Must-Have Juneteenth Merchandise To Order Now

Come Juneteenth, the only thing I want to see is black people rocking their Juneteenth merchandise!

Juneteenth is a very important day for the African American community. It celebrates the end of slavery in the United States.

We also know that every year, Juneteenth falls on June 19th so it behooves you that you order your Juneteenth merch sooner than later.

If you’re looking for some Juneteenth t-shirt ideas, we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we will be highlighting some of our favorite dope pieces that are sure to make you stand out on Juneteenth. Be sure to order your merch soon because we know things can sell out quickly online.

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juneteenth merchandise


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Juneteenth Bracelets

Do you remember when we used to collect bead bracelets as a kid? Think of those but with the colors red, black, and green. Like many of the reviews I read, this bracelet is simple yet, impactful.

I could easily wear this bracelet every day even when it’s not Juneteenth and feel connected to my roots. The best part is that it’s only $10 on Etsy.


juneteenth bracelet


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Juneteenth Shirts

T-shirts are always a great go-to when you don’t know what else to wear. They’re comfortable and can be paired with just about anything.

This juneteenth t-shirt is super cute and would look great with jeans, shorts, or a skirt. It’s also only $24.99 which isn’t too bad considering some t-shirts these days cost upwards of $30. Plan ahead and wear this shirt with a group of friends on Juneteenth.


juneteenth shirt


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                                                                                       Juneteenth Shirt


Kids Juneteenth Shirts

These juneteenth shirts are perfect for kids. They’re super soft and they come in a variety of colors. The best part about this shirt that I love is the messaging, “Free-ish”, a great play on what freedom actually looks like.

It’s a great shirt for your young one to wear while celebrating Juneteenth with the family. Currently, this shirt is available in sizes Small to 4T for $20.


juneteenth kids shirt


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                                                                                             Kids Shirt


Juneteenth Dresses

If you’re looking for something a little bit more dressy, this juneteenth tank dress is perfect. It comes in just black with the Juneteenth wording printed on the dress. I love the creative take with this dress and it’s perfect for a Juneteenth gathering like a BBQ or picnic with friends.

On another note, can’t you just see yourself wearing this dress paired with some box braids?

juneteenth dress


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                                                                                               Tank Dress


Juneteenth Shoes

These sporty Juneteenth sandals are everything in my humble opinion. The seller states that they are the perfect sandal to wear at the beach, by the pool, or at any outdoor function.

Fitting true to size, these pan African flag sandals would be perfect for any Juneteenth festivities or family wellness activities you have planned.

juneteenth shoes


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Juneteenth Hat

This juneteenth dad hat is perfect for both men and women. It’s adjustable so it can fit just about anyone and it has such a sleek, simple design. While reading the reviews, I saw that a lot of people said they wear this hat all the time, not just on Juneteenth.


juneteenth colors to wear


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                                                                                                  Dad Hat


What is Juneteenth and Why is it celebrated? 

On the 19th of June 1865, Federal troops stormed the city of Galveston, Texas, to enforce the freedom of all slaves! Although this happened in Texas, it became the official day for black people all over the United States to celebrate our freedom from slavery.  

Juneteenth is an acronym for June Nineteenth, even though black people have celebrated this day for years, wearing Juneteenth dresses and Juneteenth makeup, it became an official federal holiday on the 17th of June 2021. It took a whole two and half years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation for the troops to arrive because Texans were indifferent about the General Order. 

So, why is Juneteenth celebrated? That day represents freedom, the day our wings were unclipped, it was that day black people all over the United States took a true breath of fresh air. Juneteenth is definitely worth celebrating.   


juneteenth merch


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What are the Juneteenth Colors? 

Jubilee day is also known as Juneteenth, and just like many other celebrations, some specific colors are tied to Juneteenth. The Juneteenth flag is made up of 3 colors all of them representing something beautifully significant. You may see many black people rocking colorful Juneteenth bracelets, those colors speak louder than words.  

While the colors for the official Pan- African flag dating way back to the 1920s are Black, Green, and Red. Don’t be surprised when you see both flags flying at Juneteenth rallies, cookouts, and get together’s. They all represent the same thing- Our freedom!  

Red is one of the most important colors of Juneteenth which must be well represented in all your Juneteenth merchandise, food, and the likes. Red represents the “blood that was spilled on the pathway to freedom”. This is why most Juneteenth is mainly celebrated with red food like red velvet cake and Afro-fusion dishes.   

Black represents the soil that Black people toiled and worked on. It stands for our unique melanin. The black is a reminder that we are all united as one family in struggles and in wins. Green represents fertility, prosperity, freedom, and productivity as we embrace who we are as a people.

Green represents fertility, prosperity, freedom, and productivity as we embrace who we are as a people.

So, when thinking of what Juneteenth colors to wear, you can’t go wrong with incorporating all or some of the colors!


juneteenth stickers


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Juneteenth Items To Buy

As you can see, there are a lot of great juneteenth products out there to choose from. Some other items I think would be cool to purchase are Juneteenth stickers. I have been collecting stickers for years and have a little pile I like to call my Juneteenth memorabilia.

So what are you waiting for? Get your juneteenth merch before it’s too late! And don’t forget to share this blog post with your friends. Happy Shopping!

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