7 Must-Have Poetry Books About Self-Love to Buy Yourself

As women, we are constantly inundated with the message that we are not good enough. We are overweight, our skin is not youthful enough, our hair is too coily, or our noses are too big. Society tells us repeatedly that we need to change who we are to be beautiful and accepted.

It can be hard to break out of that mindset and learn to love ourselves just the way we are. But it is so important. One of the best ways to change the narrative is by reading poetry books about self-love.

I have recently started to take a liking to incorporating a collection of poetry books as part of my daily ritual, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how my body and mind have responded to this subtle tweak.



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Read below for a list of 7 must-have beautiful poetry books about self-love and more to add to your home library this year.


“Self Love Philosopher Melody Godfred”

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Godfred’s exploration into themes like authenticity, surrender, and, resilience in Self Love Poetry is not only a beautiful look at what it means to love oneself but also provides food for thought on how we can achieve this through 100 pairs of poems dedicated to each theme. Oprah magazine has praised the author for her central theme on her thought-provoking self love poems.

Editor-Approved Book: The most difficult year is not a time for giving up. In this empowering poetry book, you will find hope and beauty to remind yourself that it’s okay if life has been rough lately – there are still things worth fighting for!



Self-love poems: Zweena, Still

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Edwina Simmons takes us on a journey through her life with a unique poetry experience. She shares the challenges of youth, love, and family in addition to mental health issues such as depression which has been integral for the author throughout all life-changing stages that she’s faced so far.

Editor-Approved Book: This book of poetry is a must-read for anyone who needs some encouragement in their life. It will speak to you on an individual level and help guide your journey of self-acceptance with a raw honesty that only the author could provide!


Rupi Kaur: Heart-opening self love poems

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With her signature empathy, Rupi Kaur discusses the struggles of growing into yourself in Home Body. The collection of poems is made up of raw conversations with oneself – reminding readers to fill their lives up on love and acceptance; accepting that which makes you unique while also embracing change as it comes your way (whether light or dark).

Editor-Approved Book: From her first poetry book, Milk and Honey, Rupi Kaur has become a voice for so many women who felt voiceless. She taps into the emotional right side of the brain that often gets overlooked, and she writes about the things we all think but don’t always say out loud. The perfect gift for yourself that you’ll always come back to.

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Rami:Remembering your own self-love journey

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We all have a deep need for unconditional love. This book will guide you in finding it within yourself, while also providing gentle encouragement to take your first steps on the journey towards self-love and security by shining a light on your inner strength , beauty, and value.

Editor-Approved Book: I love a poetry collection that leaves me feeling like it’s full of love letters to myself. All of You Is Welcome Here reminds us of important things when it comes to unconditional love. This is a good book of poetry to add to your ever growing collection.


VP Wright: Beautiful collection of poems

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Vibrant, diverse voices are needed to make this world better. One of those voices just came from a young woman in the form of “you’re enough.” This book is about healing and self-love for our future generations by teaching them that gentle love towards oneself is the root of all love.

Editor-Approved Book: As someone who experienced a broken heart as a young black woman, this is one of those good poetry books about self-love that I needed. It was given to me by a friend who knows my poetry journey, and I have never been able to put it down since.


Alexandra Vasiliu: Your dose of empowerment

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If blooming were a book, it would be this one. “Blooming” is an empowering poetry collection that takes you on a journey of love, healing and self-discovery. A tapestry through which powerful feelings unfold to create flowers. Though the poems are written with honesty in mind they also provide moments for reflection to make them work as nourishing poetry books about self-love.

Editor-Approved Book: I have always been attracted to the idea of seeds and flowers. They represent so much growth, changeability in an instant without warning or notice. Were blooming not to exist, life would be a lot harder. This book of poetry feels like the authors love letter to women who have bloomed and to others who are in the process of it.


Chioma Ossai: ‘One of the best poetry books that cover body image’

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“A Journey to Self-Love” is a collection of poetry exploring themes like softness, vulnerability and sensuality. It’s an invitation for women alike that offers comfort in the form or embracing all parts without apology; it serves as reminder about what we’re capable of when faced with our own reflection.

Editor-Approved Book: Even with the overwhelming experience of daily life, poetry has always been a part of my weekly ritual. Finding this book and reading it in its entirety led to some meaningful insight while also asking myself if i were truly practicing the abcs of self love. At any stage of your life, this book is comforting and centering, with subtle ‘aha’ moments in between.


The perfect collection of some beautiful poetry books

The book of poems offer the kind of love you should give yourself. Each empowering book will help you on your way to self-discovery, and rethinking the way you see yourself. It wasn’t easy for me to find poetry books about self-love that made me feel comfortable and safe in myself, but I’m so grateful to have shared with you some of my favorites.

Tell me,  who are your favorite poets? What poetry books have you read that made an impact on your life? Let’s continue the conversation in the comments below.


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