10 Self-Esteem Books For Little Black Girls I Wish I Owned As A Child

I’m a 90’s baby and when it came to the type of books I remember checking out as a little girl, none of them included books with my skin complexion and hair type on them.

I thought, maybe there weren’t any black authors around yet to write books for little black girls like myself.

My little cute self could read 3-5 new books a week. Especially, during those summer breaks.

inspirational books for little black girls


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Books For Little Girls When I Was A Kid

When I was in elementary school, I read books like Bernstein’s Bear, The Saddle Club, and Junie B. Jones.

But again, none of those books highlighted characters with pretty little black girls that looked anything like me.

I had such an imagination as a kid though. I would literally take out my notebook and create my own little book with characters in it.

And if that wasn’t enough, we had Florida Studio Theater that would come to my elementary school to help us write short plays.

It’s surprising I never pursued creative writing at UF because creative writing was one of my favorite subjects in school.



self esteem books


Black Girl Confidence Books You Can Get Today

Books for the everyday African American little girl mean so much to me.

When it came to generating a list for the little black girls and their mommies on a hunt for new books that grabbed the essence of black girl magic images, it was important to me that I did thorough research.

What I found so surprising is how many in the last decade were added to the books for little black girls list.

I mean, it’s incredible and a good problem to be able to say that narrowing this list to 10 of my favorite black girl books was hard.

I am so proud of the black creative for highlighting little black queens in the making in a positive light.


black girl hair book


It’s Inspiring And Nostalgic To See Little Black Girls Reading

If this doesn’t get you wanting to pick up a book or two, I don’t know what to say.

We need this for our young black girls so even if you don’t have a daughter, buy them for your friend’s daughter, your neighbor’s daughter, your niece, or your goddaughter.


self esteem books


Inspirational Books For Young Black Females


1. Don’t Touch My Hair

With 5 star ratings, I could immediately see why Don’t Touch My Hair is one of the popular ones on the list.

For many black women, we can resonate with this sentiment.

I remember being in grade school and feeling the curious eyes of my white counterparts gawking at my hair.

The perfect black girl hair book for your little one.

My friends had no idea why my hair curled the way it did or why I spent the majority of my day in a hair salon.

Either way, this is a great book to reinforce the message for all little black girls with crowns to feel free to use your voice when it comes to people touching your hair.

books for little black girls


2. Black Girl Magic

Black Girl Magic is a book that I can definitely get down with. This book motivates and inspires you to own the special gifts you bring to the world as a black girl.

This book embodies teaching your daughter confidence through self-esteem-building books and activities.

This is the perfect book for 5 year old girls who are just beginning to take a real interest in toys, books, and shows.

Having this book will equip you with a practical tool for making sure your little black girl can be reminded of her value and worth.


black girl magic book


3. I Need You To Know The ABCs of Black Girl Magic

The coolest little black girl illustrations around.

The name says it all and it definitely takes the dope sentiment of black girl magic up a couple of notches by referencing the ABCs too.

I love the interactive play with this coloring book while providing beautiful imagery that other black girls can see themselves in.

If you’re looking for a coloring book that touches on everything black girl magic, this is the book for her.


great books for little girls


4. ABCs for Girls Like Me

We’re only at the 4th book but I can just imagine all of the little black girls having fun reading all of these books.

This is another great coloring book option for mommies who want to keep their daughters busy while leaving them inspired.

ABCs for Girls Like Me book features the achievements of Black Women who are inspiring their community all over the world.

With only 60 pages, this coloring book is a great book for your daughter to use in her leisure time.


abcs for girls like me


5. I Am Enough

Whew, what a bold statement to tell yourself out loud as a little black girl. “I am enough!”

Kudos to all of the mamas out there teaching this to their beautiful black little girls.

Saying mantras like this is was of the main pillars of self-esteem.

Best New York Time Seller, Grace Byers did an amazing job when she wrote this.

Buy this book today and have it on a bookstand where your little girl keeps all of her favorite books.


i am enough book


6. Dream Big, Little One

This is the perfect book for your little one and I do mean little one.

It’s a book to read for your daughter starting from baby-3 years old.

Dream Big, Little One encapsulates being proud of our Black History while highlighting bold Black Women from our communities.

For some reason, I missed this book while on my search for a book for my niece but like many of you, I will be picking this book up today.

dream big little one book


7. Dancing In The Wings

Dancing professionally in companies, attending visual performing arts programs throughout my life, this is definitely a book I want.

Most black dancers can relate to being told by their European ballet teacher that her body as is, was a problem.

Unfortunately, the lies from those teachers left many of us thinking that our body types could never go far in the dance world.

Although this book isn’t solely about body positivity, Debbie Allen wrote a fantastic book for little black girls who have an interest in pursuing dance.


great books for little girls


8. Hair Love

The cover of this book is instantly recognizable for many black households due to the black dad pictured on the book.

Around Father’s Day, I kept seeing Hair Love on my Instagram timeline and realized that moms and their daughters gifted this book to the dads.

I love that Hair Love captures the moment black fathers everywhere can relate to, doing their daughter’s hair.


hair love book


9. When God Made You

The title tells you everything you need to know. When God Made You was first published in 2017, I saw this in a lot of Christian book stores.

Fast forward to today, I’m happy to see it in stores like Target and Walmart.

What’s more, the simple yet, profound message about God thinking of you made me happy to discover such a beautiful book like this.


when god made you book


10. Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History

Finally, we are down to our very last book on the list and I had to round it out with Little Leaders.

If this book seems familiar to you it’s because Dream Big Little One and Little Leaders were written by the same author.

In like manner, Vashti Harrison utilizes beautiful imagery to display accomplishments that should motivate our young black girls.

Also, her books have become popular and inspired not only black girls but every girl of color and I love to see the crossover.


black girl magic book


Which Book Will You Be Purchasing Today?

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4 Responses

  1. Hello Kabrena,
    I’m looking for a book or books for my 11yo. We actually own quite a few of the ones listed however I’m looking for a book of affirmations or positive prose my pre-teen. I notice she is not confident around other girls, black or white. I just want her to be more assertive and understand she can dance to the beat of her own drum. Any suggestions?

  2. I am a 74 year old Grand Father and I am looking for reading materials ( books, poems, biographies etc). with the type of content that can inspire and encourage a young 13 year old black girl ( My Grand Daughter) to be all that she’s created to be. HELP me please. Thank You! Grandpa.

    1. Hi Robert. Thank you so much for leaving this comment. I do have a young adult post I did for girls around her age. I’ll leave the link here.


      One particular book from the list, Rising Troublemaker: A Fear-Fighter Manual for Teens would be a great start to help with encouragement and inspiration.

      Here is the direct link to that book: https://amzn.to/3ot6IjH

      Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll keep an eye out for some poetry books.

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