24 Simple Self-Care Sunday Ideas To Start This Week

For black women, self-care Sunday should be a must. Black women tend to carry a heavy load in their personal and professional lives, leaving little room for self-indulgence and joy. 

Traditionally, and culturally, Sundays are for self-care, a day to rest and commune with family. Why not set aside some time in the day for you?

The Benefits Of Self-Care Sunday

Here are some ways self-care can benefit you:

  • Prevent burn out
  • Manage and/or reduce stress
  • Improve physical, mental, and emotional health 
  • Work-life balance
  • Intuitive living

Below are 30 self-care ideas, and their advantages, to help you focus on showing up for yourself. Broken up into morning, afternoon, and evening, you are sure to find something that’ll fit perfectly into your day.

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Self-Care Sunday Ideas For The Morning

1. Deep Stretch

There’s no better way to begin a Sunday recharge than to get the oxygen and blood flow in your body by deep stretching. 

Stretching your body after a long night’s sleep helps to release connective tissue, increase energy, and improve your mood.

2. Move Your Body

Show yourself some love by starting your Sunday with an exercise routine. Moving your body first thing in the morning can promote focus, confidence, and buoyancy. 

Some fun ways to get your body moving can include: 

  • Yoga
  • Qigong
  • Pilates
  • Aerobic Exercises 

3. Meditate

Want to restore calm and inner peace into your life this Sunday?  

Meditating early in the morning can start your day of self-care on the right foot. Indulge in this self-care method by increasing productivity, reducing stress and anxiety, and enhancing your body’s immune system.

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4. Journal

Journaling is one of my favorite ways to take care of myself mentally and emotionally. 

Use journaling to help you:

  • Reflect on your week 
  • Release emotional tension to make room for more joy and happiness
  • Strengthen your memory
  • Improve mindfulness

5. Sleep In

Sleeping in allows you to start your day at a more natural, slower pace. 

Selfcare Sunday is the day to turn off your alarm clock and let your body do its thing. There is no better way to show your mind and body some much need love than by letting it rest properly.

6. Make A Cup Of Tea

Whether you are a caffeine queen or herbal heroin, start your self-care Sunday with your favorite cup of warm, comforting tea. 

To get an energy boost without the crash, try your hand at a homemade matcha tea latte. 

Try this Oat Milk Matcha Tea Latte recipe. 

To begin your day on a calming, yet, powerfully fragrant note, try:

  • Chamomile tea
  • Rooibos tea
  • Rose Hip tea
  • Lemon Balm tea
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7. Drink Warm Lemon Or Lime Water

Because caffeine and herbs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, you can start your day with warm lemon or lime water. 

Lemon and lime are both incredibly detoxifying for the body. By adding this to your self-care Sunday routine, you can kickstart your digestive system, fight infection, and boost your immunity.

8. Quiet Time

Allowing yourself to start your day with minimal noise can aid in self-reflection and encourage mindfulness. 

Silence doesn’t just keep you present, it also gives your body one less thing to process, making it easier to regulate hormones and the immune system.

9. Enjoy Brunch With Friends Or Family

It’s not often we get to break delicious bread with those we love the most during the week. 

Whether you are trying out that chic new brunch spot in your area or making a luxurious spread of your own, make room to eat good and plenty this perfect self-care Sunday.

10. Recite Or Write Affirmations

Prioritizing yourself should always include filling yourself up with positivity and encouragement. Boost your self-esteem and inspire yourself by starting your amazing Sunday morning with words of affirmations. 

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11. Read A Book

If you are a bookworm like me but have very little time to read, Sunday is a perfect day to catch up. 

Crack open that self-help book, continue that romantic thriller, or listen to an audiobook for self-care Sunday. 

12. Make A Vision Board

Visions boards are a powerful way to manifest the things you desire in life. 

If you happen to already have a vision board, use Sundays to check in. If you are new to vision boards, try these fun resources to get you started: 

  • Miro
  • Milanote 
  • Create a Pinterest board
  • Good ‘ole paper, markers, and old magazines. 

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13. Phone A Loved One Or A Friend

Since the week is full of work and responsibilities, it can be hard to fit in with friends and family.

Speaking to those who bring you joy is a powerful way to cope with life and stay connected to your support system.

14. Bake

There is something about baking yourself a yummy treat that screams self-care.

Baking forces you to slow down and pay attention and can also improve focus and mental health. 

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15. Declutter Your Space

Physical clutter can result in mental and emotional clutter. Take care of yourself by organizing the space around you.

Keeping a clean, practical space can allow your thoughts and ideas to flow more freely.  

16. Get Creative By Engaging In A Stimulating Activity

Creativity is a phenomenal way to feed your soul. Being creative empowers you to know and feel yourself on a deeper level. Not to mention, creativity also works to keep us resilient and engaged.

17. Spend Time With Your Family

Spending time with family is more beneficial than you may think. 

Family time can strengthen communication skills, brings joy by creating memories, and can help better school and work performance.

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Self-Care Sunday Ideas For The Evening

18. Take A Bath

Create a luxurious experience by pampering your skin before heading to bed: 

  • Dry brush before to increase circulation of the lymphatic system 
  • Exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells
  • Add Epsom salt, bubbles, and nourishing oils
  • Light a candle or two
  • Add more moisturize by ending with a hydrating cream

19. Meal Prep

Set yourself up for success by preparing your food for the week. 

Meal prepping not only saves a ton of time and energy but also gives you the chance to slow down and intuitively choose and prepare how you will nourish your body.

Save some time by using a meal prep service. Check out: The Convenient Meal Delivery Service.

20. Plan Your Outfits For The Week

What we wear can have a huge impact on how we feel. Think about that for a minute.

Manifest the way you want to feel and be seen this week by carefully choosing your clothing and laying them out for you to see. Doing so will keep you focused and optimistic.

21. Set Goals And Intentions For The Week

Take care of yourself by taking back control over how you experience your week. 

Setting goals and intentions for the week will keep you focused, motivated and confident.

22. Go Screenless

We spend most of our days and nights staring at screens. Restricting screen time will make way for self-awareness.  

Your mind (and skin!) will thank you.

23. Make A Nice Dinner

Just like baking, cooking provides the chance to slow down and focus on the task at hand. 

There is no better way to end a day than with a good meal that you can fully enjoy. 

24. Wind Down With Aromatherapy

Trigger your relaxation response with aromatherapy. 

Essential oils for self-care include: 

  • Lavender Oil 
  • Ylang Ylang Oil 
  • Chamomile Oil 
  • Bergamot Oil 
  • Eucalyptus Oil
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Show Up For Yourself For Self-Care Sunday

I hope you find something in this list of Self-Care Sunday ideas that will help you relax, rest, and let go. Never forget that self-care is never selfish. 

Making self-care a constant in your life reminds you of what you deserve. Caring for yourself the way you desire sets the standard, and forces everyone around you to follow suit. 

We want to know what your self-care Sunday consists of! 

Do you have any self-care tips you think will help another black woman have a happy self-care Sunday? Share in the comments below. 

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