Here’s Why Jovē Water Is The Perfect Self-Care Product

There is something to be said about relying on a daily habit or routine that does wonders for your


In today’s blog post, I will be going over how Jovē water is the perfect self-care product to use for your everyday routine.

Just peep my self-love picnic below. What’s more? I’ll be offering ways to include in your upcoming self-care festivities.

Around this time of the year, an influx of ads and commercials can be seen pushing consumers to spend hefty amounts of money for experiences or luxurious items.

My mind wonders though. What happened to keep things simple?

A sure way to do keep things simple is by meeting our basic needs every single day. You need you.

Jove water reminds me to keep things simple when I began drinking their water 6 months ago.

Keep reading to find out why Jovē water is one of the self-care products I chose to use on my self-care picnic.

This blog post is a paid partnership with Jovē water but all opinions are my own.*

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What Is Me Time And Why Do You Need It?

Me time is engaging in non-negotiable time with yourself with activities and items that you find enjoyable.

With the way things are described and shown to us in the media, it’s impossible to come up with an example of how to take care of yourself without spending a ton of money.

We get pressured to spend money which in turn leave us feeling guilty about it later.

We do this all while trying to achieve the best version of ourselves w/o much guidance.

Being the best version of yourself is going back to what worked before the distractions.

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Remember when drinking water was something to be celebrated?

That’s not to say self-care is not bubble baths but compared to those basic needs (water, food, housing), taking a bubble is incomparable to drinking water.

Jovē water, an alkaline water brand that clearly did their research to ensure you stay hydrated, should have anyone running to the nearest store to invest in their health.

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All Water Is Not The Same

Over the years, I began to accept that drinking any water was okay, and placing so much emphasis on a water brand was drinking was pointless.

That is until I discovered Jovē water. The moment I realized there are huge differences in water was when I took the first sip.

Mainly, the taste was what hit me first but as I started to explore the bottle, their messaging slowly started to resonate with me.

Before we even get to the taste and components of what makes this water so smooth to taste, let’s start with the bottle.

Jovē’s bottle is 100%, not 20%, or 50% but 100% recyclable. Free of BPA and BPS, these descriptors alone make their water an appealing option.

Talk about having bragging rights for being the perfect sustainable self-care product around, Jovē water partnered with TerraCycle to support the responsible use of plastic and cleaning of our oceans.

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The Insanely Delicious Jovē Water Taste

New Alkaline Water, Jovē will grant you all the self-love you need for years to come for a couple of reasons.

Their advanced Cellular Hydration technology is clinically proven to provide deep hydration for your skin.

Can you imagine what a Jovē pack of water will do for your body compared to other water brands we normally purchase in stores?

As for the smooth taste I was raving about? It’s due to being infused with an essential mineral (liquid silica)

dont forget to take care of yourself

Self-Care Is Not Selfish When Drinking Jovē Water

I mean, wouldn’t you agree? There’s no way anything that is so good for you can be a bad thing to do.

During self-love month you will receive many mixed messages on what you should be doing to take better care of yourself.

Whether it’s scheduling time to enjoy a weekend-long picnic like myself, don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Drinking Jovē water is literally drinking the brand of your dreams.

Jovē water holds space for wellness, self-love, and prioritizing our health in the best way.

To reiterate, practicing self-care begins with mastering the use of basic wellness items and when it comes to the tastiest water around, Jovē places first.

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What To Bring To Your Self-Care Picnic?

The most obvious self-care product to bring with you is Jovē. You can purchase them individually or in a 6-pack.

If you are today year’s old with discovering Jovē, you can find this alkaline water in Publix.

Most neighborhood Publix or select stores like Earth Fare carries them.

Outside of beverages, bringing a few sweet treats always adds a special element to your picnic.

The mini Valentine’s Day cupcakes are from Publix and gave more than a handful of them away to the little girls in the park.

Other great food items to bring to the picnic are fresh fruit, small sandwiches, cookies, and ice just in case you need to keep your juice and water cool.

self care is not bubble baths

Essential Items To Pack For The Picnic

When it comes down to planning the most carefree picnic you want to enjoy in the company of yourself, don’t think too hard about it.

The same items you would have to purchase for a birthday party are what you’ll probably need for your picnic.

And if you can’t commit to a Picnic on V-Day, self-love month is the entire month of February and every day after that.

Practicing self-care and self-love is a day-to-day process.

what self care is not

Picnic Go-To Items To Bring

Here are all the items I purchased and/or recommend using used for your self-love picnic.

While gathering your items, don’t forget to stop to get some Jovē water to keep you hydrated.

One other thing, make it a self-love-friendly theme by purchasing colorful items that would pair nicely together.

When you try Jove water, please let me know what your first impressions are with their water.

1. Jove pack of water

2. Fresh fruit to infuse with your Jovē water

3. Silverware

4. Napkins

5. Picnic blanket

6. Sanitizer wipes

7. Cups

8. Plates

9. Comfy Pillows to sit on

10. Sandwiches

me time

Just Take Care Of Yourself

As the title of the book states by Sophie Calle, taking care of yourself is such an imperative yet, bold statement to yourself.

Choose what item or products you use wisely when trying to enhance your self-care practice.

As long as your basic needs are met, everything else you choose to do is the icing on the cake.

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