43 Self Esteem Affirmations for When You’re Feeling Unworthy

Do you often find yourself thinking negative thoughts about yourself? Do you feel unworthy or undeserving of happiness and success? If so, you are not alone.

Self-esteem can be challenging to maintain, especially when comparing our journey to others can be so easy in the age of social media. When experiencing self-doubt or low confidence, having your own affirmations can help us instill our worth and value.

Here are 43 self-esteem affirmations that you can use to improve your mental health and boost your confidence!

If you resonate with engaging in negative self-talk or question your self-worth, grab some sticky notes or bookmark this blog post for future reference.


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Powerful affirmations for when you need the self-confidence


1. I am not my negative emotions and when they do come up, I know that they are temporary.

2. I will promote positive statements in my space rather than negative ones because my self-talk matters.

3. Having low self-esteem is not final and I won’t give up on myself.

4. I’m on the brink of witnessing good things transforming my confidence.

5. Hard things are just my mind telling me that there is a self-growth opportunity ahead.

6. I am completely worthy of love and I will not put up with self-hatred.

7. My daily routine does not have to send me into a self-destructive spiral, I can always choose to focus on positive thoughts.

8. I believe even small positive changes will increase my self-esteem.

9. I am building confidence in myself one day at a time and each day I am becoming more self-assured.

10. My confidence levels increase when I choose to believe in myself.

11. I will not neglect my self-care practice. Taking a deep breath to fill my belly with air is one way to remind myself that I am taking care of myself.

12. I have the incredible inner strength to desire to have healthy self-esteem despite my past.

13. I am in a great place exceeding even my wildest dreams because my confidence is making room for success.

14. My subconscious mind tells me I’m not worthy but my body knows I am because it’s still here.

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15. My comfort zone wants me to stay here but my inner voice is telling me to keep going.

16. I am intentional with my words and I use self-compassion when I am frustrated with myself.

17. I know that it takes consistent practice to be able to develop the kind of self-esteem I owe to myself.

18. A bad day doesn’t give me the green light to question everything good about myself

19. I know that self-reflection is key to personal growth but self-judgment has no place here.

20. I may have a difficult time pinpointing my worthiness but that doesn’t mean I am not worthy.

21. I will continue utilizing positive phrases when describing myself because self-love starts with self-talk.

22. I am seeking a better quality of life for myself because low self-esteem is not sustainable.

23. I am in control of my life and the negative energy that I allow in.

24. My lack of confidence is not a reflection of my capabilities. I can still get the job done.

25. It is possible to break the bad habit of self-doubt, I just have to be willing to work for it.

26. I release excuses like having a busy life for my lack of confidence. I deserve to work on self-improvement.

27. I expect growth and wonderful things to unfold when addressing the areas of my life that need attention.

28. I choose to embrace the fact that simple words of encouragement can change my entire outlook.

29. Though stressful situations will come up, I will not allow them to consume me and dictate how I see myself.

30. I will not sabotage my own life believing I am not worthy. I believe that I am adequate enough.

31. I show up to work on my self-worth because I understand it is not selfish to do so.

32. I know that my self-esteem is something I can improve with time and effort.

33. I believe amazing things will come to fruition when working on my self-confidence.

34. My negative beliefs about my confidence have no place here. They are not the truth and I will not allow myself to believe them.

35. I will have a positive outlook regardless of the situation because I know that self-love is always a priority.

36. Negative thinking serves no purpose but to waste my time and energy.

37. There are a lot of great ways to work on self-confidence. I will find what works for me and commit to it.

38. I will not self-destruct because I deserve better than that.

39. I have the power to change the way I view myself by using positive words and daily affirmations.

40. One of the best ways to promote high self-esteem in my life is by believing in my abilities to do great things.

42. I may battle having low self-worth at times, but I will never give up on myself.

43. I am a better person when I acknowledge my emotions, let them pass, and continue to work hard on self-improvement.

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Self-confidence affirmations to remember when you’re lacking confidence


When it comes to self-confidence, remember that you are in control of your life and the negative energy that you allow in. You are not your mistakes and you will learn from them.

Allow yourself to be open to growth and wonderful things will unfold. Work on self-improvement daily and never give up on yourself.

Here are some questions to consider if you’re feeling low self-worth:

– What are some things that I’m good at?

– What do I love about myself?

– How can I show myself compassion today?

– How can I remember that I am in control of my life?


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