7 Best Move Reminder Apps You Need For Summer Fitness

Summer is on its way and it’s a perfect time for move reminders apps to help us get ready.

Fitness doesn’t have to be exclusive to physical health. It can include mental, spiritual, and nutritional health as well. Whether you’re trying to be #bodygoals, lose weight, tone up, stretch more, or simply maintain your fitness, you can bet there is a move reminder app to help you succeed.

I composed a list of move reminder apps for summer fitness motivation. In it, you’ll find mobile and desktop apps that will help get you moving, sharpen your discipline, and get you ready for summer 2022! 


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What Are The Best Workout Apps For Summer 2022?

Fit On

Price: Free and $29.99/year

Advertised as a completely free workout app for women, this app has something for everyone and at every fitness level. Classes aren’t just physical strength training, there are a plethora of mindfulness and movement courses too, making it a fine meditation app and a good yoga app as well.

Most workouts can be done at home with very little equipment, with many requiring no equipment at all. Remembering to work out is as easy as using the reminder feature.

Many people have been raving about this fitness app since the beginning of the pandemic, including Gabrielle Union, who is one of FitOn’s ambassadors and at-home-workout instructors. Getting a guided workout by Gabrielle Union makes the decision to download this app an easy one.



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Price: Free, and $4.60/week, three-month subscription at $3.63/week, or $99.84/year

If you’re thinking of exploring intermittent fasting or are actively practicing this fasting technique, then Fastic is for you. As my personal favorite and most used app, Fastic is a simple app that has great features and greater benefits.

Fastic sends helpful reminders an hour before your chosen fasting time. There are also options to set step count goals that they remind you to complete before your scheduled fast is set to start. If you were to forget to log in your steps or fasting period, they are sure to check in with you to help give you the motivation to do so.

If the in-app reminders aren’t enough for you, there’s a cool feature that allows you to add buddies for extra support and fun.


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Charity Miles

Price: Free

Looking for another reason (besides the very obvious) to feel good about working out? Try Charity Miles, an easy fitness app that lets you log your movements or miles and donate to your favorite charity at the same time.

While the word “miles” may make this seem like a running app, it is far more than that. You can log any movement from dancing, to spinning, to biking. Turning your miles into money is as easy as getting sponsored by your charity’s sponsor, a friend, or charity miles brand partners.

If nothing else can motivate you to get up and move this summer, making a positive change in the world certainly can.


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Wild. AI

Price: Free, and $5.99/month or $50.28/year

An app that is solely based on female physiology, Wild. AI helps women sync their fitness goals and habits around their menstrual cycle. 

Knowing how hard it is to stay sane, eat well, and stay motivated during our menstrual cycles, Wild.AI seems to have the answers and scientifically proven data to help us balance it all.

With our menstruation, follicular phase, ovulation, and luteal phases dictating so much of our lives, it’s almost impossible to miss a workout. But the reminders and notifications can certainly help too.


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Price: $24.99/year, Monthly-$4.99

Just as the name alludes, the stretch minder app breaks are set by the user. So, when your next break is up, just tap on the notification to receive a guided break exercise, it’s that simple. What I love the most about this app is that it keeps track of the number of breaks you’ve taken and even has a countdown of when your next break occurs.

Some of the workout plans I’ve seen within the app include three categories that cover movement, breathing, and walking. Stretchminder allows you to choose which break type you would like to engage in over the next 3-15 minutes and praises you for taking a break during the day. Many people have described StretchMinder as a fun walking app when you need a break from your desk.


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Body By Blogilates

Price: Free, Premium Price: $3.99/Monthly, $39.99/Yearly

Praised for its short, high-intensity workouts drawing from mat Pilates, strength training, and cardio, this app can be described as one of the best workout apps for a summer body. A cool feature about the app is how you can filter it to what you want to target for the day, like arms, back, butt, cardio, etc.

You may remember Kabrena talking about Blogilates in a post she covered on mindful workouts. The thing that makes this app stand out is the fact that all of the workouts on the app are taught by the founder, Casey Ho who does a fantastic job of keeping you engaged.


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Stand Up! The Work Break Timer

Price: $2.99/Monthly

Stand Up App is another great flexible app option for workout reminders. It sends you notifications to remind you to stand up and move every hour and also tracks your daily progress. Their motto is, “we want you to live longer, healthier, and happier – by sittings less and moving more!”

This mobile app sends reminders to rest your eyes when you have been on your screen for an extended time allowing time for you to use these breaks to focus more on your optical fitness or to get your body moving.

Limiting screen time is also a healthy self-care practice that will fit effortlessly into a Sunday routine. 


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Stretch Exercise

Price: Free

Stretching is often overlooked while working out. Flexibility training is vital to the overall vitality of the human body. Stretch Exercise is a wellness reminder app that assists in incorporating stretching into your daily routine.

With stretches ranging from 3-4 minutes, this app sends reminders to your phone to get up and stretch to reduce stiffness in your muscles, reduce stress, let go of pain throughout your body, and improve flexibility.


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Move Reminder Apps to Get Ready for The Summer

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for the best yoga app for home, or a walking app tracker to force you out to enjoy the summer breeze, what matters is that you are willing to invest in yourself.

There are so many ways to enhance and maintain your fitness. I hope this list of the best fitness apps for summer motivated you to set and reach the goals that‘ll have you making the most of your summer and living your best life possible!

Working out throughout the day is not your thing? Check out Behavior Change Tips To Get Yourself Moving for A Morning Workout.

Have you tried any of the move reminder apps listed above? Let us know in the comments which app is your most (or least) favorite.

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