Moving All Summer 2021

For many of you just finding me on the interwebs, you probably don’t know that I love physical activity.

During the school year, I am a part-time adjunct dance instructor at the same illustrious high school I graduated from.

In fact, almost all of the instructors are dance alumni. But on June 10th, 2021, will mark my last day teaching for the school year.

Moving all Summer 2021

During one of our leisure talks, my husband and I made the unanimous decision to make our health a priority like never before. We want to move all summer 2021 and more than anything, we want to keep up with our weight training regimen.

We wanted it to feel right and, do it together. The last time we worked out together consistently, and thoroughly enjoyed it was back in 2016.

I was a therapist at the time working long hours during the day with clients, studying for my masters to become a BCBA, and sis, I let myself go. My husband pulled a lot of weight by cooking and helping me study, which resulted in a drastically reduced physical regimen for him as well.

Hiring a Trainer

I didn’t want any kind of trainer and neither did my husband. We needed one that understood the body of a dancer and that of an athlete.

I wanted one that was actively receiving training themselves; this is impressive to me because I don’t believe we ever stop learning and I don’t believe my trainer should either.

I needed a trainer that would push me like an athlete training for a marathon or a weight lifting event.

Alas, I found a friend of mine who has become a beast at her workouts and happens to be a trainer.

We were in a dance company together and she not only is amazing to work with, but she enjoys training others.

Our Treatment Plan

Since I’m not attending the gyms ever again, our sessions will be conducted at home and we are committing to 8 sessions to start, 2x/week .

I’m excited, thrilled to become stronger in mind and body and to enjoy physical activity with my husband again.

This is more than about the vanity results, losing weight, and getting toned (both of which are perks to hiring a trainer), I want to prove my thoughts wrong; lifting doesn’t equate to a masculine body, the scale and how I look doesn’t mean that I’m less physically fit than anyone else.

This body is glorious as is, but will be ground breaking when I’ve pushed myself to yet another mental destination.

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  1. That’s awesome! Happy you found someone and that you guys are doing it together! Weight training is a beast – I’ve been trying to get back to more of weight lifting myself. Why no more gym for you? Just wondering .. oh and enjoy your summer !!!

    1. Yes, it’s so good for the body! We have a home gym so need to spend money on a gym membership anymore. Excellent question btw and thank you for stopping by!

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