The Best Self- Help Books For Black Women To Listen To This Year

When it comes to self help books for Black women on Audible that will get your life together, I look to Google to search for black motivational authors.

Once I find a book I love, I’ll go to Amazon to see if it’s available to purchase for the Audible app.

Whether you are itching to read a new black self book on black womanhood or find a book about self-love and healing, you’re in the right place.

It’s a huge investment in your self-care to purchase a book you are hoping to produce growth in your life.

As a Black woman, investing in inspirational books for black women is extremely important. Representation matters.

Enjoy this list of self help books for black women and please share with a friend you know that would appreciate it.


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Best Books For Growth

While generating a list, I found so many just googling self help books for black women. It helps when narrowing my search.

I even went as far as going on a group forum and getting other opinions for the best audible self-help books on Reddit.

Within this list, you’ll find a compilation of black self help books every black woman should read in their 20s and 30s.

Most importantly, a huge chunk of this list contains self-empowerment books by black authors.


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My Top 10 Books Every Black Woman Should Read And Listen To On Audible

Honestly? I had no idea the plethora of books for black women that have come out within the last two years.

What rock have I been living under?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m an avid reader but I tend to steer in the direction of affirmation and poetry books.

Within the last few years, I started dabbling in self help books because finding books about being the best version of yourself is inspiring.

As you discover a new book find, jot it down, email this list to yourself.

*Some affiliate links are used, which means, if you purchased something, I may earn a commission.*


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Self Love Books For Black Women


1. This Body Is Not An Apology, The Power Of Radical Self-Love

Where was this book in my life when I was writing about the importance of radical self-care for black women?

Aside from the eye catching cover, the vibrant colors match the theme of the book: body positivity while embracing your body.

It reminds me so much of what I mentioned in the body positivity quotes post about not being unaplogetic about your curves.

Available on Audible, can you just imagine the type of experience you’ll have while listeining to this play?

This book comes with a workbook to go along with the prompts offered sprinkled throughout the book.


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2. What Happened To You?

The combination of Oprah Winfrey as co-author, paired with the polarizing title, would make anyone wanting to know more about what this book will cover.

If it isn’t already, What Happened To You should be on one of the best psychology books on audible.

Turns out, this book dives into trauma, healing, and resililience while inviting others to take account on childhood trauma.

A great read with additional expertise and guidance by a clinical professional.


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3. Set Boundaries, Find Peace: A Guide To Reclaiming Yourself

Finally, a self care book by black authors that offers really great insight pulled from a licensed counselor and relationship expert.

The most important relationship you’ll ever have is the one with yourself.

The timing of this book is perfect because within the last couple years of friendship breakups, unhealthy work boundaries, I needed a book like this.

For anyone dealing with the struggle to speak up for yourself or for those who tend to people please, get this book today!


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4. Black Girl In Love (with Herself)

Now, I don’t know about you, but I had never heard of this book until a couple of months ago.

Black Girl in Love with yourself makes you feel seen and remarkably supported.

I can count on one hand how many books I’ve read that speaks directly to Black women loving themselves.

Also, I love a book that doesn’t offer the fluff but gets right to the meat and potatoes of why African American women need this book.


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5. Right Within: How To Heal From Racial Trauma At Work

Trigger warning, but for those who have experienced unfair treatment in the workplace compared to their white counterparts, I see you.

As an illustration, there were a number of experiences in my recent corporate settings where my superiors appeared partial towards me vs my white colleagues.

It’s part of the many reasons why working for myself versus a white man is so important to me.

Read Right Within if you need the tools to help you navigate those very white spaces while inviting healing as well.


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6. The How: Notes On The Great Work Of Meeting Yourself

Out of all the books listed here, the title of this book alone gets me excited to read it.

Acclaimed poet, Yrsa Daley Ward has written a book for black queens everywhere and she does it with so much wisdom.

If you have been in search for a self help book by women of color that nudges you to do the deep work on yourself, grab The How book today.


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7. Carefree Black Girl

In the event that you are looking for an easeful read, look no further. This book invites you to join the movement.

You know, the movement of being a Carefree Black Girl.

This celebratory memroir based book will be hard to put down because I’ve read it twice already.

It’s the book I needed 5 years ago and still need today to remind me of who I am and the amazing black women before me.

If you’re wondering if you can listen to this book on Audible, you definitely can and that goes for every book on this list.

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8. Your Next Life: 7 Rules Of Power, Confidence, & Opportunity For Black Women In America

Woah, what a title right? The title alone should warrant this book in the 10 black self improvement book list.

This is the ultimate book to get your life together while enjoying every page kinda read.

In view of the many self help books in Barnes N Nobles, I’m sure you won’t find a book quite like this sitting on a shelf.

Inside this book, lies a blueprint you’ll need to position your for success, garner the money you need, while teaching you how to network with other women.

books about getting your life together


9. Be Unapologetically You: A Self-Love Guide For Women Of Color

Again, where was this book and how did I not know about this? This self love guide is needed for so many reasons.

For one, a black woman author writing with women of color in mind easily makes this a compelling book to read with women alike.

Be Unapologetically You is about saying yes to the creative process of self love.

Regardless of background, having this book on your book shelf will be the ultimate reminder to be you, no matter what.


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10. Get Good With Money: Ten Simple Steps To Becoming Financially Whole

Not the self help book you were expecting, right? As Tiffany Aliche asserts, financial wholeness is a lot better than being financially secure.

You have to read this book to understand exactly what she means but Get Good with Money is a great self help book.

I mentioned this book in 12 Things to Let Go Of. Have you read it?

Of course I’m all for a book written by a Black women with practical financial advice about doing more than saving for a rainy day.

Grab this book today and do everything she tells you, I’m in her Facebook group Dream Catchers and she walks the walk.


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Questions About Audible

top 10 books every black woman should read


Are self help books nonfiction?

According to Wikipedia, a self-help book is one that is written with the intention to instruct its readers on solving personal problems.


How do I find these self help books?

For each book, I provided an affiliate link that takes you directly to the book. Another way you can find is by the title too.


Do you have to buy books on audible?

Of course not. I just listed books that I’ve heard and listened to on Audible that were great books to me. You could order a hard copy on Amazon.


How do I return an audible book?

Listed on Audible’s site, you can return an audible book by going to your purchase history, tapping the book, and choosing return this title.

Given my history of returning books with an audible subscription, you get your audible credit returned to you.


Self Help Books By Black Authors

Let me know if any of these books listed are ones you’ve never heard of.

I would love to know that you discovered a book right here on the blog!

Also, if anyone reading this post wants to do a community book challenge, which book would you want to read together?


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