Pregnancy Books For Black Moms You Should Be Reading

Black motherhood is a beautiful and unique experience, but it isn’t always easy. Black women delivering black babies face a unique set of challenges in the healthcare system, from racial bias to a lack of access to quality care. This is why pregnancy books for black moms are so important.

Locating some of the best books for black babies and pregnancy books for black moms for when the time comes to have your baby is imperative self-care. You deserve to feel protected, prepared, and an advocate for your own care.

There are a number of pregnancy books available for black mothers, but not all of them are created equal. When choosing a pregnancy book for a black mom, it’s important to consider the specific needs and concerns of black women. Here are six pregnancy books for black moms you should know about.

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pregnancy books for black moms


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“Black, Pregnant, and Loving it: A Comprehensive Pregnancy Guide for Today’s Woman of Color”

By: Yvette Allen-Campbell and Dr. Suzanne Greenidge-Hewitt


best books for black babies


What happens when you put together the minds of a board-certified OB-GYN, with 26 years of experience, and one of the leading ladies of education? A must-have pregnancy guide for black women.

In this book, you can expect to get top-tier information on the stages of pregnancy, avoiding health issues, and the many myths surrounding pregnancy. 

Knowledge is key and if you truly want a pregnancy you love, consider adding this maternal health care friendly book to your library.


“Bad. Boss. Mom: A Single Mother’s Experience With Balancing It All”

By: Jasmine Lequay Arrick


birthing while black


If the cover alone didn’t inspire you, Jasmine’s story will do the trick. This 28-year-old business owner, realtor, serial entrepreneur, and single mom is worthy of praise and recognition for this book. 

Telling her inspiring story of resilience, Jasmine helps to empower black mothers to stay true to who they were before pregnancy.

Recently, I took a chance on this book and my only regret is not reading it sooner in my motherhood journey. Make this one of the books to read on maternity leave, and thank me later.


“Having Your Baby: For the Special Needs of Black Mothers-To-Be, From Conception to Newborn Care.” 

By: Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, and Margaret Williams


books to read on maternity leave


Looking for black pregnancy books that make you feel more comfortable and confident in birthing your baby? This is the one. Dr. Hutcherson packs this book with medically sound advice that is pulled from her many years as an OB-GYN.

Labeled as “the first childbirth encyclopedia written for African American mothers-to-be”, this book is perfect for first-time mothers and mothers who are looking to learn more about succeeding pregnancies. 


“Expecting: The Black Woman’s Pregnancy Diary.”

By: The Black and The Beautiful




Birthing while black is no light matter. Hormones, body changes, stress, and worry can weigh heavily on your mental health. What better way to mitigate that than with journaling?

This guided pregnancy journal, designed for all black pregnant mothers, can help you stay organized, mindful, and stress-free during your pregnancy. With space for birth plan ideas, hospital checklists, fetal movement tracker, and many more, you can be one step closer to a more beautiful, intuitive pregnancy.



By: Erica Chidi


black doula books


When seeking out black doula books, look no further. Erica Chidi is the birth and postpartum doula who created something special for modern black moms-to-be and their partners. 

This integrative pregnancy and birthing guide covers everything from self-care and mindfulness to advice on choosing a hospital or home birth. The volume of supporting information just makes this one of the best parenting books for black parents.


“New Mom Survival Guide.”

By: Ashley Kansinally

black motherhood books


Most pregnant moms want to feel safe, secure, and in the know. You will get all of those feelings from what I can honestly say is one of the most useful black motherhood books.

 Ashley Kansinally is a perinatal mental health therapist, who has 10 years in the game. Having worked with many new moms, she knows what is needed to get through the period leading up to, and following childbirth. Grab her e-book today if you are a black and brown mom expecting.


Black Pregnancy Books

If you’re a black mom-to-be, then it’s important to choose pregnancy books that are specifically tailored to your needs. The pregnancy books on this list offer advice, support, and information specifically for black women who are expecting.

They cover everything from pregnancy health to childbirth to postpartum recovery, and they’re an invaluable resource for any black mom-to-be. If you know a black woman expecting, grab these today!

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