There's No Better Time To Do This

Ahh, August has arrived and with it being National Wellness month, there’s no better time to check in with yourself than an entire month dedicated to it.

Buckle your seatbelt because conversations around being well, incorporating wellness, and self-care become popular phrases during this month.

Sis, the reality is that we are more than half way through the year and people are starting to evaluate how their personal progress with their self-care practices has gone.

I encourage you to take one day at a time because a good friend told me that being present is where you’ll be able to identify what belongs and what isn’t worth your energy.

Take your wellness journey with ease. Eliminate the distractors.

When it comes to your own wellness journey, you should remember to:

  • Take it with ease. There are ways to get behind this but minimize distractions by doing your very best to avoid waiting until a holiday or when you’re burnt out to work on yourself. Make this a priority year round, sis.
  • Take it from me, who is a behavior analyst and creates behavior change plans for a living- what one magazine claims is enjoyable, may not be enjoyable for you. That’s a great sign that you can eliminate those kind of dragging activities in your wellness regimen. Keep trying, re-evaluate until something sticks.

  • Your words and other forms of behavior will indubitably set the tone with how you treat yourself, let alone how you treat others. So, treat yourself well-like a daily exclusive treat that only certain people have access to.

It is well with my soul when I…..

When I address my basic needs: ensuring that I’ve eaten nutrient dense foods and have stayed hydrated daily. I perform well and can focus on my tasks with a clear mind.

I feel well when I say no to projects and tasks that will leave me unhappy, resulting in me recanting out loud how I should’ve said no.

When I go with my gut, I feel protected, secure, and uninfluenced by outside distractors who don’t know me as well as I know me. I am never ever again doubting what my core tells me to do. You don’t get that feeling for any ole’ reason, sis.

wellness blogger opens up a challenge with her community.

No Better Time Than Now To Do A Wellness Community Challenge

Beginning August 6, I would like to begin a challenge together in my blooming community.

But first, we vote. Any particular wellness based activities you would like to do together?

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