Trader Joe's Foods That Are Invited To The Cookout

Before you start pointing your finger at what foods from Trader Joe’s should be on this list, remember this:

I only know the foods that I’ve tried that I like and those foods are ones that will be on this list.

In 2022, there isn’t a single person that doesn’t know about Trader Joe’s and their delicious frozen meals.

Don’t get me started on the seasonal treats they offer throughout the year.

One more thing, it’s surprising to see that a list around TJ’s foods that are invited to the cookout hasn’t been discussed yet.

Perhaps it was during 2020 when I noticed a peak of Facebook groups like Black Girls Club Trader Joe’s telling me about so many TJ’s goodies.

Ever Seen The Invited To The Cookout Meme?

As told by Know Your Meme, this specific meme was first introduced to the world back in 2016.

Birthed on Twitter, user, @_BushidoB_ was the first person to generate the highly acclaimed list of white people invited to the cookout using only #whitepeopleinvitedtothecookout.

Receiving more than just likes, the single tweet started producing conversation and engagement around which white celebrities are an ally to the black community.

trader joes favorites


Photo Source: Bon Apetit

What Does It Mean To Be Invited To The Cookout?

Being invited to the cookout is an expression used within the African American community.

If you are a white person reading this blog, don’t get offended. It’s like a form of endearment.

If a black person uses this phrase with you, it just means that they see you as someone who cares about Black people.

What Does It Mean For Trader Joe’s Food To Be Invited To The Cookout?

In recent years, more black people have voiced their approval of the store chain but when it first opened, many black people viewed it as a place white people frequented.

In lieu of recent years, black groups centering around the most popular stores: Trader Joe’s Target, Marshall’s, Home Goods was formed online.

Mainly, Instagram and Facebook.

So, foods at Trader Joe’s initially enjoyed by white consumers started to really take off in the Black community.

We familiarized ourselves with their foods and began ranking the ones we really liked and had deep discussions around the Trader Joe foods we hated.

For the purposes of this list, I am featuring items from Trader Joe’s that would be welcomed in my Black household.

When searching for the best things at trader joe’s to buy, I look to no other place but Facebook groups.

Go take one look over on Facebook and search black girls in trader joe’s and you’ll find a couple of groups to help get you started.

Trader Joe’s best items vary from person to person.

For instance, some people swear by their Honey Walnut Shrimp and I happen to dislike the way this tastes.

One item that I’ll talk about later that most people love is their nut and fruit snacks. You can’t miss it!

Trader Joe’s Pecans

sweet and spicy pecans


Photo Source: Walmart

To demonstrate my love of TJ’s nut selection, I am starting this list off with their sweet and spicy pecans.

The first thing to remember about these tasty treats is their name, TJ’s carries a couple of different pecan varieties on their shelves but this is what you need to buy today.

As the name states, they are the perfect balance of sweet and moderately spicy flavor that is great on a salad.

Honestly, these are extremely tasty and so, they never seem to make it on my salad because I eat them right out of the package.

I’ll try to be quick with my reviews here but this is simply one of the best Trader Joe’s pantry items that I summon you to go buy.

Mandarin Orange Chicken

My earliest memory of seeing this in stores was when I saw more than a handful of white shoppers go grab this.

To put it another way, when you go to Trader Joe’s the most coveted area in the store is their freezer section.

The amount of energy and patience it takes to get your hands on one of their delectable freezer items is like waiting in line at the ticket box.

Provided that, this is one of the favorites at Trader Joe’s, you definitely want to add this to your shopping list.

Its sweet and tangy taste is reminiscent of those mall food court restaurants I would eat with my friends.

Also, if you’re wondering how much protein in orange chicken is, 1 cup of this will give you 14 grams of Protein.

Try it with the vegetable or chicken fried rice.

Korean Style Beef Short Ribs

pantry staple


Photo Source: LA Times

This is such an appropriate item to talk about because I can literally see this food being enjoyed at a BBQ cookout.

Regardless of its small servings, this item definitely deserves to be featured on this list.

I only have one single experience eating this but low and behold, this was quite tasty-so juicy and flavorful.

I pan-seared this and made some caramelized onions to go with it and my husband and I enjoyed every bit of it.

To repeat, this is simply delicious and has so much original flavor. Pair it with some rice or frozen veggies and you’re set.

Garlic Bread Cheese

trader joes best items


Photo Source: BGITJ

A newer item found inside Trader Joe’s, this item doesn’t get enough attention. It’s too good not to share

Its probably because we were shortchanged with its small packaging.

This item is one of the items that will be hard to get your hands on and it’s one of our favorites to get.

To demonstrate my frustration, in 2 out of the 5 recent trips I’ve taken to TJ’s, the item has been in stock.

At this point, I’ve accepted it as the hot commodity item that it is and have gone back to eating cheese sticks.

To avoid unwavering disappointment, call your local Trader Joe’s store before heading out.

Oat Milk Trader Joe’s

does trader joe's sell oat milk


Photo Source: Live Kindly

Another Trader Joe’s staple that I just couldn’t pass up is their oat milk. It’s my new favorite milk.

In one of my FB groups, someone recently asked, “Does Trader Joe’s sell oat milk?’

My fingers couldn’t type quickly enough, but I answered with a resounding ‘yes!’

Ultimately, I would rank this as one of my new coveted vegan snacks at Trader Joe’s that I get.

Trust me, I’ve tried other oat milk brands and there’s just something more smooth, nutty, and slightly sweeter about their milk.

This item makes for a great non-dairy milk alternative

I use it when making my smoothies or for those brisk mornings when I need just a bowl of cereal.

Maple Butter

vegan foods


Photo Source: Amazon

Put down the cookie butter and run, not walk to your nearest Trader Joe’s store.

If you’ve been a reader on Kb in Bloom for a while, you know my fascination with Maple starting with baking cookies.

Since then, I’ve made a Maple Banana Nut Bread recipe too, you need to seriously try it.

It’s better than peanut butter but not appreciated like cookie butter. I eat this with apple slices, banana, or straight out of the container.

Needless to say, this is still in my fridge because I’m afraid this might have been one of the items they stopped selling in the stores.

Trader Joe’s offers up seasonal items throughout the year and I bet you this is one of them. I just can’t come to terms with it.

Organic Elote Corn Chips

best trader joe's foods

           When it comes to scoping out chips from Trader Joe’s, these are the chips that I crave. 

                  They are a great interpretation of Mexican Street Corn Flavored Chips. 

                   Every time I go to the store to get another bag, I’m amazed that they are in stock. 

                      I couldn’t be the only one who knows they are delicious, right?                

These are insanely good with guac or just by themselves.

      I limit myself to a couple of scoops a week because my TJ store is too far out to be making another trip.


trader joe's staples


Photo Source: She Knows

Final Thoughts On The Foods Trader Joe’s Offers

When it comes to selecting foods based on diet and nutritional needs, I really believe you can find something here.

They offer gluten-free, vegan foods here as well. In fact, just like the oat milk, I have other vegan items I like.

Some of my favorite pantry staples include dried fruit, non-dairy ice cream, yogurt, and soy chorizo.

Out of the list of items I featured, which one will you be giving a try?

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