Sis, Be At Ease Affirmations Book


Inside this positive affirmation book will include honest revelations about life, how to process them with your thoughts and feelings, daily reminders about advocacy, inspirational quotes on centering your mind, body, and soul with ease despite what you may be going through.



Current Pain Points: Negative Thought Patterns

Have you been focusing on your wellness but still find yourself dealing with guilt or mustering up the energy to devote to it all?

  • You’re tired of reading things on social media about self-care without offering you the actionable tools to get you moving in the right direction.
  • You’ve listened to just about every podcast episode there is on being worthy of love, feeling good, committing to positive self-talk, and practicing self-care.
  • You’ve pinned every image you could find on Pinterest on new month affirmations, Sunday morning affirmations, positive self-talk affirmations, positive affirmations for change, self-discovery quotes,  but have yet to go back to read any of them.

Truth? You’re overcomplicating what self-care really is BUT your heart is in the right place. 

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Thoughts and Feelings on Self-Care

What if your self-care journey allowed you to:

  1. Make room for you without the guilt and negative self-talk attached
  2. Shift your mindset and belief that a self-care book filled mantras and affirmations are helpful tools to reinforce your overall self-care practice.
  3. Process your past hurts by way of love positive affirmations. After all, you’re human and your only concern should be getting better at taking care of yourself and your mental health.


This book is set to remind you about what matters most: YOUR NEEDS

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With This Positive Daily Reminder Book, You Will

  • Start your day believing that this book serves to remind you that no day is ever too hard or too busy to spend a moment devoting time to yourself.
  • Believe that these affirmations work because you are putting in the effort to make them work for you.
  • Understand that creating boundaries and protecting your energy is necessary for personal growth.
  • No longer question if self-care is for you because self-care is non-negotiable.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Positive Reminders

Q1: Is this a physical or digital product?

A1: This is a digital product that will be automatically emailed to you once it’s been purchased.

Q2: When should I say these affirmations?

A2: It’s up to you, whatever time is most convenient for you. Some people opt for using this book as daily morning affirmations, night affirmations, end-of-day affirmations. Personally, I’ve utilized this book for quoting the positive affirmations before bed or literally right before I close my eyes as a form of positive sleep affirmations.

Q3: Refund Policy?

A3: Unfortunately, there are no refunds after you purchase the book.

Q4: Can I say them to myself in the mirror?

A4: Absolutely! Mirror affirmations have been around for a long time and many people have felt the benefit of using the mirror to say positive statements to themselves.

Q5: What’s the point of this book?

A5: These affirmations for the love of our mind, body, and soul are more than what meets the eye.  This book literally was written for you to receive love, self-love while also nudging you to connect with yourself. Think of it like a friend who only wants the very best for you.




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