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This positive affirmation book is not only about the year of positive thinking but owning your ‘realness’ and understanding that sometimes it’s okay to feel like life is a bit of a challenge. Through this book, I am hoping to help you discover joy, power, strength, potential, with a sprinkle of real life humor. You will find simple strategies on how to implement using these affirmations while being hooked into your own power and potential. May this book become a spot on daily reminder for accountability and courage towards embracing ease.

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We all have negative thoughts that creep into our minds on a daily basis. But with “Sis, Be at Ease,” you can replace those negative thoughts with positive ones and transform your daily life.

Sis, Be at Ease was written in 2021 when I was still processing my sudden layoff, when I was reeling from the breakup of toxic friendships, when I had started therapy back up again and liked it, when sitting still became less of a chore but something to look forward to, when I felt God nudging me to write again.

This book is filled with daily affirmations for every occassion that can help you cultivate a positive mindset and improve your mental health. So whether you’re looking to address healing past trauma, forgiving others, finding the courage to advocate for your needs, or improve your thought process, good news, this small but mighty book of 47 pages has endless potential to support you in figuring out the hard stuff.

With personal affirmations written for BIPOC women, it’s more than just embracing positive thoughts, shutting down memories of hard times, or seeking all the positive ways to be a “better you,” but it’s also a chance to be present in the moment, focus on what you want for your life and make sure that you’re taking steps each day towards those goals.

And “Sis, Be at Ease” isn’t just a book of positive phrases. It’s one of the most powerful books of affirmations and tools that will help you break free from negative self-talk and daily rituals that keep you in your comfort zone. You deserve a better life full of the wonderful things that you know are possible. “Sis, Be at Ease” will help you take the steps to get there and make sure that you don’t give up along the way.

In recent years, there’s been a growing awareness of the power of positive affirmations, and “Sis, Be at Ease” is one of the best affirmation book out there. It’s a battlefield of the mind, and this book will help you win the mental game to succeed in any situation.

So why wait? Invest in yourself and your mental health today with “Sis, Be at Ease.” You have the power to make positive changes in your life, and this book is a great step towards doing one of the most powerful things for yourself, priortizing you.

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