Drink Jovē Alkaline Water For Happy Cells And A Happy Body

Are you one to recount feeling sluggish, tired, irritable, dizzy, experiencing dry skin? Turns out, those symptoms could be linked to dehydration.

If you can relate to feeling those symptoms more often than not, you may have what they call “chronic dehydration.”

Jovē water was the first alkaline water company that made me want to educate myself on not only the type of water I purchase for my family but also what water actually makes me feel hydrated.

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Jovē Water Is The Skin Care Product You Need

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For many self-care enthusiasts, drinking your water and having a solid skincare regimen are two big wellness pillars that are hard to forget.

While trying to obtain the supple, clear skin, we’re also trying to do all of the things like making sure you don’t neglect your 2x a day skincare routine.

It’s all so time-consuming. It can leave anyone feeling uneasy.

New alkaline water brand, Jovē will take care of your body by providing it with the good stuff.

This easy-drinking alkaline water has been clinically shown to hydrate your skin and cells because when you’re skin is hydrated, your body is hydrated.


What Is Jovē Water?


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Jovē pronounced (Jo-V)  is 100% purified water made with Advanced Cellular Hydration Technology.

Jove water is a new water brand found throughout the shelves in Publix, Earthfare, with a nearly 5-star rating conveniently sold on Amazon.

Jovē is a unique, one-of-a-kind alkaline water that truly cares about your skin and cellular health.

With a pH of 9.5+, Jovē specializes in not only promoting water intake but in providing healthy, smooth water that does what it says it will do and hydrates your body.


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Why Is Jovē Water The Better Choice?

When water is truly hydrating, it gives our bodies the nutrients that our cells need. Our cells are 2/3 water and this tells us a lot.

As we age, the level of hydration in our bodies can decline, but when we drink Jovē, we benefit at the cellular level.


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We’ve already established that their water has been clinically shown to provide hydration for the skin and improve cellular health.

But, think about it for a moment.

I mean, what other water brand do you know actively promotes hydration in this way? A water brand that walks the


“My skin is dehydrated.”

So many of us chalk up our symptoms to stress or using the wrong skincare product but many of us neglect how water affects our skin.

Some of us don’t realize how often we are chronically dehydrated. Did you know that 75% of individuals struggle with chronic dehydration?

Jove water is the better choice because its water is clinically proven to keep your body and cells happy by ensuring you are hydrated.


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What Is Deep Hydration?

According to Jovē water, you experience deep hydration when your cells and skin are hydrated. It’s when one receives the appropriate amount of water to support vital functions.

Through their Advanced Cellular Hydration Technology™, there lies an exclusive patented liquid silica, an essential mineral that increases alkalinity, and is charged with electrons, a primary source of energy for our body and cells.

Now, that’s a science that I can support.


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Why Spend Money On Jovē Water Versus The More Affordable Ones?

Because Jovē invested in your health so much so that they conducted six separate double-blind placebo-controlled clinical studies via third-party labs to study the effect of Jovē on hydration.

They have always invested in our health.

An important part of understanding Jovē water is understanding their mission. They want you to be informed about what you put in your body and how to maintain hydration.


What Makes Alkaline Better?

According to an article published by medicine.net, alkaline water offers better hydrating properties compared to normal water since it contains smaller molecules, which are more readily absorbed by cells, aiding in quick rehydration. 

This can be a beneficial drink for people who work out daily and require more water in their bodies.


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Is Alkaline Water pH 9.5+ good for you?

The lower the number, the more acidic. Healthline reveals that “normal drinking water generally has a neutral pH of 7; alkaline water typically has a pH of 8 or 9.”

Results show that alkaline water is more beneficial by being able to effectively neutralize the acid in your body compared to other waters.


Is Alkaline Water Good For Your Skin?

The bottom line is that drinking plenty of alkaline water helps to keep our bodies hydrated.

Alkaline water molecules are smaller than regular bottled water. Our bodies can easily and quickly absorb those smaller molecules of water and keep it well hydrated.

It also aids the skin in replacing tissues and as well contributes to its elasticity and the overall health of the skin.




Where To Buy Jovē Water?

Jovē is currently available on Amazon in 12-pack, at Publix in a 6-pack, Giant and Earth Fare locations in one-liter bottles.

Jovē is free from fluoride, BPA, BPS, and chlorine with zero calories and no artificial flavors.


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Final Thoughts on Jovē That Provides Cellular Hydration

As a consumer, the taste of water is what hits me first. This water is smoother than a lot of water sold in stores.

I don’t like to hype up a brand too much but I’ve spent a lot of time drinking this water and I’ve had fewer dizzy spells than I used to and that says a lot.

So, will you be giving this water a try? Download and print out a coupon to get $3 off a 6 pack of water.

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