The Convenient Meal Delivery Service We All Need: Fitlife Foods

Tired of meal prepping every Sunday? You’re in luck because I happen to know of the most convenient pre-made meals that can be brought right to your door.

When I first drove by this store I thought, ‘the name of this store sounds straight to the point.’

If you’re in the southeast part of the US (Florida and Atlanta area), you’ve probably heard of this pre-made meal delivery company.

But you may have overlooked their physical storefront. No worries, I did too. That is until I used Google one day to find out where one was located.

Fitlife Foods meals are impressive to the eye-you start to wonder how something so good found in an individualized container could be so good for you.

Generous on the portions and not a lack of seasoning insight, Fitlife Foods’ menu truly has something for everyone.

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Why do I love Fitlife Meals?

It’s simple. Food speaks to me in more than one way. I enjoy food that taste, look, and smell good.

Without a doubt, I can honestly say their foods helped me when I was that burnt-out clinician not eating.

I love their meals for keeping me full and offering meals and snacks that are nutrient-dense.

As someone who enjoys reading the nutritional facts, it’s so nice to read the side of my delicious meal and find information on how much protein, fat, carbs, and let’s not forget fiber is in each meal.

I love that I can know right then and there what’s in my food and the nutrient makeup. It’s empowering.

For those who have a storefront location in the area, go visit and talk to the staff there.

They are so incredibly helpful and suggest different meals, programs like Project U to you, and offer a reward incentive for every 10 meal containers you return to the store.

Their meal delivery is extremely simple, you place your order and they arrive at your home at the top of the week.

You can receive $40 off your first week of prepared meals delivered to you by using my code: Bloom40

Now, to the questions, you want answered.

fitlife foods near me

Is Fitlife Foods Healthy?

Yes, the food is healthy and good for you. I know, I know.

The food is so good and you can have your cake and eat it too. Meaning, you can enjoy a meal with traditional BBQ flavor with mac n cheese served on the side and still consider it a healthy meal.

You can have all the things when you eat their food. The best-hidden feature at their storefront is that you can go in person to see the different meal sizes. Most meals come in three standard sizes (Small, Medium, Large).

This way, if you’re looking at staying in specific calorie bounds, you can choose the size that works for you. Again, go visit the store location if there is one near you.

From the moment I stumbled on a menu, I loved seeing how they emphasize fresh ingredients, no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, or preservatives in their foods while giving the consumer a variety to pick from.

I cannot express to you how I appreciate the variety they offer. There’s little to no chance that you’ll ever get bored with their meal plans.

How Much Does Fitlife Foods Cost?

When ordering online you have the option of first selecting the number of meals you want to be delivered to you.

After selecting the number of meals, you then choose the meal size: Small, Medium, Large. The most common selection is medium.

I found during my hungriest moments, the small size didn’t have enough food in it to last but a few hours. I would get the medium if you’re just starting out.

Once you’ve selected your meals, go ahead and check out. I would suggest you create an account to avoid reentering your shipping information again.

Peep the video below for reference but when I entered 8 medium-size meals, I was offered free shipping and the total was $109.95 without the Bloom40 discount.

8 fresh meals for $69.95 is a steal.

fitlife foods

How Long Do Fitlife Foods Last?

I asked this very question to the staff when I went to try their meal kits for the first time. Their in-store meals have an expiration date written on them but I noticed the meals that were delivered to me don’t.

Either way, their website states that the meals have a shelf life of 5-6 days. If you’re eating these meals every day, you most likely won’t ever run into the problem of throwing away a meal because of an expiration date.

I have eaten a meal or two around the 7-day mark and it tasted fresh but I would definitely make it a priority to eat these quickly to enjoy the freshest ingredients.

fitlife foods tampa

Can Fitlife Foods Be Frozen?

Personally, I’ve never tried freezing any of my meals because they are meant to eat within a week of you receiving them.

Their meals are also pre-cooked but if you are heading out of town and know that you won’t eat all of the meals, Fitlife Foods recommends you place them in a Ziploc bag to ensure freshness.

Here’s a link to some of my favorite Ziploc freezer bags that I purchase for my household, they are the megapack too.

What Do You Do With The Containers?

Remember when I hinted that there was an incentive program for bringing the containers in the store? I use this incentive for myself to save a dollar or two while enjoying the benefits of healthy meals.

For every 20 containers you go through, you can bring your clean containers to the store and receive a $10 credit put towards your next meal(s) purchase.

I recommend you participate. This is part of their recycling rewards program and gives you the motivation to try out all of their delicious meals like their Paleo Sloppy Joe

You can only use the $10 credit for one single transaction so if you’ve racked up $20 or more credits, save the next $10 credit for when you’re up on your meals for the week.

fitlife foods tampa

Fitlife Foods Near Me

Fitlife Foods is located in the state of Florida and Georgia. The cities they serve for home deliveries only include Jacksonville, Ft. Myers, West Palm Beach, Miami, Plant City, Lakeland.

The cities that offer both home delivery and pickup options are Tampa, St. Pete, Sarasota, Orlando, Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, Plantation, and Atlanta.

Yes, they have a meal delivery service in Atlanta and Fitlife Foods Tampa location is considered their headquarter site.

Final Thoughts On Fitlife Meals

I am a fan of their meals and some of my favorite meals of theirs are the BBQ Beef Mac-N-Cheese, Paleo Sloppy Joe, Pulled Pork Carnitas, and the Turkey Bolognese.

I would nudge you to try this pre-made meal company food if getting adequate meals each day is something you struggle with. Lunch has been something I’ve always struggled with.

I travel a lot for work and coming up with ideas for lunch can be exhausting, eating their delicious meals that offer so many choices eliminates the possibility of eating unhealthy food or not eating at all as I mentioned in this blog post.

Which meal off their menu would you try?

fitlife foods menu

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