20 Late Night Date Ideas You Must Do Together

Do you want to go out on a date without actually going out on a date?

When it comes to planning a late-night date idea for you and your partner, it’s so hard.

In these unprecedented times, finding something exciting that you haven’t done before or involves not being around a ton of people is tricky.

Not to worry, I have a great running list of exciting stay-at-home date night ideas for married couples and anyone in between.

Whether you’re the partner that likes to be surprised or enjoys planning everything out to the tee, this is a great running list couples can use to take turns planning out their date night.

Have fun with it and I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

20 Couple Theme Cheap Date Night Ideas At Home

couple themed date night

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Couples Night Time Ideas

1. Romantic Date Night At Home Food Ideas

If you don’t have a lot of time to plan a 3-course meal for your partner, look no further, I have a blog post for Romantic Meal Ideas.

Go ahead and email those recipes to yourself, you will have your entire meal planned out!

2. Play A Charades Game

There are so many charade games out now but the one I recommend is It’s In The Bag charade. It’s one of those fun things to do without electronics type of activities.

3. Set Up A Romantic Picnic Area In The House

Make your own night as romantic as you can by taking out a couple of blankets, pillows, and a cute picnic basket to create the sweetest date night at home with your husband or partner.

You can either get creative by coming up with cute couple date night outfits for your makeshift picnic.

4. Take A Skillshare Class On Cooking

When it comes to finding a class on skillshare, this site is never short on having content on basically anything you’re searching for.

You can find classes on any type of food, just pick a theme and schedule a date night to go for it.

romantic home meals
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5. Recreate Your First Date

Talk about being nostalgic! You could surprise your partner and have him walk into the house with all of the date night goodies you had on your first date.

For instance, you could go down memory lane by including the movie and food you ate on your first date.

Another great idea is wearing the outfit you wore on the first date, think about anything you could use to jog each other’s memory back.

6. At Home Movie Date Night Ideas

This is a great option for couples who want to have a chill night but not do too much. There’s a list of black whirlwind movies to watch.

There’s nothing wrong with having a good old fashion movie night.

If you are terrible at coming up with movie date night ideas at home, this is the list perfect for you.

Check it out on the blog because there are some movies that would be great choices for an at home movie date.

date night for married couples

7. Blindfolded Cooking Date

Now, technically you could do this with number one on this list and just have the absolute best time with your partner.

It’ll bring a lot of mystery and excitement to your date night.

Also, who wouldn’t want to do something like this? What a spontaneous relationship idea to enhance intimacy with each other.

8. Binge A New Netflix Series

For some, this would be the ultimate date night at home experience. No fluff, just keeping things simple.

If you are the type of couple that has demanding careers, planning a simple date night like this is ideal.

It’s creative enough for you both to enjoy yourselves without much prep work.

another name for date night
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9. Painting With A Twist, But At Home

Doesn’t something like this sound so much fun? The best part of it all is you can choose whatever image you want to paint.

One of the most fun ways you could tackle this is by purchasing this amazing paint party set I recently discovered.

Do you have an art store in town? You could visit one and pick up paintbrushes, easel, etc. things in person.

10. Build A Fort Date Night

This is simply one of my favorite date nights to do with my husband. You’d be surprised at how much fun you’ll have making a fort.

Also, there is something so nostalgic about this. If you’re a little rusty with making them, I found this cool indoor tent online for adults.

11. Perfect Date Card Game

Who here love card games? In our household, we play them a lot and we have built up quite the collection.

Set the tone right with an adult-themed game night for a fun date night with your partner.

For some, buying card games may be new for you so these are the ones I recommend for the perfect date night alone.

1. Damn Gina Card Game

2. Black Card Revoked 5th Edition

3. UNO Attack

date night free ideas

12. Coloring Book Or Drawing Ideas For Couples

A creative on the cheap game would be anything that involves a coloring book.

Between myself and my husband, we keep a handful of these around the house for when we are in a nostalgic mood.

Personally, I recommend the relaxing flower coloring book ones because the picture always comes out so vibrant!

13. Mystery Themed Date Night

Add a creative spin to your date nights by choosing a theme and sticking to it for the entire night.

The last time we chose a Mexican theme night. We opted for authentic tacos, played Mariachi music while eating them, and watched the Selena series on Netflix.

14. Purchase a 52 Date Ideas Jar

Go figure, did you know that you know that you could be set for the year by having your date nights already planned out?

I found some pretty cool a year of date nights in a jar and I definitely recommend you take a look at them for yourself.

15. Create A Backyard Dinner Date As An Idea

I love this idea for many reasons. One, because you can pretend you are having a date somewhere else by adding decor items.

Also, you get to enjoy the part of your house you probably spend the least amount of time in.

If you don’t have a backyard, try your patio or porch.

16. Pick An Activity You Suck At And Do It Together

Many of you are probably wondering, “what is Kabrena talking about?” But think about it for a second.

It could be really cool to learn to do something that you both can mutually agree that you suck at.

A friend of mine owns a knitting company and sells knitting kits, you should definitely check out Knitly to grab a kit!

at home date idea
Photo Source: Knitly

17. Indoor Bowling

Truth, I can’t wait to plan a night doing this but I first thought of this idea from working in the clinic.

One of my clients had this as an earned reward and I thought, how cool would this be to own a set of bowling pins at home.

Well, you’re in luck because I found the perfect bowling set for you to go against your partner in a light bowling game.

They come in at least 4 colors too!

18. Trivia Song Card Game

When I was planning my date night at home with my husband, I discovered a song trivia site called Song Trivia.

It looked really fun and you have a choice between creating your own game or playing one of the ones that are ready to go.

For those highly competitive couples, this is the date night for you to play together!

19. At Home Wine Tasting

Many of the questions I hear my friends ask each other is, “How to make a great date night?” I say, use your resources.

Creating your own version of wine tasting is so much fun because you have control over what wine you are sampling.

Put some live music on and create a social lounge in your house for the perfect wine tasting experience in your home.

at home wine tasting
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20. Make Your Favorite Fair Food

What do married couples do at night? Make Fair Food! Why not? It’s fun and what adult doesn’t crave fair food.

Some of my favorite fair foods are funnel cake, cotton candy, donut hamburgers, and plenty more from where that came from.

What fair food item would you make?

21. Date Night Free Idea: Pretend You Are Planning A Trip

Since traveling has been paused, my husband and I love to pretend we are planning a trip somewhere tropical or rustic.

My favorite Netflix shows to do this activity with is Amazing Vacation Rentals.

We’ll plan all the details out from the day of departure and arrival, the length of stay, housing, and our bucket list of things we want to do while away.

what to wear on your date night

Falling In Love All Over Again On Your Date Night

Enjoy the moments spent with your partner and please come back here to tell me which date night idea you chose.

Whether that is the free date idea or a movie date night at home, comment below to let me know how it went!

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