raw and authentic they are. And you’re right, let us keep serving our community. We will enjoy the fruits of out labor soon enough!

  4. Your doing a great job don’t anybody tell you otherwise. As you said not every brand will understand YOUR BRAND and you know what, that’s just fine. It’s leaves room and opportunity for the many other brands that will want to work with you.

    We have to remember that sometimes it takes for thoses brands you reached out to in the beginning to see you shining and doing your thing with other brands/companies for them to realize what a great opportunity they’ve missed out on or passed up.

    Trust me when I said this just because they didn’t respond or reach back out to you doesn’t mean they’re not checking for you. They are just secretly doing so! You got this! keep doing your thang with KB IN BLOOM its definitely NOT going unnoticed!💜💜

    1. Aww I love that you support KB IN BLOOM so much! Thank you for this amazing comment, the brands definitely watch and I’m not going to allow their pause on me, affect the way I carry out the operations of my brand. Thank you for this amazing comment!!

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