These Self-Care Essentials Are All You Need

In the hustle and bustles of our hectic lives, it’s easy to forget what matters most. With so many other things on your plate lately, you may have been neglecting yourself or putting off that self-care routine for later in life–but this summer is a great time as any!

You deserve some rest after all the hard work throughout the year, and what better way to relax than with some self-care? These past 6 months alone, I’ve worked on establishing boundaries within relationships, navigated through self-care guilt, and initiated a routine of asking myself shadow work prompts, and self-love questions.

Adding self-care items were simply the icing on the cake if you will. But in no way do we want any of you to feel the societal pressure of buying items to cure burnout. That being said, if you have the means to do so and self-care items will help ease any stressors in your life, please continue reading.

Self-care products are becoming more and more popular as people realize how important they can be for achieving their personal wellness goals to help decrease their stress levels. One way you could take care of yourself is by using some of my favorite self-care items that will help you relax and feel refreshed this summer.

Below, I’ve shared some of my top 20 self-care essentials that are perfect for the summer season. May it help you reclaim some self-love and joy. 

daily basis


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Creating a daily routine with self-care products

Positive affirmations book: Sis, be at ease.

affirmation books

Written by yours truly, this book is one that I continue to incorporate into my morning routine or towards the end of the day. The best thing this e-book offers is that I was intentional in dividing the affirmation book into 5 topics: ease, self-advocacy, self-discovery, self-worth, and self-care.

If you’re on the hunt for a book that you can just pull directly from your phone or tablet, Sis, be at ease book will be perfect for you.


Plant-Based Vitamins: First Day

first day vitamins review


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Sometimes the best way to get your daily fruits and veggies in is by taking a delicious gummy multivitamin. With many of us traveling for the summer, it’s easy to ditch cooking at home for unhealthy take-out.

I like to have these on hand so that I’m still getting my daily nutrients even when I’m not eating as well as I should. Use my code: KBINB10 for 10% off


Personal development books

top 10 books every black woman should read

Right here on the blog, you’ll find round-up posts featuring some of the best self-help and self-love books you can get your hands on.

Have you read our spring book releases? Or perhaps you’ve been on the hunt for some self-care ideas for the young adult in your life.

There’s a round-up post featuring recent YA book releases that focus on personal development, social justice, sci-fi, and so much more!


Sustainable Shave Bar

bath time


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When thinking of enhancing a skincare routine, an easy way to do so is by swapping out what you use to shave. Instead of using shaving cream from a can that’s filled with chemicals, try using a zero-waste shaving bar.

I’ve been loving this sustainable shave bar from Pine Tree Road Soap. Do your part to be more eco-friendly by using this sustainable self-care product that will also leave your skin feeling incredible.


Self-love journals

questions to ask yourself if you love someone


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Within the last month, I’ve spotted Instagram posts with captions that read, “taking a break from social media,” or something similar to beginning a self-love journey.

I applaud those individuals because social media can be incredibly toxic. If you find yourself in need of a break from social media, self-love journals can make a great addition to your daily rituals.

Maintaining your emotional health and mental health will look different for everyone, but self-love journals are a great way to check-in with yourself. I highly recommend the following self-love journals bloom writer, K Jay listed.


Incorporating a bath tray during your bubble bath

bubble bath


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Who said you have to go to a resort to experience a spa day? You can easily create a spa-like atmosphere right in your own bathroom.

One way to do this is by setting up a bathtub tray with all of your favorite self-care items. This will allow you to have everything you need within your arm’s reach so that you can fully relax and enjoy your self-care bath.

Items I recommend putting onto your bath tray include face masks, bath bombs, sheet masks, bath salts, body scrubs, or a facial roller.

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Invest in a nice yoga mat


yoga instructors


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This is definitely one you want to take your time with. A yoga mat is a self-care item that you will be using often, so it’s important to find one that is comfortable for your body.

Most yoga instructors will promote the ones their clients or themselves have been using for years, but it’s critical that you purchase one that you absolutely love and is of great quality.

So, grab some yoga pants and try a few yoga mats out.

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Addressing your skin type

skin type


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Given that this is a very individualized self-care item, I’ll be brief. There are countless products on the market and new ones emerging every day.

Do your research on what ingredients are in the products you’re interested in and what kind of impact they will have on your skin.

I personally enjoy using products with donkey milk, argan oil, chamomile, maize flour, sea moss, and almond milk just to name a few.

Whether you need hand cream for your dry skin or want to help soothe inflammation, there’s a self-care product out there for you!


Being intentional with a little self-care

Try adding one of the self-care items I mentioned to your self-care routine or come up with one of your own!

The best way to find what works is to study how you interact or feel while testing out different self-care items.

Your favorite self-care item might be something as simple as eating healthy foods over the holiday season, reading for 20 minutes before bed, or taking yourself on a mindful stroll outside and getting some fresh air.

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