60 Positive Affirmations For Moms To Increase Their Confidence

Mother’s Day is gracefully approaching. It’s a perfect time to begin utilizing positive affirmations for moms to build confidence in your motherhood journey. 

Gaining confidence as a mother isn’t a skill acquired immediately upon child delivery. It takes plenty of practice to be able to feel confident in, what feels like, the most important job of our lives. This is why motherhood affirmations are so essential.


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Why Try Mom Affirmations 

While it feels great to have an entire day that recognizes our hard work and dedication, moms need constant motivation to continue to show up for themselves and their children. And since we are our own best cheerleaders, positive mom affirmations are a great way to remind us of that. 

Motherhood has its way of making us momma’s question ourselves more often than we should. With social media and mainstream media depicting perfect (and very unrealistic) views of motherhood, it can be very hard to not doubt yourself as a mother. Implementing daily affirmations for moms can help when you are judging yourself or comparing your mother’s journey to that of another mom. 

To help build and uphold the confidence needed to tackle motherhood every day, here is a list of mom affirmations. This list can be used as encouraging words for pregnant moms, and new or experienced moms. 


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Positive Words for Mom to Build Confidence 

1. am a strong mother.

2. I am the mother my child needs.

3. I trust my maternal intuition.

4. Motherhood is proof of how strong I am.

5. I am so much more than a mother.

6. I don’t have to be perfect to be a good mother.

7. It is OK to ask for help.

8. I am doing an amazing job.

9. My child(ren) and I are safe.


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10. I am a capable mother.

11. I am a blessing to my children.

12. I am doing the best for my children and it is enough.

13. At the end of the day, I can go to bed knowing that I am enough.

14. I’m grateful for being able to have children.

15. There is a special sweetness in knowing that I’ll be a part of my child’s life forever.

16. Motherhood reveals my strengths within me even through the tough times.

17. My children will feel loved and accepted by me, no matter what.

18. Through every tribulation we face, I believe I come out of as an even stronger mother.


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19. Even if they don’t say it, I know my children love me and are thankful for me.

20. I will be an example of what self love looks and feels like.

21. I will model to my children the appropriate skills that will teach them to take care of themselves.

22. The decisions made by other moms don’t need to dictate mine. 

23. My observations of other moms don’t change the way I feel about myself as a mother.

24. I am doing everything I can to raise my children to contribute to the advancement of society.

25. Being a mother takes my breath away, what a beautiful journey.

26. I become more confident in my mothering skills with each passing day. 

27. To be a good mother, I have to take care of myself.


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28. I will practice self-love so that I can parent from a place of love, rest, and happiness. 

29. My home can be filled with love without being perfect.

30. I am releasing expectations of being a perfect mom. 

31. I matter even in this moment of motherhood.

32. I am making the right choices when It comes to my children.

33. Even in the midst of chaos, I know that my child(ren) is happy and healthy.

34. There is value in what I do.

35. Being a mother makes me powerful and that is the perfect gift.

36. I deserve to take care of myself and meet my own needs.


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37. I will be kind to myself because this makes me a better mom.

38. I cannot be everything for everyone all of the time.

39. I can be calm through the chaos in the present moment.

40. I am proud of what I go accomplished today.

41. I am proud of the way I show up for my child/ren.

42. I will do what I can today for my mental health.


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43. Everything I do serves a purpose to my child/rem and myself.

44. Bein a positive role model for my kids is shown when I am actively practicing self-love daily.

45. I deserve to relax when I can without having mom guilt for taking care of my body.

46. I don’t need to be the perfect mother for my life to be okay.

47. Failures are a part of motherhood and it is okay to forgive myself. 

48. It’s just a bad day, and I am not a bad mom. 


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49. Motherhood is a journey, and I am learning every day that having a positive mindset is doable.

50. My children’s needs are just as important as my individual needs.

51. Reducing negative thoughts from my mind about ways on how I should be a “better mother” is a form of self-care.

52. I will monitor my stress levels because I know it makes a significant impact on my emotional health.

53. I make a positive impact on my children’s well-being.

54. It’s a new day and at this very moment, I am doing my very best.


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Uplifting Quotes for Mom

  1. “A Mother’s love liberates.” – Maya Angelou
  2. “Doing the best at this moment puts you in place for the next moment.” -Oprah Winfrey 
  3. “If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded.” –Maya Angelou
  4. “We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to-do list’.”- Michelle Obama
  5. “I aspire to grow my imagination and strengthen my optimism.” – Dani McClain, “We Live for the We: The Political Power of Black Motherhood”
  6. “Black moms create magic, so that makes me magical.” – Stephanie Lahart

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Fun Ways to Use Mom Affirmations 

Positive affirmations don’t have to just be words we recite to ourselves. There are many ways you can make use of this list of mom affirmations to inspire yourself or another momma in need. Below are a few fun ideas:

  • Put them on personalized cards and turn them into Mother’s Day affirmations. Gift them to your favorite momma.
  • Create a journal titled “Positive Affirmations for Mom”. Let each listed affirmation be a journal topic. Write about your goals, pains, and triumphs associated with that topic and reflect on them often.
  • Add mom affirmations to individually folded pieces of paper, and secure them in a large mason jar. Randomly choose one when you need a confidence boost.
  • Write a handful of daily positive affirmations on a card to recite to yourself on Mother’s Day.
  • Create a handful of affirmation cards writing only the affirmations that enhances your positive self-talk.
  • Use sticky notes or make a list of positive affirmations from this list that you say for the morning, afternoon, and evening to promote positive thoughts.

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Implementing Mom Affirmations into Your Life 

Motherhood is just as beautiful as it is difficult. Being a mother has continuously been proven to be one of the hardest commitments in a woman’s life. Affirmations for moms will not only help moms feel more confident in their motherhood journey, but they can also help bring more joy as well.

Despite us feeling like superwoman on our best mothering days, it can be easy to feel like we aren’t doing enough. Simple encouraging words for mom can go a long way. Get into the habit of speaking life into yourself to ensure you enjoy your motherhood journey. You deserve motherhood that is full of love, happiness, and confidence.

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