Self-Care Products I've Used All Year Long

During the peak of Covid, I was given the opportunity to pause and reflect on the current wellness and self-care products I’ve been using. 

I had a loose self-care routine before Covid. That is, until I was laid off.

I started to believe that every waking moment should be intentional and that I deserve to hone in on my needs.

Especially during a pandemic. 

Sis, how’s your face looking?

Almost any time someone mentions the word, ‘self-care’, or ‘wellness’, your mind almost naturally thinks about skincare products. 

If your skin is well, then yes, you are taking good care of yourself. 

The holy grail product I’ve used for the past year has been none other than Cup of Coffee by Lush.

Like it’s name insinuates, this product is great for when you’re just rolling out of the bed.

One thing I love about this is that it operates as both a face and body mask.

And its stimulating blend of fresh ground coffee, kaolin and agave syrup” will have you awake if you weren’t 5 minutes before using the product.

You may also recognize this product if you watched my IG reel on my morning routine.

Skin is In

For those who have followed me for a while, you know I love Palm Coast Soaps.

There’s no gimmick here. Her products are just that good.

I found Palm Coast Soaps through an Instagram search and really fell for the way she documents the making of her soaps. 

I just love watching someone who loves what they do.

She does a great job of ‘reading the room’ whether that is bringing back her best seller soaps, restocking, or creating an original seasonal soap.

My favorites this year have been lemon and lavender and citrus cardamom.

She sells out quick, so make a move now if you’re in the mood for trying out vegan, cruelty-free soaps.

Don’t Forget Your Daily Vitamins Sis

During the months of April-August, vitamins were out of sight. 

Particularly, elderberry vitamins. I was not on the elderberry train before covid but I knew they were great for your immune system. 

I turned to Amazon and a few times they were sold out or out of stock for months.

Sis, go buy some vitamins. We’re still in a pandemic and your health should always be on your radar. 

The ones that I use are Nature Bounty and they do the job. I would recommend you subscribing so that you get your vitamins delivered on a schedule that works for you.

Sis, Keep Those Germs at Bay

Even before Covid, keeping my hands clean was a huge priority of mine. 

I’m a behavior analyst that has worked within the Special Needs population for over 10 years. 

 And if you know someone that also serves this community, you know washing hands became a bigger task amidst covid. 

One of my favorite travel hand sanitizers are by Everyone brand.

They come in a variety of scents sourced from NON-GMO ingredients like Sugar cane. 

The new year is fast approaching and I urge you to continue your cleanliness practices in 2021.

I love to write about what products I’m using so if this was helpful, let me know and if you have products to add to this list, be sure to leave a comment!

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  1. Thanks for your thoughts. All of this has given me some amazing ideas to utilize some products for self-care. Love and Light Kabrena, I enjoy your content!

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