Black History Month Playlist



Black History Month has my heart ready to explode with all of the blackity black things I will be writing about.

Let’s be clear, I am not limiting Kb in Bloom to 28 days to highlight some of the dope black businesses, inventors, creators, artists…this is me all year!

Simply put, I’m adding extra ‘seasoning’ this month and so, let the festivities begin!

Here on the blog, we are going to be echoing the mantra of embracing our roots on an amplified level like you’ve never seen.

“If you don’t know, now you know”


Don’t cha just love a good hip hop reference?



Sis, gimme all of the Blackity Black Playlists

There’s nothing like a good playlist that will put you in good mood as soon as the beat drops.


There are so many amazing FUBU-themed playlists created by some of the most musically inclined individuals BUT I gave myself a limit to 3.



This playlist is so ecclectic and if you’re in the mood to listen to a bit of everything, this Spotify playlist is for you.

You will be jamming to afro beats, afro funk/futuristic, hip hop, soul and so much more.

Bump this during your commute or workout, it’s that good and with 250+ songs, you have enough to get you through the week.

You’re welcome sis!







The movement behind Black Lives Matter is alive more than ever.

The #wekeepeachothersafe mood is found throughout this playlist.

What I loved about this playlist is that I found myself appreciating a lot of artists that I wasn’t aware of making songs about the #blacklivesmattermovement.

Some of my favorite songs I’ve had on repeat are Wale-June 5th/QueenZnGodz and Ty Dolla $Ign-No Justice.








*cough cough* This is one of my favorite playlists for the mere reason, that I am #blackgirlmagic .

This will have you reminiscing about your crush in high school, the school dances you attended, and the things you and your friends did 3-4 summers back.

Most importantly, it just solidifies that Black women are so dope-the things we create are literally, magic.



The entire playlist is a bop and I will be listening to it this week as well as the others.


Let me know which playlist you’re excited to listen to!

1, 2, 3?