103 Sunday Affirmations to Promote Ease and a Growth Mindset

The sun has set and it’s time to wind down without the worry of our wellness routine being tossed to the side. We can all attest to the importance of a day of rest, but for some reason, it seems harder and harder to come by.

If we aren’t careful, our to-do lists can quickly become a source of anxiety instead of a roadmap to success. I use these Sunday affirmations to promote rest while activating a growth mindset for the week ahead.

These affirmations are not about facing the Sunday scaries but reminding you to take your time as you head into your Sunday night routine.

Incorporate these as your Sunday morning affirmations to promote rest, ease, and a growth mindset, so you can begin the week without your nervous system on high alert.


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Sunday facts for a successful week

1. In the Thai Solar Calendar, red is considered the color of Sunday.

2. In the Modern Greek language, Sunday is referred to as “Lord’s Day.” This day is set aside to honor and worship God.

3. Sunday is a day of rest in many Slavic languages, including Polish, Ukrainian, Croatian, and Bulgarian. The word for Sunday in these languages typically means “no work.”


Positive Sunday affirmations

1. The best way to begin my Sunday morning is one filled with gratitude and love.

2. Good things await me this week and my heart is open to receiving them.

3. Putting pressure on myself to have the perfect day will only result in me feeling stressed and anxious. Instead, I relax into the day and go with the flow.

4. Maintaining a positive attitude while facing challenges is how I grow and become


5. I welcome positive energy into my day and let go of any negativity from the past.

6. Healthy habits are formed when I listen to my body and give it what it needs.

7. Taking deep breaths throughout the day helps me stay calm and centered.

8. Bringing up the disappointment from the past week does me no good.

9. I am leading today on a positive note despite how busy my mind wants to make me believe I am.

10. I will allow my best qualities to shine through today even when things don’t go as planned.

11. In my spare time, I will do things that make me happy and light me up inside.

12. I recognize that positive thoughts are just as powerful as positive actions.

13. The only thing that matters is that I have a happy relationship with myself.

14. I am grateful for this moment, even if it’s not perfect.

15. Sunday blessings bring on a positive and productive week.

16. Regardless of what’s going on in the world, I am making the choice to have a positive state of mind.

17. I am blessed to have the great opportunity to meet this day with a fresh perspective.

18. Worrying about the next week is counterproductive. I am living in the present moment and enjoying my day.

19. Anticipating a long week ahead will only make it feel longer. Instead, I take each day as it comes and enjoy the moment.

20. This additional day off gives me time to reinforce the belief that I am worthy of love.

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21. My best self looks like a well-rested, calm, and collected person.

22. I deserve beautiful health that surpasses my current state.

23. Verbalizing Sunday affirmations allows me to take control of my day.

24. I am going to have a fun day of relaxation and self-care.

25. Living my best life doesn’t involve comparing myself to others.

26. I am a better person when I take the time to recharge my batteries.

27. Sunday is an important day of the week because I choose to make it one.

28. Sunday nights are the perfect time to hone in on what I am grateful for.

29. Doing all that I can to maintain good physical health is my self-care non-negotiable.

30. It will be a great week because my behaviors and actions reflect my thoughts.

31. Having a wonderful day is tangible when I surround myself with things that make me happy.

32. My subconscious mind guides my actions and I am grateful for this day to focus on positive affirmations.

33. Doing the hard work doesn’t have to result in burnout.

34. My firm faith allows me to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

35. I am forever growing and expanding into the person I am meant to be.

36. My remarkable family and friends are a huge part of my life.

37. I am grateful for this day to focus on my relationships.

38. I give myself permission to do nothing.

39. The kind people in my life remind me of how interconnected we all are.

40. On a regular basis, I will engage in activities that are fun for me not just on Sunday’s.

41. Practicing mindfulness is a great way to show me some self-love.

42. I am a mature person that can handle any situation that comes my way.

43. Being in a beautiful place spiritually, mentally, and physically is my idea of heaven on earth.

44. I invite new things into my life with open arms.

45. I am a magnet of abundant wealth, love, and success.

46. I am canceling the cycle of negative thoughts because I am worth more than that.

47. My spiritual roots are unshakeable no matter what the situation looks like.

48. Accepting that I am in a beautiful place is the first step to growing.

49. Good vibes are made possible when I put my best foot forward.

50. Living a calm life is 100% possible and I am grateful for this day to focus on my peace.

51. I welcome love into all aspects of my life on this beautiful Sunday.

52. Receiving help today looks like me being humble and admitting that I need it.

53. Sunday is a beautiful day to choose a growth mindset over a fixed mindset.

54. I do not take my amazing bunch of friends for granted because they are a blessing.

55. I will take this moment to enjoy the fruits of my labor without downplaying my success.

56. All areas of my life deserve equal attention.

57. I work best under gentle pressure and not under harsh deadlines.

58. Setting boundaries doesn’t have to feel like a punishment.

59. My body is a temple that deserves the highest level of care.

60. I will not wreck my nervous system by overloading my schedule.

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61. I welcome fruitful and healthy relationships into my life.

62. Every errand today doesn’t have to be run at 100 miles per hour.

63. I choose to workout to center myself and not to punish myself

64. Making time for my hobbies is how I stay in touch with my creativity.

65. Sleeping provides nourishment for my body and soul.

66. My self-care routine continues to evolve as I do.

67. The only thing that needs my attention on this day of rest is my peace of mind.

68. I approve of unconventional methods of self-care. After all, they’re what works for me.

69. I inspire people to be their best selves not because I have it all together, but because I am unapologetically myself. Working on myself this Sunday is more about growth than it is about perfection.

70. I inspire people to be their best selves not because I have it all together, but because I am unapologetically myself.

71. I am generous with my time, energy, and resources but if I need to pull it back, I will do so without hesitation.

72. Sundays can be whatever I want them to be.

73. Good things are awaiting me tomorrow, but for today, I will enjoy my rest.

74. Repeating my own affirmations creates a safe space for me to grow.

75. I surround myself with some of the best people that align with my values.

76. Starting on the right foot doesn’t have to feel like I’m sprinting a marathon.

77. The positive changes I’ve been making in my life are here to stay.

78. Experiencing tough times is temporary and they allow me to go at my pace with ease in handling them.

79. Positive vibes don’t always have to equate to smiles and rainbows. It can be something as simple as taking a break.

80. My privacy policy looks like this: what’s mine is mine and sharing is optional. Can we say, boundaries?

81. Bad days are inevitable but my outlook will remain positive.

82. When Monday morning arrives, my self-work from Sunday will still be with me.

83. It is likely I will have a good day when I start it off with a grateful heart.

84. The start of the new week will not send me into a tailspin because I am prepared for it.

85. I allow great opportunities to be presented to me without questioning the how or the when.

86. Laziness is not possible when my mind is focused on my self-care.

87. Viewing Sunday as one-seventh of my life alleviates any feelings of FOMO.

88. I admire who I’ve become and I deserve to place a spotlight on myself.

89. I will happily give myself a day of rest because I know it’s essential for my well-being.

90. I will happily give myself a day of rest because I know it’s essential for my well-being

91. I am deliberate in carrying out only the self-care activities that fill me up.

92. Current problems are only momentary roadblocks on my journey to success.

93. I will not save everyone else’s problems by sacrificing my own peace.

94. Ease is my new default setting.

95. I will accept, commit, and showcase compassion to myself.

96. Being productive can look like engaging in mindful eating and I’m all for it.

97. I do not engage in self-destructive thoughts because my inner voice of peace is too loud for them.

98. Peace is accessible when I allow myself to be still.

99. If I don’t do a single productive thing but sit here and meditate, it’s still a good day.

100. Utilizing self-love journals are a way for me to keep my thoughts collected and at peace.

101. I will not compare last year’s me to this year’s me because I have grown too much.

102. Being in a constant state of flow is my new goal.

103. Sunday has become a day of ease because I have learned to love myself enough to give myself a day of rest.

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Positive statements to say to yourself

Every Sunday should involve some form of rest, whether that means taking a break from work, catching up on sleep, or just taking it easy. By focusing on being in a state of flow and ease, you can set yourself up for a productive and successful week.

Offering you 103 affirmations, did you find at least one that related to your current situation? If not, take some time to create your own. Remember, the more personalized they are, the more likely you are to believe them.

And speaking of believing, that’s an important part of making affirmations work. So, as you go about your day, keep your affirmations in mind and really try to believe them. Doing so will help them become more of a reality in your life.

One final note on affirmations: don’t just say them to yourself once and then forget about them. In order for them to be effective, you need to say them regularly. So, make a point of saying your affirmations every day, multiple times a day if possible.

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