53 Positive Monday Affirmations for When You're Feeling Drained

Happy Monday! Today, we’re kicking off the week with a positive attitude and some fresh energy. Whether you’re feeling drained or just need a little boost, these 53 positive Monday affirmations are perfect for you when you are craving a fresh start to your weekday!

They’ll help get your week started on the right foot and remind you of all the great things you can achieve. So come back and read them again whenever you need a little pick-me-up.

Have a great week!



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Interesting things to know about Monday for the week ahead

  • Watching TV, online shopping, buying chocolate, and planning a holiday are all great ways to get over the “Monday Blues” according to a study. By doing things that make you happy, you can start your week off on a positive note.
  • The Hershey Chocolate Company made the first kisses on a Monday. This is a fun fact that will make your Monday a little sweeter!
  • The moon rules Mondays, which is said to support our emotional body and honor our feminine or yin energy. White is the color most associated with Monday.

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Powerful Monday affirmations


1. I will begin my Monday in a great way with an attitude that reflects growth and non-judgment.

2. My positive mindset doesn’t have to entail positive things happening to me all day long, it just means that even on tough days I know there’s something good to focus on.

3. I am capable of positive thoughts and actions, no matter what day it is.

4. The powerful tools I choose to pull from my toolbox will always be positive and uplifting.

5. Good things can happen to me even during tough times.

6. No matter the day of the week, I will always make time for my outlets.

7. .I will get out of my comfort zone by not anticipating today with dread, but instead with ease and confidence that I can handle the day.

8. I will not let my emotions control me, instead, I will take charge and control them.

9. The positive changes I see from week to week are there because I am that girl that is a work in progress.

10. My creative energy is at an all-time high today and I will use it to my advantage.


My best self shows up when I don’t judge my thoughts of dread and properly address them with positive self-talk.



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12. I am ready to have a great day even when I’m being tested by the universe.

13. This week’s projects will not wreck my nervous system because I am handling it with grace, one day at a time.

14. I recognize that this new day brings me a set of responsibilities that only I can carry out and I accept them with an open heart.

15. Saying positive statements to myself opens my heart to positive relationships, positive circumstances, and a positive life.

16. I have limitless potential whether I’m allowed to showcase it or not in my current professional setting.

17. I am going to be productive today even when others attempt to throw a wrench in my plans.

18. Hard work does not have to equate to burnout. Hard work is recognizing the breaks I took in between to stay sane and rested.

19. I am showcasing my best self today even when I’m tempted to show my worst.

20. During stressful situations, I will take cues from my body to see what it needs: rest, food, water, or fresh air.

21. If a to-do list results in more anxiety than satisfaction, I will consider scrapping it and adjusting it to reflect realistic goals.

22. I will adjust my daily routine if it’s not working for me instead of forcing myself to stick with it.

23. Having a bad day doesn’t define me or change who I am as a person.

24. Letting go of any negative thoughts takes time and I won’t judge myself for still having them.

25. Amazing things happen when I pace myself instead of rushing my morning Monday routine.

26. I am mindful of the simple phrases I say to myself when my desire is to feel empowered versus feeling defeated.

27. I am a better person when I’m able to show up knowing that the busy moments of the day don’t define my productivity

28. I allow the start of the week to be on cruise mode versus feeling like every day is a race to the finish line.

29. I don’t have to do it all today, I can take my time and enjoy the process.

30. I will enjoy the entire week ahead of me by pursuing myself and honing in on my needs.


I’m believing for a good day even when every bad thing possible that can happen to me, happens to me.





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32. I can wait for a positive outcome to happen or I can create one myself.

33. I have decided to move in a better way that speaks life into my day instead of letting the day move me.

34. My everyday life does not entail being at someone else’s beck and call. I will not allow my time to be consumed by others.

35. I move in the right direction when I’m honest with myself about what I need and where I see myself going.

36. I am not attached to the outcome, but I am positive that everything will work out in my favor.

37. Having a more positive outlook on the day changes the way I feel and the choices I make.

38. I will honor the positive feelings I’m experiencing by taking the time to enjoy them.

39. It is possible to have a productive week encompassing rest, self-care, and accomplishments.

40. Replaying the best times and memories of the past week helps me to see how joy can be found in the little things


I have full control over whether or not my circumstances control my emotions.

42. I know that it’s okay to take a break and that I don’t have to be productive all the time.

43. I lead a beautiful life. There is life outside my obligations, and I’m going to choose to focus on that.

44. I express gratitude to myself for developing inner peace.

45. I take ownership of allowing negative self-talk to enter my mind. I will not beat myself up for things that are out of my control.

46. Every little step I make towards self-care is one that my ancestors would be proud of.

47. Starting on a clean slate does not have to come with an overwhelming expectation that everything has to be perfect.

48. New challenges will not cause burnout. I will speak up when I sense that I’m heading in that direction.

49. Right now is the perfect time to say no to something that I don’t want to do.

50. I am walking through a door of opportunity this week. I deserve every little bit of care focused on my well-being.

51. I welcome creative projects that reflect my values, and I will not allow myself to be pressured into taking on something that doesn’t.

52. The small steps I commit to are ones that will grant me inner wisdom and discernment.


I feel pure love when I face the day mature enough to understand that what happens to me is not as important as how I respond to it.



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Happy Monday affirmations

Whether you were searching for Monday morning affirmations or you were just having an understanding case of the Monday blues, I hope that these powerful statements nudged you to incorporate a bit more positive thinking in some capacity today!

It’s hard when individuals around you are facing negative emotions that it becomes much easier to operate in a less positive way but using a simple tool like an affirmation practice keeps you grounded even when there’s chaos around you.

In what capacity will you choose to use positive affirmations in your life?

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